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Mimico, New Toronto & Long Branch restaurants - revised thread!

I have found Al Lago can be VERY expensive. There is no menu so you just tell him what you feel like and he makes it. You don't know how much it is until you get the bill. I haven't tried Cellar Door so I can't comment. Happy Anniversary!

Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

Unfortunately Freshwood Grill is now closed. Woody's Grill has now opened in it's place.

Freshwood Grill
293 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2M3, CA

Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

Bombay by the Lake is amazing as is Siam Princess! The new Italian resto is at the bottom of Browns Line and they should be opening looks amazing!

Good Cheese @ Low(er) Prices

Sorry for the late reply but try The Food Depot on Jutland (n of Queensway, e of Kipling). German store but with many different types of pre packaged cheeses (if you want smaller portion ask and they will cut it for you). Prices are REALLY REASONABLE! and great variety. Used to go to the Cheese Factory for fondue ingred. but the prices were so out of line with Food Depot that I went back!

Good Japanese in Etobicoke

You are right across the street from one of the best I've eaten at!!! Try Gojima...two blocks east of Islington on Bloor. Freshest, yummiest going!!!

Segovia - Spanish Rest?

Since visiting Barcelona last year hubby & I have been dying to try tapas in TO. Went to Casa Barcelona last night and it was nothing like the tapas we had in Barcelona. The food was good, although not as great as I thought it would be. The thing I didn't like was ordering on a piece of paper only to have all of the dishes come out so quickly that we were finished our meal in less than a half hour. In Barcelona you wrote out your order but then they only brought out two at a time and gave you time to breath for a couple of minutes before astounding you with new tapas. We had 7 tapas and 1 ltr of Sangria and we were 92.00 before tip. In and out of the restaurant in less than one hour. Not the relaxing evening I had invisioned!