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Dinner needed with new client in Center City

Hello BarbieGirl,

The reviews have been hit-or-miss with regard to Table 31, but definitely consider seeing it for yourself. My own (2) visits there were both very good food-wise, though the service team has its iffy moments (confusion about who-gets-what/soup with no spoon).

You won't find an affordable wine lis there though. Mark-ups get steep.

All of the above suggestions are good ones. Besides Zinc, consider Chef Olivier de Saint Martin's other notable, Caribou Cafe at 11th and Walnut, which has a bit more breathing room (Zinc is tiny).
I also like Vintage on 13th, Meritage at 20th and Lombard, and the wine program at Ristorante Panorama is outstanding.

My clientele enjoys 10 Arts. The food is quite affordable though the bev mark-ups are stratospheric.

Good luck and let us know how it all goes!

Philly Concierge

Oct 30, 2008
Philly Concierge in Pennsylvania

What's the furthest you've travelled - just for a meal

My childhood buddy, Bill became notorious for turning roadtrips into food-based pilgrimages - "I'm hungry for wings. Let's go to Buffalo" and "You know what would be good right about now? A Maine lobster and a beer..."
Most of these trips (taken during our college years) were initiated from our apartment in Philly.

The longest roadtrip of all though was the all-summer-long hankering for real BBQ in Chapel Hill, NC. Soon after we arrived there and enjoyed some authentic barbecue, Bill met a guy at a beer stand, who, after learning we were from Philly (Home of the Steak Sandwich), told us that his brother had just opened up "an authentic steak place" in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Turning right around, we headed north back on i-95 and clear out of the country - a 22-hour mad dash up the coast and across the ferry toward the island's coast.

Shame on me; I don't remember the name of the joint we had sought out.
I do recall, however, the steak sandwiches were just aweful - Steak 'Um and Cheez Whiz on a hard Kaiser roll.

It's the road getting there that matters and the travellers' you are with, and not the final destination, right?
If given time and the chance, I'd make that trip yet again if I could.