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Seafood distributor/seller in Bay Park (san diego)

When I was in San Diego, I visited quite a few seafood markets. One of the best wholesalers available to the public I found is: San Diego Seafood at 1842 Mckinley Ave
National City, CA 91950-5425
(619) 474-4000 I met the owners Kathy and David Strangman and they are very friendly. Somoe of the freshest in the area and best prices. Stuart Onsrud Windham, NH

Aug 24, 2009
jellyjar in San Diego

Tomatillo Salsa

I have always made the salsa as mentioned above without the lime juice. It can be squeezed on later if people want. I also modify the recipe somewhat because the folks here in New England that I know usually don't like really hot stuff as I do (I'm from the Southwest). I add chilies, usually more jalapenos, habaneros, or sorranos, and blend them in my jar of salsa. I get a kick sometimes out of letting the Yankee folk here get a taste of my hot salsa (they agree before I let them taste it). What a chuckle to watch.

Oct 24, 2008
jellyjar in Recipes