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Chinese Takeout East York

We have been trying to find a 'decent' go-to Chinese Take-out place in East York for ages and last night we had some success! I don't want to rave too much, because we only tried a couple of dishes but they were very good compared to the other options in the area. They even offer diet chinese food options!
The name is confusing - the take out flyer says American Style Chinese Restaurant in big bold letters, and then it says 977CAFE down the side. I am not sure what the sign will say on the storefront (will have to drive by and check). It's located at 977 O'Connor Drive
The Asian rolls (shrimp and chicken) were nice, not too greasy, very large; the sesame chicken had great flavour but they were a little too bready for my liking; my husband liked the large seafood hot and sour soup soup, and the large house special fried rice was okay - a little dry, and the bbq pork pieces were very fatty. The chicken balls are very small, not huge and round with tons of bread, and the sweet and sour sauce was delicious. I will definitely be trying them again. Congee Star doesn't deliver to our area or I would likely order from there. 977 cafe bounds its delivery zone with Don Mills to the west, Lawrence E. to the north, Warden to the east, and Danforth to the south.

Congee Star
900 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1V6, CA

15 Min from O'Connor and Donlands

Hi there - I know the post is really old but things do change... I was wondering if anyone knew of any good finds in the East York area? I am not necessarily limited to a 15 minute drive or 30 minute lunch... I live at Coxwell and O'Connor and just recently started working at Don Mills and Overlea - very convenient! I thought I'd share the places that I find interesting:

- Remarks Bar and Grill, which replaced Hollanger's has very cheap lunch specials. Their burger is home-made and good, and their sweet potato fries are really nice. I also like their fried wontons but they are a tad salty. They also have a large space and were very accomodating when my Mommy group was looking for a place to lunch, that also had room for strollers. We also hosted an infant first aid course in their basement party room, for which they also offered their prix fixe special lunch menu.

- Beverly's Cafe replaced Sweet Indulgence and it's not as interesting - haven't tried it much. We did see a tiny ad for catered Christmas Turkey dinners which we tried but it did not work out. The turkey was dry and thickly cut, and the portions were all wrong. Way too much veg and cranberry sauce, just enough meat for the numbers of people for which we ordered, and just enough potato... The potato was good... that's about it.

- On the other end of the spectrum Glow restaurant at Don Mills and Lawrence is very nice, and provides a nice atmosphere with light, interesting meals

- Bamiyan Kabob on Overlea provides a nice meat/rice/salad option that is quick, if you don't mind a bit of lining up

We love La Grotta and Danforth Pizza house for pizza, and are still looking for a good Chinese takeout/delivery in the area.

Bamiyan Kabob
62 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON M4H1C4, CA

Danforth Pizza
920 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L9, CA

East York
1039 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K3W1, CA

Good Chinese delivery Woodbine/Danforth?

Has anyone tried Chop Sticks King on O'Connor and Pape yet? I drive by it alot but haven't tried yet...


same here - before they had that on the menu I was stuck on the bun bo hue without the blood thing in it, and now the fish is all I order!


I put the hoisin in a side bowl with a squirt of hot sauce, then add the sprouts and basil to the soup (i like the sprouts b/c I feel like I'm getting my veggies for the day), and then... wait for it... I pick up the spoon, slink some noodles into the spoon with my chopticks, dunk the spoon in the bowl to get some broth, let that cool while my chopsticks pick out a slice of rare beef, which I dunk lightly in the hoisin mixture, eat that, and THEN slurp the noodles and broth down from the spoon after it has cooled.
By the way for those who love hot sauce try the home-made stuff from Hanoi Three Seasons alongside your soup. My s.o. is a hot sauce freak and loves their stuff.
Fave dish? I love their cha ca lavong dish as a soup with the fish served on the side instead of just having the fish on rice noodles.

wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

Thanks everyone for the input on the venue - I have some work to do and if I come across some astounding new discovery that didn't get mentioned here first, I'll be glad to create a new post and mark it as my first ever CH find!
We have definitely backed off Niagara all-in-one package and are focusing on fantastic food and service for 20 - 40 in Toronto...

I hate to ask... but what do you think about 40 ppl at Thuet bistro bakery in their main restaurant space (not the icky storage room/ private function room in the basement). We like the fact bathrooms are on main floor, there's a bit of ambience, and the staff was very courteous when we dropped by out of the blue on Sunday to check it out. Need to see if they'll give up the space in January '09 on a Sat night. Would love input.

I read the top 50 restaurants thread, and many others but to find something in short order, I just need to make a decision... would I go wrong with that choice? I like the fact there is a hotel stumbling distance from the restaurant... the Travelodge Hotel.
Thanks again!

wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

The view is key - initially we wanted high-in-the-sky but we're not as focused on that any more... hence why Niagara was appealing. Beautiful, unique, or breath-catching is now the theme, perhaps even if the venue architecture is stunning. I have a strong wish to stay in Toronto and make it a special meal... with a venue that allows for good flow. We're even thinking of dropping the number to 20 if that makes it easier to find a good room in a restaurant with great food and wine with good service. Again... not a menu that makes the brows furrow on the older guests' faces.... just well-prepared, properly done, hot food. thanks for your help!

wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

thanks for the post! we started to check out Panorama in '07 - it was my first choice at the time - and I noticed they have a high minimum now that I have seen other venue minimums. Although we never managed to coordinate schedules with their event planner to see the place, I always wondered about it - food quality and price were my concerns. I read your post and your good review got me thinking about the space enough to resurrect the meal packages I got from them. Your event sounded wonderful. thanks for the feedback. We have had a LOT of hiccups getting to our wedding day so we can't wait to find the right place.

wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

I know this is an old post but I'm scouring the boards for wedding ceremony/reception locations with a view for 40 ppl, that is service-oriented and price is reasonable... food has to be well-prepared but not crazy-unique, and service needs to be great. We have been from
- toronto sky-high
... Canoe and Panorama - result being that the food is too 'out there' for older conservative guests....
...Sutton Place - too large for 40 (is the food good here?)
...Park Hyatt - too large for 40
Niagara Falls with a view at the Marriot Hotel - we loved the all-in packages there (officiant, accommodation, ceremony, flowers, photography, cake, etc, etc , plus dinner for 20 ) but when we upped the number of attendees from 30 to 40, we got a $20 K quote which was approx $250 per head more than the quote they gave us for 30... crazy! )
How did you get your reception for $10K? Am I just being had? I can't find anything like that.