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Pickled Herring

Whole Foods (at least the one in JP) caries one line of pickled herring that not only includes dill and onion (my personal favorite), but also cream, mustard, and one or two others that I can't remember. Obviously, just because onions aren't visible doesn't mean they aren't present, but might be worth checking out.

Petition to save Alive and Kicking

Not knowing anything about this situation, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps somebody with new interest in buying and/or expanding a house or condos nearby either desires their land or maybe just thinks it decreases the worth of adjacent property.

I've seen zoning issue announcements that have boiled down to a new group of condo owners can't believe that bar/restaurant across the street has been allowed to stay open until 1am on the weekends, especially all those years before they even arrived...

Trendy restaurant for vegetarian

If you're willing to consider JP, I'd like to throw in Vee Vee in the mix. They do a three course vegan menu on Wednesday (while still providing their normal options for meat and fish eaters), as well as always having some interesting veg choices during the rest of the week.

And I'd like to be the anti-A&H voice. My girlfriend is a long time vegetarian and found their food way too heavy, even during the summer when local vegetables are plentiful. Basically veg dishes imagined and cooked by meat eaters.

Chicken and Rice Guys

Am I missing something or do these guys lack direct competition in Boston? By that I mean other trucks serving the same style of rice/pilaf, chicken or lamb, some garlicky or other type of sauce, etc., not a Chinese/Thai/Korean/[insert other cuisine here]dish that happens to have both chicken and rice.

I ask because the Chicken and Rice Guys "thing" is pretty ubiquitous in the Washington, DC food truck scene. Some are definitely better than others, but there are a lot of them. To me, at least, it seems these guys have got the market cornered in Boston with this style.

July 2015 Openings and Closings

Via Eater and the Jamaica Plain News, the Frogmore is opening tomorrow in the old Sanctuary space. From the folks at Fairsted Kitchen. You can see the menu here:

Is there better ethiopian food than Asmara in Boston

Blue Nile in JP is pretty solid, if not spectacular.

Is there better ethiopian food than Asmara in Boston

Adams Morgan? When did you live in DC or did someone point you in the wrong direction? The best concentration of Ethiopian in DC is on and just off the U St. corridor (some of it on 9th St., NW).

Is there better ethiopian food than Asmara in Boston

I haven't been to either in a few years, but Addis was better than Asmara as of at least a couple of years ago.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

I don't know the name and never went there, but I've been told (or maybe read?) that it was a Thai place before Daedalus.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

And I know these two lasted one or two years past 2000, but I only moved to the area in

Deli Haus

Perdix (in the JP space where Ten Tables currently resides, not the South End version).

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Upstairs at the Pudding...if for nothing else that outdoor garden space.

Seeking Malaysian or Burmese Recs

Absolutely and good point. Boston is definitely stronger in some cuisines than others. I guess I just get a little tired of the references to the country of origin or particular restaurants in other (often much larger) cities that basically are complaints and not very informative.

Seeking Malaysian or Burmese Recs

"If you expect the only restaurant in Boston that serves a type of cuisine to be on par with the best there is at the point of origin, you need a little dose of reality."

Exactly. Thanks so much for stating that. I think that it happens a lot on this board, especially in the discussions of particular dishes like ramen. I'm not looking for descriptions of how much better it is in Tokyo or New York or ________, just how good a particular place is in Boston or how it compares to other places in Boston.

Naco Taco

Not sure what meat the fat is associated with matters to vegetarians, but thanks for the clarification.

Absolutely his show. Absolutely my opinion that he screws vegetarians, especially after his big media push about how important vegetables were to him when he opened up his H&A.

His show, his choice, including that me and others who are either vegetarians or support vegetarians can ignore his latest project and spend our money elsewhere.

I just don't want him praising the vegetable again when he seemingly can't avoid adding meat to it. Be honest about your cooking philosophy. Not unlike those early descriptions about Drink being also a shot and beer place before it opened...

Naco Taco

I haven't been, but based on all these reports will also likely not get there anytime soon.

My SO and DC is a vegetarian, so lard-cooked tortillas pretty much kills the place for us. Why is that so necessary? We've been to a somewhat similarly themed (if that's the correct word) place in DC that had great drinks, great food, and had more than a couple veg options without ruining its street cred. The fact that this place can't accommodate such options, along with the heaviness of the Alden Harlow fare, reinforces to me that this particular chef is over rated.

Though I know I'm yelling against the prevailing opinion, both on veg options and this chef in particular, and that he'll make money at this location with his patio alone.

But not really enthused by the most recent Boston-area hot restaurants. Vegetarians are still treated as after thoughts while farm-to-table and sustainable agriculture is deemed still cool, Boston still clings to the pork/bacon/meat coolness while other areas of the country have moved on. Disappointing.

Lunch in JP?

Depending on the vegetarian's habits, be careful at Noodle Barn. A lot of their choices that they indicate can be made vegetarian still are cooked with fish sauce.

It's not new, but James Gate is open for lunch and has a surprising number of vegetarian items, especially on the pub side.

Grass Fed has a couple of vegetarian sandwich/burger options.

And if you aren't looking for something slightly more formal, both the Purple Cactus (California style burritos) and City Feed have a number of veggie options.

On the other side of JP, Arum has veggie options as well.

A little fancy, feels like a good value, veggie friendly?

You can always do the Craigie Chef's whim on Sunday nights - 6 courses for $57 or 4 for $45. A true vegetarian version is always offered and my veggie girlfriend has always truly enjoyed hers over many years.

Unlike Alden and Harlow, which she found way too heavy across the board. Many people rave about their attention to vegetables, but I'm willing to bet its people also who do not limit themselves only to the vegetable dishes. And if you do, you may find it a bit much.

I'll second Vee Vee, and add Centre Street Cafe if you're willing to come into JP.

It might be a step below what you're thinking, but what about Ethiopian? Addis Red Sea in the South End has a nice ambiance, if a little loud. Not always touted as the best Ethiopian on this board, but I'd bet the nicest room with solid food. Plus you'll have a bunch of options for pre or post dinner drinks and/or dessert in the neighborhood.

Loyal Nine, Cambridge

Thank you for the informative reply. Re-reading my comment I think I was a little too tough on the chef. It is good to know that they will alter some of the dishes to make them vegetarian (though one always wonders if that takes away from how it was originally constructed, as opposed to dishes created as vegetarian from the start). Perhaps they could just point that out on the menu? Many restaurants refuse to alter recipes, and often the person answering the phone isn't always knowledgeable about what is possible.

Loyal Nine, Cambridge

Can you tell your bosses to improve the vegetarian choices?

That alone is making a group of four to change their plans for Saturday night. Not that they will miss our business that night, but I just can't be impressed with any chef if they can't even try to do a half way decent vegetarian entree option (not small plate).

Mandatory 20% at Select?

I both like it and hate it.

Like because I would be fine doing away with tipping, paying employees a better wage, and having it reflected in the price of the food and drinks up front.

This doesn't accomplish that. Most likely because if he went that route, most people wouldn't take the fact that they aren't adding 15%-25% at the end when calculating the cost of their meals. Instead, they look at the menu prices and think, "my word, this is an expensive place!" So this service charge practically is nothing more than an up-charge on the prices you see on the menu that the establishment expects you to accept, whether or not you are doing the math at the beginning of the meal.

I say have some balls and just factor it into the prices up front and don't add "charges" at the end of the bill. Next he'll be charging for more leg room under the tables...


Just to defend my hood...Boston cops patrol JP. Boston Fire puts out JP fires. You park on the wrong streets in JP during a snow emergency and you get a Boston ticket.

I realize it seems SOOOOO out of the way for some who'd rather duck over the river to Cambridge and/or Somerville (never mind referencing Ribelle as a Boston restaurant while it's really Brookline), but JP is part of Boston proper. Not a suburb. Not a small town in the Boston metro area. It's bars, restaurants, and formerly fantastic backyard roti joints are (or were) part of Boston.

End of rant.

(I do agree about Same Old Place, though. Rizzo's is pretty solid, if you are in the neighborhood.)

Saturday evening cocktails for grown ladies

I haven't been to River Gods in a long time, but it is on the small side and used to get packed on most weekday nights. With a group that large, wouldn't it be dicey about a wait to get enough room? And it was never much of a cocktail destination, though obviously that may have changed since I last visited.

Otherwise, I used to really like that place.

d-bags at alden & harlow

This conversation has pretty much covered all the relevant points and sides, so the only thing I wanted to add was that I'll vote on the side of sharing that photo was a mistake.

If only for the chance of collateral damage. It seems that some believe that perhaps now they can be perfectly recognized from this one particular photo. So they will neither slightly change their look, and that no one else that looks similar might not be somehow retaliated against, though they had nothing to do with this.

If you believe that by sharing this picture others can refuse them service, are you confident that the staff will remember their faces correctly or even match up one particular photo in particular light to whatever the situation is in that particular restaurant or bar?

And if I'm overstating the concept that was the point of posting their pictures, what otherwise was the point? The hope that the friends of these two would somehow get the message and shame their friends?

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

Oh, apologies. I was just upset with myself that I only got there on the last night and questioned the bartender about why it was being shut down.

Tell the chef he needs to improve what is called "op-sec," operational security, if he wants to keep his plans on the down low. By that I mean don't tell the rest of the staff...but I can't wait to hear what is eventually in store.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

Uh...that the chef is opening his own ramen place, most likely somewhere in Brookline? At least that is what the bartender told me when I visited on the last "Ramen Wednesday."

Dinner near W hotel?

Genki Ya is kitty corner from the W. Pretty solid sushi.

Restaurants with parking?

James Gate in JP has a fairly large free parking lot across the street. I haven't eaten off the "restaurant" menu, but the pub menu is quite good for, well, a pub menu. James Gate has two sides - the pub, with a big wood-fired fireplace, and the slightly brighter restaurant side. You can get food of both menus on the pub side, but only the restaurant menu on the restaurant side.

Regardless, pretty decent beer and whiskey selection.

Where You Go as Opposed to Where you are Supposed to Go?

JP-centric: I guess I'm supposed to go to Centre Street Cafe, and perhaps Ten Tables/Tres Gatos/Vee Vee. And I do.

But I also frequently go to the Galway House. Surprisingly good seafood and other bargains on the menu.

7 days of different Ramen in Boston, found a new champ!

Interesting. I also checked it out this past Wednesday and inquired about it ending. I was told that the chef is leaving to open up his own ramen place somewhere in Brookline. The person who shared this information didn't have a timeline or exact location.

Btw, I went the Tan Tan route and it was delicious. I'm sorry that I didn't find out about this earlier.

Drinking establishment to GSD!

The Brendan Behan in JP might work for you. Good beer selection, you can bring in whatever food you'd like, and while not empty relatively quiet during the day (well, quiet except for the bartender's choice of music...). I can't promise, but I know some of the bartenders will give you the wi-fi password if you ask nicely.

I often see one or two people working on a laptop during the day.