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Dried Mexican Peppers in Miami?

Hi intrepid cooks,
Any hints on a grocery store with a decent selection of dried Mexican peppers? Preferably close-ish to Miami Beach.
Thanks in advance!

Intensely Meat-Flavored Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

Jill, I haven't even thought about duck, but that's a really good idea! My pork and chicken stock are a little bland.

paprikaboy, I currently have pho broth sitting in my fridge for this very purpose!

Aug 21, 2013
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Intensely Meat-Flavored Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

Thanks for your replies!
I found a small, experimental ice cream parlor in my city, so I'm working on begging them to use their machines in exchange for free advertising at the exhibition :) So, ice cream (not just sorbet) is also on the menu.

I really like the idea of rocky road. I made a chocolate-chorizo-barbecue sauce sorbet that I loved but my tasting panel hated, but I still think there's a fake chocolate thing in there somewhere.

Aug 16, 2013
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Intensely Meat-Flavored Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

Hello all,

I'm attempting to create meat-flavored sorbet for an exhibition. The idea is to create something that looks as if it could be fruit-flavored (using artificial dye is fine) but instead delivers a strong taste of beef, chicken, pork, bacon, chorizo, or whatever. Above all, the idea is that it must be surprising, while still being tasty.

I had some success using beef bouillon cubes, but they have that disgusting "dusty" artificial taste. I made a batch each of chicken, pork and beef consomme, but their flavor is so delicate I doubt they will taste like much of anything when turned into sorbet.

Though I don't have an ice cream maker, recipes or hints for meat-flavored ice creams would also be appreciated! I've found a roast beef ice cream and Blumenthal's bacon ice cream, but not much else.

Any brilliant ideas as to how to make meaty-sweet frozen treats? Would turning the beef stock into beef jus work? Infusing meat in vodka and adding that to the sorbet?

Aug 16, 2013
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Cheap, Friendly and "Authentic" in Barri Gotic, Barcelona

I'll be staying with friends for a week in Barri Gotic, close to Jaume 1. I'm looking for recs for inexpensive, "authentic" food within the neighborhood or close by.
"Cheap" for us is 25 and under, exclusive of drinks. Tapas, menus del dia – anything like that. A fun, relaxed atmosphere and a good drinks menu is always a plus.
Thanks in advance for any pointers!

May 30, 2013
sufunsified in Spain/Portugal

Epic Amsterdam Center Restaurant List

I compiled this list for the hotel where I work, it's from personal recommendations and recs from other staff members. Everything is located within a 15 minute walk of Dam Square. Enjoy!
One Star
Located right below Hotel The Exchange, Stock has a soups, sandwiches, sweets and an all-day breakfast made with local, honest ingredients. Enjoy wine and local beer on the street-side terrace, and try a pinxto snack from 4PM onwards. Open every day from 7AM to 7PM.
Damrak 50
020 427 5382

Widely regarded as the best apple pie in the city. On Saturdays Winkel has a view on the foodie-heaven Noordermarkt, and on Mondays it looks out on the vintage clothing market.
Noordermarkt 43
020 623 0223

Vlams Frietshuis Vleminckx
Vleminckx routinely vies with Mannekin Pis (Damrak 41) for the best frites in Amsterdam. We prefer Vleminckx if only because they’ve been frying for longer - nearly 130 years. Like any self-respecting local, go for the mayonnaise.
Voetboogstraat 31
020 624 6075

A big step above McDonalds and Burger King, this local chain lets you pick-and-choose burgers and toppings for your own custom burger. In a city that shuts down early, Burgerbar stays open to 3 AM on weekdays and 4 AM on Friday and Saturday.
Kolksteeg 2, Warmoestraat 21 and Reguliersbreestraat 9
020 624 9049

Maoz Falafel
Another chain that got its start in Amsterdam, Maoz puts corporate fast food to shame. Moaz features perfect falafel, fries and an all-you-can-eat bar of vegetarian toppings.
Damrak 40, Muntplein 1, and Leidsestraat 85
020 420 7435

Small World
Overseen by the charming Australian owner, this tiny spot serves some of the best sandwiches in the city, along with various picnic-worthy dishes, cakes and juices.
Binnen Oranjestraat 14
020 420 2774

Gebroeders Niemeyer
An art-deco French patisserie only steps from Central Station. The breads, croissants, pastries and tarts are some of the best in the city. Gebr. Niemeijer also serves lunch and high tea.
Nieuwendijk 35
020 707 6752

Two Stars
High-quality meat, fish and vegetarian burgers with creative toppings and classic barbecue sides. Burgermeester makes up for having no alcohol with unique sodas and shakes.
Elandsgracht 130 and Plantage Kerklaan 37

Nam Kee
What this Chinese restaurant lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for in portion size and authentic taste. Thanks to a 2002 film, Nam Kee’s oysters have become particularly famous.
Zeedijk 111-113
020 624 3470

Snackbar Bird
A tiny – some would say cramped – snack bar that serves delicious Thai food, and fast. If it’s too claustrophobic try take-out, or cross the street to try the other Thai restaurant by the same owner.
Zeedijk 77 -1

Bucking the trend of Leidseplein’s cheap, hum-drum restaurants, Bojo is cheap but decidedly not boring. The tiny spot serves fresh Indonesian food that’s big on portion size and flavor. Open until 1 AM, it’s popular late into the night.
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 49-51
020 622 7434

Imported from New York, this DIY restaurant concept lets you design your own meatball dish with different sauces, vegetables and pasta. Choose from seven kinds of meatball and three kinds of veggie balls.
Warmoesstraat 15
020 737 1250

This quaint breakfast and lunch spot is also a vintage lover’s paradise. Since everything is for sale, from the chairs to the decorations, you can shop to your heart’s content without even leaving your table.
Zeedijk 143
020 635 7485

Three Stars
EYE Film Museum
Take the free, five-minute ferry from Central Station to Buiksloterweg, and walk to the giant building that looks like it’s crash-landed from the future. The EYE’s restaurant serves European seasonal dishes, though the real attraction is the jaw-dropping architecture and the panoramic view of the IJ river.
IJpromenade 1
020 589 1400

Los Pilones
Los Pilones serves authentic Mexican fare – think mole and cochinita pibil – in a colorful-yet-classy setting. They import their own tequila to whip up the house margaritas.
Geldersekade 111, Kerkstraat 63 and 1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6.
020 776 0210

Little Thai Prince
A cozy restaurant with well-executed takes on Thai favorites like pad thai, tom yum, and curries of all stripes.
Zeedijk 33
020 427 9645

Authentic, simply prepared Spanish dishes including zarzuela, boquerones and a delicious paella. Tables lined-up end to end adds to the no-frills, communal atmosphere.
Lange Niezel 29
020 622 3050

Excellent renditions of classic Indian dishes. The decor might be a bit stuffy, but the friendly staff make your meal feel like it was cooked by family.
Rokin 18 and Westermarkt 29,
020 623 3133

Cafe Bern
An atmospheric brown cafe known for its limited but tasty menu of cheese fondue and steak. Lively, fun, and good for groups.
Nieuwmarkt 9
020 622 0034

De Pizzabakkers
Their motto is “pizza and prosecco” and both are in abundance in this cute spot. The thin-crust pizzas are cooked in a wood-burning oven, and are complimented by light, fresh Italian fare.
Haarlmmerdijk 128 and Plantage Kerklaan 2
020 427 4144

Caffe Toscanini
Lovingly prepared Italian that’s both authentic and unusual. Breads, pastas and sausages are made in-house, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Reservations are highly recommended.
Lindengracht 75
020 623 2813

Kapitein Zeppos
An artistic, cozy cafe, hidden down an alley whose name translates as “Prayer without End”. The pan-European menu is complimented by frequent live music.
Gebed Zonder End 5
020 624 2057

Cafe Schiller
Well-hidden amid the tacky bars of Rembrantplein, Cafe Schiller features a surprising art deco interior and an excellent wine list. The French menu lets patrons ponder their ennui with a full belly.
Rembrandtplein 24A
020 624 9846

Van Harte
Located in the hip shopping area of the Nine Streets, Van Harte serves well-executed French food. Its €25 three-course menu is a rare (and delicious) bargain in this often-pricey part of the city.
Hartenstraat 24
020 625 8500

Boca’s serves tapas-style dishes in small, medium and large, perfect for accommodating all appetites. The eclectic menu has burgers, salads, soups, sashimi for dinner, and an astonishing variety of small sandwiches for lunch.
Westerstraat 30
020 820 3727

Four Stars
One of the few restaurants in Amsterdam that serves purely Dutch food, untouched by other European influences. Located on a quiet street in an old canal house, Greetje’s dishes bring to mind luscious Dutch still lifes from the 17th century.
Peperstraat 23-25
020 779 7450

Faultless Portuguese food based on high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Look out for grilled sardines and acorn-fed Iberian pork.
St Nicolaassteeg 43
020 221 9460

Blauw aan de Wal
An oasis hidden in the Red Light District, Blauw aan de Wal combines attentive, warm service with modern Mediterranean cuisine. The quiet courtyard, once part of a monastery, adds to the charming ambiance.
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 99
020 330 2257

The relatively reasonable prices seem almost out of place in Anna, with its trendy, minimalistic decor and creative contemporary European dishes. A welcome surprise on the gentrifying Warmoestraat.
Warmoesstraat 111
020 428 1111

Delicious, Mediterranean-influenced food – all prepared without the benefit of a menu. This “spontaneous cuisine” is based on what’s fresh in the market and what the chefs feel like cooking. Choose from a two, three or four course menu.
Haarlemmerstraat 62
020 620 2997

Five Stars
Intimate, chic and located in the bakery of a former poor house, Vinkeles serves stunning renditions of modern and traditional French dishes. Though the menu is French, many of the ingredients, from the oysters to the Texel lamb, come from Holland.
Keizersgracht 384

& Shamhoud Places
The sleek setting matches the menu of molecular gastronomy. Order a la carte from dishes inspired by Salvador Dali (goose liver “lips”) or iodine (sea urchin emulsion), or spring for a three or six course tasting menu.
Oosterdokskade 5
020 260 2094

With fish from day boats, wild game and a fine cheese selection, Bordewijk uses local, ethically-sourced ingredients to craft divine Mediterranean-inspired dishes. On warm evenings be sure to grab a table by the canal.
Noordermarkt 7
020 624 3899

Bars and Breweries
Brouwerij de Prael
Forget the Heineken Experience. De Prael is an authentic Amsterdam brewery with flavorful, organic beers. The large tasting room is good for groups, and frequently has live music. Snacks and meals also available.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30
020 408 4470

Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink
Yes, the name sounds silly in English, but don’t let that get in the way of trying its dozens of spirits and liqueurs. A distillery in operation since 1679, Wynand Fockink boasts witty, knowledgeable bartenders to guide you to your ideal tipple.
Pijlsteeg 31
020 639 2695

Hiding in Plain Sight
A superlative cocktail bar with impeccably friendly service. The atmosphere is relaxed, the cocktails are inevitably delicious. Be warned, though: drinks will set you back €12 to €15.
Rapenburg 18
062 529 3620

Het Elfde Gebod
With carved wood paneling and oriental carpets in place of tablecloths, The Eleventh Commandment is pure old Amsterdam. What’s the eleventh commandment, anyways? To drink a menu of Belgian and Dutch beers.
Zeedijk 5
063 062 6373

In de Wildeman
A local institution for beer snobs, In de Wildeman is appropriately located in an former distillery. Eighteen beers on tap and 250 kinds of bottled beer.
Kolksteeg 3
020 638 2348

Cafe Stevens
A friendly brown bar with a simple, reasonably priced menu of lunch foods and snacks.
Geldersekade 123
020 620 6970

Cafe Brecht
A Berlin-style bar with a motley collection of vintage furnishings and an excellent selection of German beers. Fills up in the evenings with a young, hip crowd.
Weteringschans 157
020 627 2211

G&T’s really really nice place
A swell brunch and good cocktails in a setting that feels like the living room of a particularly hip granny.
Goudbloemstraat 91

Cafe Diep
A contemporary take on the brown cafe, Diep is a haunt for the city’s creative class.
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 256
020 420 2020

May 28, 2013
sufunsified in Europe

Amsterdam - best Rijsttafel?

Blauw usually gets the best ratings:

May 28, 2013
sufunsified in Europe

Best Chinese and Thai in Amsterdam

I'm compiling a list of restaurant recommendations for guests in the hotel where I work. Unfortunately, I'm not happy with our Thai and Chinese recommendations (Nam Kee and Snackbar Bird).

Anyone have recommendations in these categories? I've been to a few Chinese restaurants in the center, but none that I'd really want to direct visitors to.

And as thanks, I'll post the full list when it's done :)

Apr 12, 2013
sufunsified in Europe

Pale colored meats/meatballs that can be dyed bright colors

The ones in the picture were just made from salt dough (and are currently an alarming science project in the back of my office's fridge).
Thanks so much for the replies! I'm going to test out a few recipes on Friday and I'll let you know how it all goes.

Jan 09, 2013
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Pale colored meats/meatballs that can be dyed bright colors

Strange story... I'll be cooking "magic meatballs" for Dutch tv show about speculative nanotechnologies.
I need recipes or ideas for ways to make meatballs (from meat/tofu/veggies/whatever) that are as far from normal looking as possible.... the meatballs are being presented as having been grown in a laboratory from animal stem cells, with all sorts of colors and vitamins added in that make them "magic".
Anyone know of a meatball recipe that uses particularly pale meat? What about German white sausage?
They're going to be eaten on-air, so they'll still have to actually taste good :)

Jan 09, 2013
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Best online sources for reliable Indian recipes?

Wow, what a list! Thanks for the recommendations. Definitely time for some serious searching...

Nov 02, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Best online sources for reliable Indian recipes?

Hi ya'll,
I was wondering if there are any really good blogs or other online sources for Indian recipes? I know and love a lot of the more mainstream sites for recipes (Epicurious, New York Times, various blogs), but I'm having trouble finding Indian ones that seem 'trustworthy.' Since I'm pretty limited on experimentation time, it's important for me to get a recipe (mostly) right on the first try.
Any suggestions/links would be much appreciated!

Nov 02, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

June 2011 Honeymoon dinner - Amsterdam

De Kas - I'm an ex-New Yorker super snobby about food, and De Kas was one of the most incredible meals I've ever had. It was recommended to me by a chef friend, and it recently won two "Best Of' awards from Time Out.

It's way east of Dam, but it's easy to get there by tram or by bike. I don't know how long you're staying in Amsterdam, but make sure to get out of the Dam area- most places within a 10 minute walk of it fall into the kind of gross, kind of tacky tourist realm.

Oct 26, 2010
sufunsified in Europe

Restaurants open on Dec 24th and 25th in Lisbon?

Thanks so much, Vinho. I'll email the places on the list to see if they're open. Do you have a blog or do food criticism by any chance? You're so active on these boards I would love to see if you've done other writing.

Oct 25, 2010
sufunsified in Spain/Portugal

Restaurants open on Dec 24th and 25th in Lisbon?

Hi guys,
I've been trawling the boards here and have pulled up great recommendations (especially from Vinhotinto75 - thanks!).

I'll be arriving with my mom in Lisbon on the 24th. I was wondering if it would be difficult to find restaurants open on the 24th or the 25th? Any recommendations for ones that would be open would be greatly appreciated.

We're staying near the Rossio, but would be willing to travel for good food. We'll eat any type of food/cuisine, and price isn't an issue (thank god for parents, says the unemployed graduate student).

Many thanks in advance!

Oct 24, 2010
sufunsified in Spain/Portugal

Got a job as a 'cook' in a 'restaurant' - Need proven restaurants for a crowd!

It's a pretty well equipped kitchen. Giant 6 burner gas stove and oven, heavy-duty appliances like a giant food processor, blender, juicer (don't know if they have a stand mixer or not, didn't look for one during my 'audition'). There's 3 or 4 standard home-kitchen refrigerators. Huge amounts of pots, pans, and kitchen utensils scattered all around.

Oct 13, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Got a job as a 'cook' in a 'restaurant' - Need proven restaurants for a crowd!

I just got a part time job as a cook in an art academy (It's secretly open to the public but non-profit, so it's only a semi-restaurant). I have a fair amount of home cooking experience, but I'm used to having hours and hours to prepare a meal and plenty of time to look up answers online. Now I only have 2ish hours to prepare a meal for 20-30 people.

I would LOVE to get recipes you've made before and have proven to be crowd-pleasers.
Criteria are A) relatively quick to make B) are either vegetarian or rely on cheaper types of meat and C) not soups (there's always a separate soup). Meals there are usually a main + one or two side dishes.

Many thanks in advance! I've always gotten great recs from this board before :)

Oct 13, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Need a killer grilled/bbq chicken recipe

Thanks for the recommendation! Do you think using wood is absolutely necessary? Where I live the food culture is ridiculously backwards, so I think i can only find those puck-shaped bricks...

Jun 01, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Need a killer grilled/bbq chicken recipe

Hey all, I'm unpaid catering a friend's housewarming party that has a Mexican-Southwestern theme. I want to do grilled/bbq chicken, but I've never grilled anything in my life. I'm a bit overwhelmed by whether or brine or marinate and pre-roast and what bits and pieces to use.

Does anyone have a hard-to-screw up recipe that might relate vaguely to the theme?

I'm trying to keep it really cheap, so I'll probably be buying whole chickens and breaking them down, or just going for whatever piece of chicken is the cheapest-per-kilo at the market (except liver :)

Thanks in advance!

Jun 01, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Help me identify this mystery meat

Ah, the same thing happened to me too! I was cutting up my pork belly and got soooo creeped out by the nipples.
Yay, either way, if my mystery meat is fatback or leaf lard, I'm a happy camper. Gonna stink up the kitchen tomorrow with the aroma of rendering fat and burning chile seeds.
Mmmmmmm homemade mole.

May 10, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Help me identify this mystery meat

My roommates left behind an interesting slab of something in the freezer. I'm hoping it's really, really fatty pork belly so I can simmer it down into lard. The skin looks just like the pig's skin when I cured bacon, but there's no muscle tissue at all in the slab - just white stuff.

Here's some pictures of it from different angles:


May 10, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

butterfly (spatchcock) a duck

Some googling turned up this fairly comprehensive guide to cooking duck at home:

May 10, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

LOST (tv show) party. Food ideas?

Going on the fish suggestion - depending on where you live in the world, if you've got a latin or asian market nearby you can get banana leaves to steam the fish in.
Oh yeah, and don't forget to put your wine in a glass decanter you can smash with ominous portent.
The fish biscuit idea is hysterical.

May 10, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Substitutions for Mexican chiles

Thanks Paulj! I chose this because I know and love Susana's recipes - have you tried another mole recipe that's less picky but still tasty?

May 05, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Impressive Vegetarian Entree?

I second the gnocchi suggestion. I made this a few weeks ago:
It was one of the best things I've ever eaten. Since you pan-fry everything at the end, you don't really need to be careful about amounts or about what type of mushrooms you use. Mmmm. Make double the gnocchi so you can freeze the rest.

May 05, 2010
sufunsified in Home Cooking

Substitutions for Mexican chiles

Hi there,
I want to make this recipe:
I have all of the chiles the recipe calls for except chipotles and chilhuacles.
My question is, is there any way to do mixing and matching to achieve a similar flavor profile for the original recipe? I have dried red and green New Mexico chiles, and I can get any number of dried chiles used in Southeast Asian cooking. The Mexican chiles where I live are staggeringly expensive (think like $10 for a small bag), but if there's no way of making substitutions, I'll just have to bite the bullet.
Many thanks in advance!

May 04, 2010
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Need food in Amsterdam on Koninginnedag (April 30)

Queen's day is a national holiday and a huge deal, so I doubt there will be many restaurants open. That said, hotels have to remain open, so your best bet is to look at some of the upscale hotels if you want a good restaurant (and money isn't a problem)
There will be food and drink vendors everywhere, since everyone can sell anything on that day. Be prepared for crushing crowds in the major areas of Damrak, Rembrantplein, Leidseplein, etc - a friend took 45 minutes to cross from one end of a small square to another.
If that's not your idea of fun, you should check out Vondelpark. It's still really crowded, but since it's a park there's more room to spread out. The activities there are more family-geared, so it's less hectic, plus the park itself and the surrounding neighborhood is lovely if you haven't been.

Apr 28, 2010
sufunsified in Europe

Looking for a family restaurant near New Haven

There's a restaurant called 'The Place' that's an incredible outdoor seafood restaurant. You sit on stumps and watch the cooks grill lobsters, fish, etc on giant grills. The clams, corn and lobster are to die for. It's a really unique, wonderful experience.

Recs for more unusual types of fish to try

Wow guys, I had no idea this would create such debate! I'll definitely have to seek out skate. I live in Amsterdam, so I'm sure cod, haddock, etc are relatively cheap once I figure out the Dutch words for them. I've seen some beautiful trout, so that's also on the list as well. And yup, shellfish is amazing amazing, so I'm going to have to get over my nervousness and actually try to cook some.
I agree with Hye, I've also worried about Asian markets as well. The fish there is cheap, but considering it's not labeled and it's definitely 'mystery meat', I sort of worry about what contaminant it's been pumped up with (mmmm melamine)

Apr 23, 2010
sufunsified in General Topics

Recs for more unusual types of fish to try

So, I've recently discovered that certain unwanted tubbiness might be related to all the fruit I eat and various other 'hidden' sugars (I know, fruit suddenly isn't healthy? Jeez.) I have to swap out these sugars for more protein. I won't eat land-animal proteins, but I'm dandy with fish. The only problem is I've only ever cooked tilapia and salmon before, and I need to branch out but don't know where to start.
Any recommendations for more 'adventuresome' types of fish and sea life? I'd prefer types that are on the cheap side. Also, any simple or fast preparations for the fish would be really appreciated. I'll eat anything sea-related so long as it's not the endangered stuff like bluefin or chilean sea bass.
I have an amazing market nearby, so finding a variety of stuff isn't an issue.
Many thanks in advance!

Apr 22, 2010
sufunsified in General Topics