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Gingerbread Cookies

This was pretty good. I did use dark molasses, but I also put in some crystallized ginger. I chopped it up very small. I always use crystallized ginger in my gingerbread cookies. Excellent!

Jan 04, 2009
erinp in Recipes

Cookie-Baking Tips

I didn't get much out of this video. Basically, I learned a new way to soften butter instead of microwaving it: pound the butter until softened. This is a better way as when I microwave, I take the risk of melting the butter.

Dec 22, 2008
erinp in Features

Yogurtology - Scottsdale

Yummmmm! I went to Yogurt Builderz today! I finally got around to going there. It was a self-serve concept, so I got my yogurt and put my own toppings on.

The staff was super friendly and let us sample some flavors. I finally chose the lemon tart (which was delectable) . I topped it with fresh raspberries. Even though it's 50 degrees outside !!!, it was very refreshing. It was the tart kind which I had tried some months ago in New York and really liked it.

My boyfriend had English Toffee yogurt with nuts and hot fudge. HIs was sweet and delicious. They had some really fun toppings.

The only problem we had was finding the place! I knew it was near Sapporo, but finally found it next to Arizona Leather...tons of parking though.

Have fun!

Dec 09, 2008
erinp in Phoenix

Bakery (PHX)

Thanks for all this info! Maybe I will expand my horizons! They may not be what I'm looking for, but who knows what I might find?!

Nov 12, 2008
erinp in Phoenix

Bakery (PHX)

I was just thinking more along the lines of the black and whites, linzer tarts, sprinkled cookies

Oct 29, 2008
erinp in Phoenix

Bakery (PHX)

Where is there a good bakery in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area? Anybody know? I have lived here a short while and cannot find a bakery outside of a supermarket! I want back east types of cakes and cookies.

Oct 26, 2008
erinp in Phoenix

Visiting in Dec. Help with recs?

I was at Gray's Papaya in July. Upper West side. The experience was fun because when you're in there, you know it's all locals . Constant flow of people coming in and out. Service is pretty fast. Just hot dogs and lots of different juices to try. Hot dogs were good. Nice snap to them. Bun was grilled a bit. The hot dog with the sauerkraut and onions is very good . Honestly, I didn't care for drinking papaya juice with my hot dog. Other than eating at Costco, cheapest meal you'll ever have. Price was about $3.50 for 2 hot dogs and a papaya juice!!! I don't think it's urgent that you rush over there though.

Oct 25, 2008
erinp in Manhattan

Yogurtology - Scottsdale

I heard there is a new frozen yogurt shop called Yogurt Builderz on Scottsdale Rd. and Thunderbird near Sapporo. I haven't tried it yet.

Oct 25, 2008
erinp in Phoenix