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Brazillian ingredients

I have a brazillian roommate and he wants to make us some traditional food, but we don't know were to get some of the ingredients. we need manioc flour, cabbage leaves, brazillian sausages, etc.. If there is a brazillian store or markets that would be very helpful. thank you

Jan 21, 2009
bdorsey20 in Los Angeles Area

Pizza: West of the 405, when it is not Monday

Riva on 4th and wilshire in Santa Monica. Its not like a pizza joint but tey have great thin crusted pizza. The also have great charcuterie also.

Dec 06, 2008
bdorsey20 in Los Angeles Area

Best Produce and Bread In LA

I'm new to the LA area. I'm a chef and I want to know where the best produce and bread are in La. I live in the culver city are off the 10. Thanks.

Oct 27, 2008
bdorsey20 in Los Angeles Area