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My two-week Chicago feast (a report, or more like a catalogue)

My husband and I went to Chicago to visit friends this past weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Hoanh Long; it was so good, I was sorry we only ate there once! We had the marinated pork with egg (#72) and the ginger fish with scallions (#82) and both were exceptional - our friend had the charcoal beef (I forget the #) which was also delicious. Also of note: we got there at 1:30 on a Sunday, and it was still full of lunch-eaters - a good sign.

Special occasion family restaurant in Cleveland/East Side?

Just thought I would come back to thank everyone for their suggestions and let anyone who's interested know that we had a really nice time at Jimmy O'Neill's Tavern just down the street from the Cedar Lee Theatre. Jimmy was more than happy to work within our budget, so we were able to offer guests a selection of dishes from a personalized menu, and drinks from the bar. The menu contains some hits and misses, but guests liked everything we chose, whether steak, salmon or pork tenderloin. The beet cake Jimmy's offers is a chocolate lover's delight, but my husband and I made the anniversary cake ourselves to add a personal touch (photos here ) I'd recommend Jimmy's for anyone who wants a friendly atmosphere and good food at decent prices.

Turkey Pad See Ew

As a Pad See Ew aficionado, I was looking forward to this, but I have to say, the results were just average, and the recipe seems like a lot of work for middling results. There's no fish sauce or lime juice, and no carmelization, so the flavors are not as complex as they could be. That said, if I had these ingredients on hand and was looking to use them up, this is leagues better than anything where the ingredient list contains the words "cream of mushroom."

Dec 12, 2008
likestocooklovestoeat in Recipes

Special occasion family restaurant in Cleveland/East Side?

There will be 23(!) of us; no vegetarians, but a few are anti-fish, and others are of the meat (well-done, please) and potatoes type. Thanks for the rec!

Special occasion family restaurant in Cleveland/East Side?

I've seen several threads about the best restuarants in Ohio, or the best "special occasion" restaurants; I'm hoping Chowhounders could recommend a restaurant near the east side of Cleveland with good food that's under $20/person, has a nice atmosphere and might have room for a large family gathering.

We'd like to take the family out for my in-laws 40th anniversary next month. Some of the family are not the most adventurous eaters, so I'm looking for something like American or Italian cuisine that's delicious - but not a chain. I realize it's asking a lot, and in my perfect world, we'd all go to Moxie, but I'm hoping you can help. Thanks for any and all suggestions!