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Solo Dining near Buckhead - Please help

Staying at the W in Buckhead next week. Have one night for a meal out. Looking for fine dining options where I can eat solo at the bar. Not too stuffy. Don't mind a little bit of a scene. As long as someone's butt isn't in my food. Looking to spend in the 50-100 range all in. Don't mind a short cab if it's worth it. Never been to the area before. From my limited research seemed like Aria, Rathburn's, Bone's could be good options. Anyone have something better? Thanks.

Feb 22, 2009
stvo in General South Archive

Fuhgeddaboudit - in N. Raleigh

Former NYer here who now works up the street on Six Forks Rd. The pizza is passable. Not outstanding. Def better than most in Raleigh. Could have been a good stand in for the real deal but for me the sauce fell way short. Tastes like a jar of Newman's own. Two big upsides, the decor is totally fun (despite the ridiculous name). I especiallly lovede the Seinfeld playing omn the TV. Also, one slice stoof out - the special with the red hot chili peppers. Wortyh trying for that alone. But overall, nowhere near as good as Andy's on Falls and Millbrook or the Grandma's pie at Giannio and Gaetano (best in NC so far).

Feb 20, 2009
stvo in General South Archive

Non-chain restaurants in the Triangle

Thanks. Top stuff. Will report back.

Jul 06, 2007
stvo in General South Archive

Non-chain restaurants in the Triangle

Started a blog ( and am on the lookout for decent places to eat that aren't national chains. So far It's been pretty underwhelming by the food here. The strip mall restaurants are earning their strip mall status. Definitely missing NYC cuisine. However, Dos Taquitos stands out, as does Saffron in Morrisville. Wake up wired and Percolator in N. Raleigh are filling in nicely for Starbucks.

Where would you go for — italian, turkish, steak, entree salads?

Jul 06, 2007
stvo in General South Archive

goodbye to NY meal

will hit katz', ess-a etc. but want one fancy meal b4 we go.

If we can't get into Babbo


Mar 05, 2007
stvo in Manhattan

Hard to please father

and not just with food. That aside, need a place to take him and his work partner.

His tastes are classic, faux vegas-style upscale and big portions. He loves sparks, picholine and fresco by scotto. Big red wine drinker.

this trip, looking to try something new. No frou frou or nouveau. i took him to babbo and he didn't like it.

Am i way off with these: del posto, cru, veritas, porter house,

Jan 11, 2007
stvo in Manhattan

Porter House for one?

Good place to dine at bar pre-opera? Heard they have pineapple upside down cake. Must sample.

Oct 26, 2006
stvo in Manhattan

Batali vs. Conant

In the past two weeks, I dined at Del Posto Enoteca and l'Impero.

First up, DP Enoteca: A meal that was still pricey without being ridculous and one that felt special despite not being in the main dining room.

Began with a raw tuna appetizer. It's been two weeks and I can't recall the dish 100%. However, I still remember a raw tuna app at Jean Georges from 8 months ago. DP's was really tasty at the time, but it won't stay with you. The pastas were the highlight. In particular, we had a zucchini blossom raviolini at the waiter's suggestion. All else paled. This dish was better than anything I've ever eaten at Babbo and perhaps the best pasta dish I've had in NYC. My wife and I fork jousted over the last few bites. She won. I think her eyes rolled so far back in her head they were floating in the Hudson. The other pasta was a Bucatini all' Amatriciana. My personal fave and extremely well executed here. Main entree was a cod in salsa verde. Blech. really mediocre. For dessert we shared a baba au rhum. Loved it. Could have had three. Would definitely go back and order 2 apps, 2- 3 pastas and 1 dessert. The mains on the tables next to ours didn't look so hot either.

We went to L'impero this past Friday to celebrate our anniversary. I had been once before and I have been trying to convince my wife on the need for a repeat visit. she finally gave in.

Not sure if it was b/c of of Labor Day weekend, but the scene was almost too mellow. Also, srvice was not nearly as knowledgeable or professional as Del Posto's. We each ordered the four-course prix fixe. I had the signature yellowtail susci, which is really unbelievable (edge goes to conant in this category). And my wife had the tuna (also easily forgettable. good, not great). For pastas, we had the spaghetti and the fontina raviolini. Both fantastic and both give mario a run for his money. However the entrees were also mediocre. Why is that places with great pasta always seem to drop the ball on entrees? I had soft shell crab and she had sirloin and short ribs. Dessert was decent, but not fancy restaurant good. Somehow, it felt more a year and a half ago. Seems to have gone slightly downhill.

Overall, I would give the edge to DP Enoteca. Anyone else agree?

Sep 05, 2006
stvo in Manhattan

l'impero equivalent

looking for that level of food at those prices (65-70 p.p.) to celebrate anniersary. doesn't have to be Italian.

Aug 09, 2006
stvo in Manhattan

Here's the brief...

Wife and I celebrating anniversary. We have a baby and are often tired. Looking for something quiet, romantic, excellent service and food and under 200. Something like USq cafe, 11 mad, gramercy tavern (but not those - we've already been). we're not big drinkers.


Aug 03, 2006
stvo in Manhattan