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Source for aquavit / scandinavian schnapps in greater Boston?

I almost picked up a bottle of OP Anderson at Liquor World in Porter Square the other day. You could also check out Downtown Liquors in Davis, as they tend to have everything I ever need (included my beloved Zubrowka buffalo grass Polish vodka and Unicum!)

Jun 05, 2009
Josef_k in Greater Boston Area

Anybody been to Barbara Lynch's new place, Sportello?

They are the same entrance from the street, with Sportello being upstairs and Drink being downstairs.

Nov 10, 2008
Josef_k in Greater Boston Area

Drink opening tomorrow?

It's not that common of an occurrence in my experience, you just had some bad timing. It was the official opening party for Drink and for the building it's in.

Oct 27, 2008
Josef_k in Greater Boston Area