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Unique and fabulous foods to take home

BTW, DB Infusion chocolates has been selling exquisite passionfruit mango caramels since at least 2008. . I am only an enthusiastic customer.

Feb 28, 2012
dachickenfarmer in France

Ethnic Cooking - Finland

Well done! Don't forget voi saatana!

Mar 04, 2011
dachickenfarmer in Home Cooking

Ethnic Cooking - Finland

Pulla - our preferred recipe - in our house, cinnamon in a pulla would be blasphemous

1 cup milk, warmed to ~ 100F
1 Tbsp active dry Yeast
2 Eggs
½ tsp sea salt
3-3 ½ cups unbleached flour
½ cup melted butter, or veg oil
1/3 cup (raw, i.e. turbinado, if possible) sugar
1 Tbsp (yes, Tbsp) ground cardamom (freshly ground, if possible)
½ cup raisins (optional)

Glaze: 1 egg, pearl or raw sugar

War the milk (~100 degF). Dissolve in yeast + 1/2 tsp sugar. Wait for it to proof. If it doesn't bubble, curse in Finnish & start over. Beat eggs lightly, and add to milk. Add salt & 1 cup of flour. Beat dough well (with paddle attachment).
Add the melted butter and 1 cup flour; beat well.
Add sugar, cardamom and raisins, if used.
Knead in flour, using total of 3 cups (i.e. add 1 more cup) at first, adding more in small portions only if necessary.
The dough should feel soft and elastic to the hand, and never be too hard. It will not clean the sides of the bowl. Knead well until the dough makes smacking sound when you pull out your knuckles, about 20 minutes.
Rise until doubled in bowl.
Shape the dough as desired: braids, buns, loaves, etc. see attached picture for some of my kids' work w/ our garden produce!
Cover and let rise until well doubled in size.
Brush risen breads with the beaten egg and sprinkle with the sugar. Bake at 425°F oven for 8-13 minutes for rolls, to 15-20 minutes for bigger loaves, until golden.

Mar 02, 2011
dachickenfarmer in Home Cooking

Ethnic Cooking - Finland

Like a good Finn, I've been slow about responding - basically because there is no good answer - i get my mämmimaltaita from Finland when I visit.... I have been intrigued by "malted rye" which I have seen in brewing stores, which sounds a lot like mä (Finnish) mother (Aiti) made a wonderful , very Finnish, cabbage / lamb / venison soup this evening. ..From Käkonen's book - which is consistently the best (& hardest to find!) book on Finnish cooking - using natural ingredients when they traditionally are, and should be, used. Ojakangas dumbs it down & fattens it up, IMHO, when it doesn't need to be...I'm now craving karjalanpiirakoita!!!

Mar 02, 2011
dachickenfarmer in Home Cooking

Ethnic Cooking - Finland

Very late to this post, but thought I'd follow up anyway. I'm 1/2 Finnish (Mother grew up in Finland and left in her 20's) and travel there regularly, and speak some Finnish. I cook and bake Finnish foods (& many other things) & live in the Twin Cities area. I am also a bit opinionated wrt Finnish foods.

I'm a fan of Käkonen's book , somewhat Previdi's .... Ojakangas, not so much.

I have made a good mämmi , which is time consuming, but not too complicated. To make it right, you need mämmimailta, which is ground dried malted rye, not available at Northern Brewer (as of last month) but occasionally Eden Organic's version (malted rye syrup - their barley malt syrup is good too) is available in natural stores.

To make viili, you need the starter, and ideally un-homogenized milk, and to sterilize everything invlolved (more important if you want to keep it good for many generations - ie months - years). I make viili in wide-mouth half pint mason jars, washed in dishwasher just before making. This gives the delectable cream layer on top that you get in Finland when you buy the small containers...I still have one going from my trip to Finland this summer.... yum! I'm not sure it's long or short - but you can pour a whole blob and have it stay in 1 "piece"

Karjalanpiirakat really should be all rye, as mentioned above, with water or milk + melted butter dip. Strongly agree on egg butter comment.... yum!

Yes, Coastal Seafoods is the only reliably high quality seafood place in Twin Cities, and has crayfish at times - call ahead & ask.

All so called "Leipäjuusto" commercially available in Twin Cities area that I've tried (yes, I keep trying them) is WAY, WAY , WAY too salty (sold under many many names - ironically not the right one). There's a UW professor who has given out a recipe to cheese makers - I'm guessing no Finns are involved....

My kids especially love pulla, karjalanpiirakat and perunarieska (potato/barley flatbread) - they are universally wonderful. It is a wonder nobody commercially makes karjalanpiirakat, esp in Twin Cities - all who have tried them get addicted. Also reg make Joulutorttut (flaky sweet pastry pinwheels with prune filling).

I don't know of a smoked reindeer source in USA.
Haven't been to Finnish Bistro - wasn't impressed with Taste of Scandinavia

If you want a specific recipe or info, please let me know (not sure if anybody's looking!) and I'll try.

Oct 27, 2008
dachickenfarmer in Home Cooking