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Catering for small holiday party at home

I have agreed to host my husbands small team at our home for a holiday gathering. I am looking for a good caterer that does modern, interesting food. I usually do the cooking for all the events, but I just don't have the bandwidth for this one. We will probably be 12 adults. I will do the bar and desserts myself...looking for a cocktail dinatoire menu.

Would appreciate your suggestions.


Brined Turkey Storage - HELP

Thank you all for your replies. I went to my market this morning with the intent of returning my turkey b/c of the date. The meat guy told me the turkey was probably killed on Friday or Sat morning and packaged in the store of Sat morning. The reason the "best used by" date was Nov 21, was that they need to call in a technician to change the date. He assured me that turkey would be good for at least a week and even longer after brining. As someone else suggested he said to store in the coldest part of the fridge and poke some holes in the bag. What make meat go bad is when it is sitting in liquid wher bacteria can grow.

I will probably wet brine it on Thursday for 24 hours, rince, let dry in the fridge on Friday, roast on sat.

I also get my hand under the skin and rub the bird with olive oil, pepper and some other herbs.

Thanks to all of you.

Nov 19, 2012
sadalaks in Home Cooking

Brined Turkey Storage - HELP

I ordered a fresh, grain-fed turkey from my market. They told me I needed to pick it up on the 17th. We are celebrating on Sat the 24th. When I ordered they assusred me it would be vaccum packed and would last until the SAt the 24. I buy grain-fed chickens this way and they last over 1 week. My husband picked up the turkey and it is NOT vacuum packed. I am planning on brining the turkey. My question is: If I brine the bird today or tomorrow, can I keep it in the fridge until Sat, the 24th. The label says the turkey was packed on the 17th and best used by the 21st.

Would appreciate the experience of the chowhounders out there.

I suppose I could return the turkey, but then I need to find another one.

Nov 19, 2012
sadalaks in Home Cooking

BYOB in the Plateau

With restos constantley changing owners and chefs - I thought I woudl re-visit this.

What are the best BYOBs these days in the Plateau?

Edinburgh - any suggestions on where to have wedding dinner recption for 75 people?

Hi - I am planning my brother's wedding in Scotland long distance from Canada. We are thinking of hosting the celebration dinner (I think they call it Wedding Breakfast in Edi) at a restaurant. We will have about 75 people and want something with modern food, loaction witha view, if possible, not too formal, but formal enough for the occasion. We tried Oloroso, but they wanted 8000 pounds BEFORE food to reserve the room - that is out of our price range.


Oct 26, 2008
sadalaks in U.K./Ireland