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Best Place to Buy Bottles of Bourbon in Nashville?

Thank you Pete!

Best Place to Buy Bottles of Bourbon in Nashville?

Hi y'all, I'm in Nashville for just a day and am looking for a really great liquor store where I can buy great bourbons (especially Old Blowhard, if anyone has seen it anywhere). Where should I go for the best bourbon selection? thank you!

Sense Appeal - food?

I haven't had a bad thing there, ever. I'm not exaggerating. It's not cheap, but it's delicious. I've had gour or five different salads, the burger, and a couple of other items. I recommend.

Scrambled Eggs

I don't do them with any liquid, nor salt or pepper at the beginning. Butter, low heat as possible, gentle mixing before they go in just to break up the yolks and lightly combine. Salt and pepper once they're about half done. Cold butter or creme fraiche when they are just about done to arrest the cooking. Soft scrambled are delicious.

Jul 23, 2012
metalmicky in Home Cooking

Burgers Priest to open West End Location

He also confirmed it's not that - said i was "getting colder."

La Carnita - 501 College

Here's the deal with LC and GE: both are very good. I've eaten at both a minimum of five times - LC is two blocks from my house. Both use tortillas from a supplier, and I've never had a stale one at either place. I can't imagine either of them serving stale tortillas. GE is louder and smaller. LC is bigger and a little quieter. Neither are actually expensive - it's not "OMG, $5 for a taco!" it's more like you're sitting in a nice restaurant with a good vibe and a fine cocktail list and two people can eat 'til they're full with a couple of beers apiece and tip pretty well for $35. The tacos aren't small: when Harbord Room did a japanese taco appetizer, for instance, that was $12 and smaller than two tacos at LC (and also delicious). the reviews are justified for both places. the difference is that GE is significantly smaller and in a location that offers fewer decent alternatives; Carnita is in a slightly weird stretch of College (lots of money and people in the area but three restaurants in that exact space have died in the past four years). Both are very good.

La Carnita - 501 College

On what planet is Agave Y Aguacate "in a jiffy?" I love it there but I've waited twenty minutes - for food court take-out. It's delicious, don't get me wrong - but I eat faster after getting a seat at Carnita or GE than I do for take-out only A y A.

Burgers Priest to open West End Location

I just floated this rumour by them on FB and their answer was "Not true. But close."

Hey Meatball on College - Sandwich sizes

I had a very, very good meal from there. Did take out. The restaurant has, I think, only really "soft opened" so far. The meatball sandwich I had was big and absolutely freaking delicious: value for money is something different to all people, but honestly: 11$ for what I had was completely reasonable. Was on ciabatta, came with a small salad, entirely filling but mostly just delicious obviously, ingredients-wise, made with quality stuff. I think the place will change slightly over the next little while - there is a soft-serve machine they are going to get up and running, for instance - but I get the sense that it is always going to be sort of casual. Counter service, open kitchen where you can see absolutely everything, that sort of thing. I tried the other two dishes as well - a rigatoni with meatballs on tomato sauce, and the veggie meatballs on polenta - and they were both good, too. I liked it a lot.

Looking for a nice Mexican Food

El Sol is at the eastern end of the Danforth. It's pretty good.

El Sol
1448 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1N4, CA

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

I don't think the people responding to this thred understand the meaning of the word "one."

for me: Harbord Room.

Hands down. Good menu, changes often enough, really great beer list and a really, really well thought-out wine list, and the execution of the food is pretty much flawless.

Harbord Room
89 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

Best $10-20 burger?

Two others that I think should be added: the burger at the roxton is also very good - probably the oly thing really worth having on the menu now - and gilead cafe. the burger there is really good - i'd add these two to the list.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven @ Home Sense

the healthy butcher offers really great prices on le creusets: the 6.2 L oval, enameled french oven with lid is 300 dollars, and if you buy more than one piece they give discounts of 5%, 7.5%, 10%, etc, increasing for every piece. And sometimes they discount even more than that.

Downtown Ottawa suggestions please, lunch and dinner

I have to agree about Sconewitch. It's really great. Also, their menu is slightly larger on the weekends. there are a few more brunchy items.

For me, at the corner of Gilmour and Metcalfe, there is a pizza place called Colonnade. It's not far from where you will be. I adore this pizza. Lots of people who have lived in Ottawa adore this pizza. I can not recommend it highly enough. I think it's amazing and delicious.

The Senator - Bob Berman from Boba has taken it over...

read about this at GFR - anyone else know anything about this? Eaten there already, or are they closing and renovating or anything like that?

"Bob Berman, who was chef and co-owner with Barbara Gordon of the celebrated Boba on Avenue Road, has quietly taken over The Senator" was all I could find.

souvenir fr Ottawa?

If she brought you back a pizza from colonnade you'd be happy, but it also doesn't pack well. still, delicious.

Trying to Remember a Restaurant

Pretty sure it was actually called tapas.

The New Chef at Le Petit Castor... going to be Rodney Bowers, of Rosebud and CItizen.


Good fit for style of joint and cheffing abilities, I think.

Amazing Ottawa and Montreal style pizza in Toronto - Dundas Pizza

Colonnade Pizza in ottawa is the ne plus ultra of ottawa pizza. it's heaven, but not really "true italian" pizza. if the pizza debate is a semantic one for you, then forgetaboutit. But if you're wiling to call dough, cheese, sauce and toppings pizza - and I am - then you may well love Ottawa or Montreal pizza. Not deep dish, but thick, cheese on top. And Colonnade is just the best of that.

Best Pizza with Tonnes of Toppings

My go-to Pizza place in Ottawa, Cafe Collonade, stacks lots of toppings, and i love it, love it, love it - if you're ever there, go and you'll like it, I think.

Eye Weekly on Ramen in Toronto

Not a lot of people know this, but they'll make you ramen at the excellent Toshi Sushi at dinnertime if you ask nicely....and, especially, of you speak Japanese.

Food Delivery to Bathurst and Dundas

Just moved to the area. And it's going to get cold soon! Anyone have any good suggestions for food delivery to this area? So far I've had Eastern Legend and Ciccio's pizza (but there's gotta be better pizza than that around here, no?)

Le Petit Castor - WTF?!?!?!

My guess is it was about kitchen problems, specifically with a chef who left.

I went a while ago. The menu was good in conception, but the execution wasn't there yet. Room was terrific to sit in - there's an effing Charles Pachter hanging on the wall! - and I had green, but really friendly, service from my waitress, with terrific support from the manager who worked the room really, really well.

Risotto was terrific. But my brisket main was not very good. There was a schnitzel that someone else ordered that was missing some acid bring it together - a really basic mistake, I thought- on a plate that was less that well composed. Apparently their chef has left and they are getting someone new.

I really like Brad Denton's style and I'm going to go back and give it another try or dinner when they've gotten some of the kinks out. As far as a place to drink post dinner hour, it's terrific though. Warm and really inviting, but bustling and fun. In that way, I think it's going to do well, as a lot of restaurants like this are using the space for drinking after (especially later in the week). Tati does it, Harbord Room, Teatro still, all of those places. It's never going to be fine or even finer dining, but on the other hand mains were all under $25 except for one big steak.

Burger delivery to downtown toronto

i'm at dundas and bathurst and am wondering - anyone know of good burger delivery to this area of town? dangerous dan's doesn't deliver to dundas (alliteration!) and bathurst. anyone know?