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Best Churrasco Chicken?

hmmmm...same owners as chega and hazel's diner....that isnt good news. I have not enjoyes me meals at either.

i was really hoping for a good casual takeout joint in the area - i guess the wait for something continues.

cheap and cheerful brunch recs needed

is there an online menu for the boulevard cafe anywhere? otherwise maybe boom - it seems they have a lot of options...too bad they dont take reservations.

cheap and cheerful brunch recs needed

just looked at the site for dessert trends - doesnt seem like it has egg items - a must have for the kids.

if it isnt too far from ttc and remains somewhat central it should be ok - what we are trying to avoid is requesting the car-less to transfer several times.

cheap and cheerful brunch recs needed

we will be 7-8 people...thinking of 11:30 or so.

not to be picky - but I think hot house is very bland...

i think cafe la gaffe looks interesting. does anyone know if it is child friendly?

cheap and cheerful brunch recs needed

Ok, we are looking for something for, parents and grandparents. It will be on a Sunday - and as long as it is not too far from a subway station and is not $$$ it will fit the bill.

any recs?

Best Churrasco Chicken?

i tried searching under Antonio's - nothing came up....anyone have the contact info for this place?

Cravings restaurant?

We live in the area - I have had take out and eaten in... It was one of our go to places in the begining. In recent we have removed it from our list of restaurants. We have had a few issues. We called one time we wanted to take our son (toddler) they say they had no high chairs so we should bring our stroller - when we got there they said the stroller was too big and we would have to wait for the 1 table it would fit at. Another time, we ordered take out and they charged us for something the person on the phone had confirmed was free (peanut sauce). for months we were ordering food and asking for a small peanut sauce - each time we confirmed if there was a charge - each time they said no. then all of a sudden, even after we were told it was free when we ordered - we saw the bill and it was 4 bucks. I dont mind paying but feel cheated when it is something I wasnt supposed to pay. When we mentioned the person who took the order said it was free they said that was a mistake. when we mentioned all the previous free sauces - they walked away.

One of my co-workers complained when they opened up their take out order at home that the rice was over cooked - the response they got was that they never overcook the rice.

Sad to say - they seem to have taken a little bit of success and let it get to their heads.

Mikasa glassware in GTA?

there is a place online (it is located in BC) that has what you are looking for

great chocolate cake

we are going to dinner saturday night and have been asked to bring chocolate cake. it is a mixed crowd of children and adults (7 of us in total). i want something good - not the sickly sweet you get from the grocery store,

any ideas?

Brunch with a toddler

per my post - we've done The Abbott. We have not tried Homeway but have not heard good things from our friends. United Bakers is not very good...tried Colemans too (other side of Bathurst) it is a bit better.

We are looking for a good brunch not just something we can put together.

I guess we will have to go back to Queen east to try a few of the other suggestions.

Brunch with a toddler

thank you all!

we hope to find a few gems in the list. and hopefully they will not frown on our stroller (happened at a resto that didnt have a high chair - Cravings on Yonge)

a few notes:

JJ mugs - might as well be at GG
ViVetha and Toast and all others in the queen east eara - why are all great brunch places down that way?

we used to live out that way - and loved all the great options we had for brunch. it was amazing. now that we've move we end up packing up and trekking all over the city in search. (now live in yonge/lawrence area).


oh well, a yummy brunch place is worth it!

Tried-and-true brunch in U of T area?

do not go to L'Espresso Bar Mercurio if you want decent vegetarian options. Ive tried it on a few occasions and the vegetarians in our group were not pleased.

for a laid back casual lunch try Fresh on Bloor at Spadina (all veg)

there are some other great all veg options depending if you want to cab/walk - and how far...Fressen, Vegetarian Haven. Live (


And yes - Gallery grill is great. Might want to check ahead of time for veg options. They tend to do a lot of local food/

Brunch with a toddler

We are looking for some suggestions on where we can have a nice (good quality food) brunch. It must be someplace that doesnt frown on having children in their space. (we have already got a few great dim sum places - looking for eggs, waffles and other brunch treats)

We have been to a few spots - but are looking for something new...tired of same old spots.

Here is a partial list of where we have been:

Swan - hit and miss with food, not great for children as wait can be long and space is tight
King edddy - good for what it is (who eats 50/pp at brunch?), great for children - staff very helpful
Coras - fair, ok for our son but we didnt want to go back.
Whitlocks - food it ok, ok for children
Hot House - yuck! might as well be at GG
Fresh - ok (but we really like eggs), not great for children as noise travels and space is tight
Old Nick - food is fine (better when Michelle Bellerose was there), havent taken our little one or seen other children there.
Gallery Grill - food is great, our son was not amused by the offerings
Three's Company Cafe - fair on both accounts
Abbot Pub & Fare - typical brunch food, suprisingly great for children - a pub with high chairs!

So - to all of you who share our love of brunch - help us find something new.

Niagara Falls Restaurant

definitely try Napoli. We were there over the summer and were wishing our stay was for another day - just so we could have another meal. It is well priced, fair portions, pleasant and well informed service staff, and the food is great!

Vegetarian (Fine Dining & Casual) for my 30th!

Fressen and Fresh are both great. Fressen is not a place for a quick meal - but if you like who you are with, dont mind the long wait and want to enjoy a vegetarian feast - it is a great place. Fresh is good too - food is a bit more basic.

Another great place is Gourmet Vegetarian - they do a great dim sum. Only down side is that it is in Richmond Hill (280 West Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 22-23).

Happy Birthday and Happy Eating!