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Eater: Tacos

Wow... That's actually a really good list....

Mar 18, 2015
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Regional, sit-down Mexican reccos for the parental units

Rudy's in Solana Beach. Pushes the definition of "sit-down", but some of the best old school street tacos in San Diego. Get the street tacos, get at least one carne asada. Sit out front.

Ranas - Bit of a drive but consistently one of the favorites with my out of town guests. Big menu, great food. Wonderful folks.

Mariscos Nine Seas Truck. Not sit down. Eat on the hood of your car. But a great experience with the lunch truck variety of Mexican seafood. Get the fish tacos. Or the ceviche. Yes, really.

El Borego has great tacos. So does the lunch truck a block away, where you'll get a marlin taco.

Those already mentioned are good tips as well.

Feb 02, 2015
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Donut Time...Again

I looked. Nothing posted. Even on the menu (which they hand you in a heavy picture frame). I'm sure it was there somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

Dec 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Donut Time...Again

Jitters? Honestly, I don't think so. Too many things were off. Like the counter you order over being about 5'6". The person taking our donut order was about 5'8". So she was talking into the glass in front of her. And they have an outside space, but it has raw welded metal that looks like it was done by someone learning to weld. The employees have old-timey uniforms, but the concept completely ends there, making decor design seem random. It really seemed like a thing put together by someone who had never eaten a donut. It was weird.

The coffee was pretty good. But not $3 for a small paper cup of it good.

Dec 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Donut Time...Again

Oh.... And we got there at 11:45 on a Sat and they wouldn't serve me any chicken. Chicken doesn't start until noon. The woman actually made a face like I was being a pain in the ass for trying to order it.

Dec 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Donut Time...Again

I went to Streetcar yesterday. It was literally the worst donut I've ever eaten. Not exaggerating. Girlfriend refused to take a second bite. It was small, $4, heavy dense cake, and pretty greasy. Three dollars for a regular coffee was also..... huh?

The whole set up, service and product was so off we spent much of the day debating what the hell they were thinking. Then we went to Underbelly in Northpark and had a great meal in a great space with great service.

Dec 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

What's your *favorite* restaurant in San Diego?

Tiger! Tiger!
Mariscos Nine Seas
Nine-Ten (tasting menu)
Juniper & Ivy
8 Elements

Dec 20, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Cucina Basilico

Just had lunch there. Great tip. Thumbs up. I'll be back.

Oct 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Fresh Quail eggs

I can't find them. Please help.

Oct 19, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Achiote chicken california burrito?

"I'd hardly call their current offerings there "garbage"."

I'm going to have to second the garbage designation. Tried three different places. Never again. Too many other options which are wildly better.

Oct 15, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Vintana Wine + Dine (Escondido) patio "small plates"

We ate there last night. Pretty bad. Overall experience bordering on insulting. Service was bad to awful. Shockingly so even. Food was all over cooked and average to awful. Artichoke app was soaked through with fry oil. Flavor combinations were puzzling and not good, like it was done by rolling dice. For example, linguine with clam was super think pasta sitting in a pool of bacon fat, covered with raw bitter greens. Salmon was overcooked and "crusted" with something that tasted like paper. Wine by the glass was served twice with a heavy dose of sediment, even after we let the waiter know the first glass was bad. We asked a passing employee to take our photo and she just glared and walked away. Setting and view were wonderful.

Oct 14, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

On the go near the airport

Pretty please do not eat a PLS scallop sandwich while driving.

Sep 24, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Need help with San Diego Plans

Brunch at the Del is certainly good, but too old school and over priced for me.

Near your hotel:
Werewolf - Bar with really good pub grub.
Table No. 10 - Small plates.
Neighborhood - Craft beer and good food.
The Blind Burro - Upscale Mexican-sh.
The Lion’s Share - Interesting meat.

Several blocks East of you is a Mariscos German truck on Imperial. Name might have changes.

Sep 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

San Diego Ethnic plus

I agree completely with most of what you're saying. I'm playing quite fast and loose with designations. I'm leaning more towards interesting than authentic. Should have said that.

Haven't been to Rasraj. We'll give that a try. Thanks.

However, while I like George's Modern (who wouldn't) all of the meals we've had at Nine Ten have edged out meals at George's. Creativity and skill is better at George's, but flavors and satisfaction has been better at Nine Ten. Just my opinion.

Sep 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

San Diego Ethnic plus

I have family coming in a month and we're all researching food spots. The stated preference is "ethnic". But I wanted to expand on that a bit. They live in Montana and like to have some interesting things when they travel. Driving no problem. Maybe be here for up to a week. Here's my long list of suggestions for them. Any comments, additions, suggestions? Any advice appreciated.

Thai: Supannee House of Thai, Sab e lee
Italian: Cucina Urbana, Buona Forchetta
Peruvian - Latin Chef, Q'ero
Mexican: Super Cocina, Rana, Oscar's, El Pescador
Tacos (new): Puesto Headquarters, City Taco
Tacos (old): Rudy's, El Paisa, El Gordo
Japanese (Sushi): Sushi Ota, Kaito
Japanese (Ramen) - Yakitori Yakyudori
Indian: 8 Elements, Punjabi Tandoor
Lebanese: Alforon
Afghan: Ariana Kabob House
Nepalese: Taste of the Himalayas
Vietnamese (Pho): Pho Ca Da
Cuban: Embargo Grill
Filipino: Orient Valley Filipino
Greek: Cafe Athena
Moroccan: Kous Kous
BBQ: Coop's
French: The Smoking Goat, BO-beau
Russian: Pomegranate
African: Asmara, Tanganyika Grill,
Seafood: Ironside Fish & Oyster, Eddie V’s, Tidal
Gourmet: Juniper & Ivy, Nine Ten
Southern, Cajun: Bourré Southern Bistro
Tapas: Romesco, Cueva Bar, Table No. 10
Sandwiches: Rubicon Deli, Supernatural Sea to Sandwich, Wich Addiction
Breakfast: Great Maple, The Tractor Room
Gastropub: Tiger! Tiger!, Waypoint Public, The Joint
Chain's: Slater's 50/50, Tender Greens
craft Beer: Stone Liberty station, BLAH, Neighborhood
Tasting Rooms: Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens, Balast Point
Steak: Cowboy Star, Truluck’s
San Diego Charm: Carnitas' Snack Shack, Urban Solace, Alchemy, Lion's Share, Donut Bar

Sep 21, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

One man's exhaustive search for the best fish taco in SD. .

No one thinks Kotija's has good fish tacos. Have you read any of the post you just commented on? Try some of the ones people actually say they like. There is a huge post about that right here that you're ignoring.

Sep 19, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Best Places to Eat Now

Juniper & Ivy, Nine-Ten

Sep 12, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Mariscos German Locations and Hours

Go to Oscar's

Sep 10, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Mariscos German Locations and Hours

Only sort of close to Balboa Park, but either of these are likely the closest -

Aug 31, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

What say ye, SuperChowers?

Duck fries at Bo Beau
Hot wings at Wolverine
Tuna callors at Blind Burro

Aug 29, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Coming from LA - what to eat in San Diego?

Go for craft beer. The gastropubs in LA aren't on the same level as San Diego. Get flights and try a few things. Eat some good pub grub.

Waypoint Public
Tiger! Tiger!
Stone Liberty Station

Aug 19, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

One man's exhaustive search for the best fish taco in SD. .

I eat at Kiko's for lunch rather often, since it's close. They are there every weekday, but I'm not sure about weekends or evenings. The large portions of fish are what stands out. Especially for the grilled fish taco. Not in the same league as Mariscos El Pescador, but very solid. Ceviche and cocktails all good. Gobernador and marlin tacos are borderline. Really nice folks too.

Aug 14, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

One man's exhaustive search for the best fish taco in SD. .

Close. So close. But no. 1) His choice for the best fish taco is spot on, 2) but only because his choice of the 19 best was so awful. Once he tried the fish taco at the mariscos truck the light should have gone off in his head - "Oh. Lunch trucks have great fish tacos. I should try other lunch trucks." But no. The dim bulb stayed dim. Problem is, the truck he tried has great fish tacos, but not the best. The Mariscos El Pescador truck in the Toys-R-Us parking lot has the best. 

Aug 07, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Bo-Beau La Mesa

This version is actually more like a poutine. Our dining companion actually ordered a second one for dessert.

Jul 10, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Bo-Beau La Mesa

Duck fries are awesome.

Jul 08, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Sea and Smoke Del Mar

Our meal at Sea & Smoke a couple weeks ago was average at best, and poor for the price point. Total lack of attention for almost all of the dishes. Slow service, wildly overcooked food, odd flavors paired. Not going back.

Jun 30, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

ISO of the Best Burrito

If Lolita's is on the list and Rudy's isn't, then dude's doing a best of Yelp contest, not a best burrito contest.

Why bother having a "best burrito" thing if you start by filtering all burritos through a website whose business model is user generated content by hipsters and attention whores?

"Analyze the Yelp data to create an overall....." An overall list of least common denominator drivel. Congratulations on your Yelp contest Nate. It's still Yelp, no matter who wins. Just what everyone needs, a Best Of Yelp contest.

The best burritos in San Diego aren't even in the running. And I'll bet real money the same is true for SF Bay Area, LA, etc. Regurgitating a Yelp search is not journalism, science, or good eats. So please stop it.

Seriously. Please. Stop it.

Jun 08, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

Top 15 Things to Eat in San Diego Now! (2014)

- Carne asada tacos at Rudy's
- Clam pizza at URBN
- Wing's at Werewolf
- Marlin taco at Mariscos Alex
- Oyster poboy tacos at Waypoint Public
- Tasting menu at Nine Ten (cheating, I know)
- Shrimp bahn mi at Bale
- Taco especiale at Oscar's
- Pork belly bahn mi at Tiger! Tiger!
- Neighborhood burger at Neighborhood
- Chicken tika masala samosa at Little Italy Mercato
- Sea Bass in chili sauce at Supannee House of Thai
- Shrimp cocktail at Mariscos el Pascador truck
- Sausage platter at Lion's Share
- Beer, beer, and beer (and small bites) at Stone Liberty Station)

May 25, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

City tacos

Noticed the new City Tacos in north Park while we were pub crawling last night. Fancy street tacos with a good dose of authenticity. They make their own corn and flour tortillas, which is wonderful. A few aguas frescas. Nice salsa bar. They should have some craft beer taps going in a week or so. Ceviches also on the way. We tried the mahi and chicken tacos which we really liked. Absolutely need to go back and try the others. Three vegetarian tacos on the menu is nice.

There were some organizational issues. They clearly need to work on polishing that up. But the owner was on top of things and was wonderful to talk to.

(linking to Yelp only for the photos, map, and other data)

May 24, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego

The Lack of Craft; A Reason Why San Diego is Ignored by Foodies?

"New, fabulous, unique, fusion, grass-fed, sustainable, farm-to-table"

Yeah. That's awful.

The San Diego dining scene is better than it's ever been. Stop yelling at the kids to get off your lawn and go enjoy some good food.

May 23, 2014
y6y6y6 in San Diego