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Looking for "Coeur à la Crème" molds in Toronto

Williams-Sonoma on Bloor@Bay carries these molds...

Inexpensive meal with friends with good vegetarian options

Here is a thread to public BBQing facilities in TO from last summer:

Chowfind: Miss Cora's Kitchen

The lemon tart is out of this world...I have not been to KM since October, but Miss Cora was charging $12 for a 12" tart which seemed super reasonable for a gorgeous, fresh, made to order, butter crust tart...I am glad you reminded me of that little gem, I gotta have that tart!

So what's coming next in Leslieville?

The Hanoi 3 Seasons owners mentioned to us a couple weeks ago that they are opening in June...

Panko Breadcrumbs: Queen E/Leslieville Area?

We just moved to Leslieville ( yeah!) from North York...I would head to J-town normally, but ideally, I was hoping there is somewhere closer that carries Panko Breadcrumbs...

Does Loblows on the Lakeshore/Carlaw carry them? I cannot think of any place nearby.

Sanko on Queen West is closed Tuesdays...needed for tonight!

Any tips are appreciated...

coffee date--is there anything by the Mount Sinai Hospital?

Thank you all the recs...we ended up at Orange Alert and loved it.
Super nice people, quiet, lots of windows, great tea list ( coffees looked good-all organic-free trade from what I could see) and delectables...was a nice treat from the cold today. Definately would reccommend it.

coffee date--is there anything by the Mount Sinai Hospital?

Hey All,

I am looking for a coffee place around Mount Sinai Hospital...can't think of a place...all suggestions are appreciated!

Martinelli's Apple Juice

Happy Holidays, CHers

Can anyone tell me where I can buy Martinelli's apple juice ( NOT the sparkling type ) in Toronto? Ideally, downtown core or even North of the city ( Eg to Steeles) but I will travel anywhere!

Much appreciated!


Lucky, lucky Leslieville

My husband and I went to the Exotic Meats tasting with Stephen Alexander from Cumbrae was a great time, great food, fun concept...and for $75 plus the added learning element, it was well worth the money. We want to do the tasting with Tobey Nemeth as well...she is amazing and hilarious. Sacha Doulglas is lovely and I respect what she is doing--so much different than the average classes available throughout the city.

Best young chef?

Tobey Nemeth of JK.

potato bread...where?

Which Sobey's, Estufarian?

potato bread...where?

Hello CH-ers

Does anyone know where I can find potato breads and rolls besides Thuet's variation?

I've checked out a range of places in the GTA with no luck. I especically love Martin's potato rolls, but I can't even find these in Buffalo. Does anyone know where to find any potato bread products?


LCBO "How to Taste" Class

Here is another " How to Taste class " approach...The Owner used to be the head Chef at Dish Cooking Studios...these classes look like fun with more edge than the average LCBO offerings. Great guest line up...but more expensive.

Summer Tastings:


Recent move to Toronto...need fellow foodie help!

As fellow North Yorker, I suggest Bon Vivant for Brunch, they only do it Sundays, it is a casual atmosphere...I am not sure if they do peameal bacon, but they definately have a nice country sausage. I especially like that they have all the weekend newspapers and a lot of current magazines to browse over coffee. They are located on Avenue Road, South of Wilson.

I myself prefer the Homeway, also mentioned in the above posts located on Mt. Pleasant, north of Eglinton. It is worth the drive--They have great peameal, great coffee, nice atmosphere, very reasonable and pleasant.

Challenge: Most elegant restaurant in Toronto

I'm from NYC-- and I'm wondering which restaurant in NY suits your criteria...I hope I could suggest a " similar feeling " venue in Toronto that reflects your needs.

I also agree with the other posts that you should defiantly think about lunch...a great resolution to light issues and if her parents are old school, a formal lunch might appeal to them.

Where to find interesting kosher meat in the GTA (moved from Ont)

You can find veal selections, including chops and scallopini, COR (KASHRUTH COUNCIL OF CANADA) Council Kosher at a number of places close to you. Perl's is great for diverse cuts of kosher meats--check out Definately ask the butchers where you may be able to find interesting things...they could probably point you in the right direction.

Chai Products can be found at No Frills,Bathurst/Wilson...they have a decent selection, Wednesday/Thursday are the best days to shop, prior to the Friday afternoon, there is not a lot to choose from. Costco, Wilson/Dufferin also carries lots of Kosher meat products; I've seen short ribs, veal shanks, lamb loin...they alsohave frozen duck and turkeys.

Here is COR's list that includes all locations for kosher meat and where you can find an array of products.

Jul 21, 2007
saucethatcounts in Kosher

Dinner tonight: Near Sherbrooke/St Laurent

Hey Mtl. CHers,

I am on business overnight from Toronto with a couple collegues...none of us have a clue where to dine and we would like to go beyond the hotel restaurant.
My hotel is located on Sherbrooke/St.Laurent. Ideally, I would like simply a great restaurant, not crazy expensive, serving straight forward excellent fare. Even better if there are local flavours included.

We would like to walk to wherever is recommended...and please let us know if reservations are a must...

Thanks in Advance!!!

Nathan's Hot Dogs in T.O?


Martin potato rolls are THE BEST. I have not found Martin Potato rolls anywhere, let alone potato bread products in the GTA. Man, I might just have to trek to Buffalo--Tops Markets carries them...hopefully they'll have Nathan's Dogs too!

Best place in GTA to buy a nice large bar of dark chocolate?

I found Callebaut in big bulk chunks at John Vince. Make sure to look at all the labels because some are regular chocolate that costs less and is mixed up with the Callebaut. BTW, they also have milk and white chocolate available...and JVF is quite close to Thornhill...

Great price too...enjoy

Smoothies on Queen West?

Fresh-Juice for Life...corner of Crawford@ Queen West, 1 block from Trinity is their menu...

Best sweet potato fries in TO, particularly uptown...

Fresh-Juice for Life...really good, not greasy, lots of chunky sea salt...delicious

Public barbecuing facilities in Toronto parks?

Earl Bales Park--East side of Bathurst, South of Sheppard. Lots of BBQ grills and picnic tables.

Check out:
Lots of parking. Lush and very pretty.

Amazing Food: Afghan Stall,Downsview Mkt

Wow...I had to post this place, it is hands down one of the best hidden gems in TO.

Just got back from Downsview market, lots of about the Post piece last weekend about the Aghan stand in the Food Court at Downsview and decided to check it out...we ate what the friendly owner reccommended, the Bolani, delicious flat bread with roasted potato and green onion stuffing, served with a simple chickpea salad, the steamed beef dumplings, topped with yoghurt and perfectly spiced yellow lentils...we are to go back tomorrow for the beef kebab and definately some more mouth is watering as I type this...even though this is a bit of a shlep from downtown TO, it is so worth it.

The owners are so nice and accomodating to boot, we hope to see them do well because they have some serious culinary skill and great Canadian spirit. Simply delicious.

Ibrahim: sheik of the shawarma shouk

Just got back from Ibrahim's...had the shawarma, salad, rice ( not the greatest)...shawarma was EXCELLENT. Vinnie's review is accurate and totally worth the trip. They grill the pita so the contents don't fall out...amazing fresh much better than what I've had in TO... thanks for the suggestions...can't wait to try the other recs and return to Ibrahim's.

Chow-ish Revelstoke Spots?

Hello Chowhounds

Looking for a local good spot--nothing fancy, just really good food...

Luna seems to popular according to other thereads/searches...any input?

Thank you for all suggestions...

Advice for Western Delights

Love what the Truffle Pig is " about " ( organic, fresh local produce...)

right up our alley!

Thank you for all the suggestions....keep them coming!

Advice for Western Delights

Hey There

I am a NYer going out West for the first time--I am so excited I could burst! It looks so incredible!

I have been searching through some past threads but haven't been able to find what I want. So here are the details, advice is SO appreciated---Chouhounds have never let me down in all places so I'm looking forward!

I would love to know what is unique to the West food-wise and where to get good, fresh local favourites...I am not looking for the mega restaurants but rather the amazing hole in the wall.

Where do you most reccommend?

Here's the Itinerary:

June 11th - Vanouver
June 12th - Kamloops
June 13th and 14th - Banff / Lake Louise

We will be driving and would love to hit some of the small off the beaten track. Thanks in advance....

Will gladly report our journey!

Toronto: grocery stores open this Friday?

Superstore's Holiday Hours are 9-5pm on Friday and Sunday...just saw it on their website.

Thai food in North York

Thai Bistro on Sheppard/Yonge is DELICIOUS. I have always had solid, consistant meals...always fresh. I actually think it is the best Thai food in the city--hands down. ( before Salad King went "modern" )

The vegetable cold spring rolls are gigantic--like the size of burritos with tons of fresh good stuff. Pad Thai is also fantastic.

Middle Eastern grocers downtown?

Akram's has it--I bought some there a while back.

I know it is WAY south of Bloor, but great quality, the Zaa'tar at Sababa is always fresh and potent. I have also bought Zaa'tar from Aarat Foods at Avenue/Lawrence definately more mild than Sababa's. Grocery store stuff, IMO, isn't great b/c it sits on the shelves to long and it looses its bite.