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Thanksgiving dinner in/around Wellfleet?

Thanks everyone! Napi's sounds great. I'm so happy that I don't have to cook this year!

Thanksgiving dinner in/around Wellfleet?

I will be spending Thanksgiving weekend in Wellfleet with my family. I'm looking for a good place to go for Thanksgiving dinner, with two (well behaved & restaurant-loving) young kids. Turkey dinner of course, but maybe with some other options (I'm thinking lobster for myself.) Wellfleet, Truro, Ptown ... any suggestions?

Finding kitchen supply stores?

Is McDonalds Kitchenware Store still open in Nashua? I've driven past this place, never gone in myself ...

I miss the one that was in Nashua, what was it? Kitchens Etc.?

Looking for Kozy Shack pudding....

I buy Kozy Shack at Shaw's supermarket. They have chocolate and a few other flavors at my local one (Milford, NH), but I haven't seen pumpkin or european rice pudding.