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Best Portable Items from Ferry Plaza Market

thank you for those links! i googled chowhound and this topic, but didn't find much. really appreciate it :)

Best Portable Items from Ferry Plaza Market

My husband is in SF for business and is staying right across the street from the Ferry Plaza. He's agreed to stop by the farmer's market tomorrow for me before he leaves town and I'm trying to think of what he could buy that is easily transportable. He probably won't check his luggage and he doesn't want anything super delicate.

I've asked him to swing by Rancho Gordo, but I can't think of anything else that I want him to bring home (we live in NJ, formerly Californians). He will also be picking up some sourdough bread before leaving town, is there a bakery at the market that has good sourdough?

Pars Rice Cooker for making tahdig

Oct 26, 2008
nicoleebonsai in Home Cooking