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El Taquito

I loved El Taquito! I thought their tacos were good, and BIG for $1.59. I really wanted some true "carne asada" but whatever kind of meat they served me was good enough!

Peace and carne,

The Taco Inspector

Nov 02, 2008
Taco Inspector in Austin

Mariela's Tacos - Tacos sucked, anyone else like the caldo?

went to Mariela's, and the potential was there, but got stopped by some hard/burnt carne in my tacos...YUCK!

Peace and cilantro,

The Taco Inspector

Best Taco Stands in LA

There's a couple places I love...try Mi Teresita on Western and Lexington (near Sunset) for some spicy late-night taco action.

Peace and cebolla,

The Taco Inspector

Tacos Don Jorge has opened on Venice

I went to Tacos Don Jorge last Monday, and their tacos were really good! Very fresh, with just the right kick.

Pease and carne,

The Taco Inspector