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The Best New Spirits of 2011

Honey-flavored whiskeys are abominations. Buy some Barenjager. Buy a good bourbon. Pour a glass of one for your right hand. Pour the other for your left hand. Drink, alternating hands.

Dec 24, 2011
sigari in Features

Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiler model TOB-195?

1. The manual instructs, "do not use on heat-sensitive surface." Has anyone set the appliance on a wooden surface, such as a table or butcher's block? Have you had any problems doing so? (I assume they mean don't place it on a plastic cutting board or such.)

2. Have you used the oven with the door open to accommodate a skillet with a long handle? Specifically, using a feature/setting to brown the top of a frittata or fruit crumble.

2.1. What setting do you recommend if you've successfully used the skillet as mentioned in my second question?

2.2 (or 3, if you prefer). What metal dishes/pans have you used in the oven? Has anyone tried using cast iron in the TOB-195? What about copper or copper-stainless combos?

4. The manual says not to use "oven glass dishes to broil." This means Pyrex and the like, yes?

5. What about using Pyroceram dishes (classic Corning Ware from the sixties and seventies) or Corning Ware French White (TM) stoneware?

6. Has anyone used a pizza stone in the TOB-195? (Not interested in the Brick Oven Classic model #BRK-100. Just wanting to know how a stone may or may not work in the TOB-195.)

I've called Cuisinart customer service and have their (limited) answers; however, I am curious how the device is used in real kitchens, more than in Cuisinart's testing stage.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Jul 27, 2009
sigari in Cookware

Mom's Meatloaf


Jun 25, 2009
sigari in Recipes

Stand Mixer-Hamilton Beach 63220 or Kitchen Aid Artisan?

May 28, 2009
sigari in Cookware

Does Tramontina make Copper pans?

"Tramontina’s newest product offering features the full-clad stainless
steel and copper “Butterfly” line of cookware designed and produced
by award-winning designer Claudio Bellini for Barazzoni S.p.A., of
Italy. This outstandingly beautiful line is available as a product offering
in Tramontina Limited Editions."

May 13, 2009
sigari in Cookware

Tramontina Tri-Ply 5 Quart Stockpot?
Yes, it appears there is a 5-quart "casserole with lid," pictured in the eight piece set, but also available separately. I think there seems to be a big difference in price btwn the item there and what you see at Walmart--whether it's the same product, can't say, don't know.
Then there's this: which has the 5-quart included.
The eight quart is going to allow you more options--sorry if stating the obvious. I find a five quart can be a little tight if making chicken soup from scratch with a whole chicken. I also prefer making pasta and all stocks in my eight.
Consider this, if you will. I purchased a 6-quart Lodge enameled dutch oven at Walmart; it was on clearance for around $40 after Christmas 2008. (I LOVE this Lodge product, btw, and use it all the time.) Just this evening, I purchased a six and one-half quart Calphalon Contemporary Stainless sauce pot for $30, and a five quart Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick saucier for $40--both on clearance at Dillard's department store. Just thought I might present some figures and options for you in case you aren't dead set on the Tramontina Tri-Ply. The Tramontina products have gotten great reviews in Cook's Illustrated magazine, and I've been tempted by them myself--went for the aforementioned Lodge oven instead.
Apologies if this is too much information. May your kitchen be filled with good food and great friends.

May 12, 2009
sigari in Cookware

Soy Cheese That Isn't Hateful

I tried two of the Hormel Chili Meals a few months ago--they were on clearance, two for $1.00. I can't remember which one was more wretched, the penne or the mac, but they each offended multiple senses.
I haven't tried Purina's Beneful Prepared Meals for dogs, but I'm guessing they would be preferable in a taste test.
How about it, Mr. Norton?

May 12, 2009
sigari in Features

Basic Beginning Vegetable Gardening Book?

You're probably going to laugh (or scoff), but start with a children's gardening book. "The Garden Book" (ISBN 0894803468) written by Wes Porter is a nice little introduction. At just 64 pages, it doesn't overwhelm with info and terms, but does cover all the basics you requested in your post. It appears the book is currently out of print, but plenty available used.
My favorite "grown-up" book is Terence Conran's "Chef's Garden: Fresh Produce from Small Spaces."
As a completely different resource, check your local library or adult education facilities for introductory classes. Or, volunteer at a community garden if one is near.

Apr 17, 2009
sigari in Gardening

Basic Savory Mochi (Age Mochi)

I assume using the silicone Bundt pan is not the way one's grandmother made this recipe.

What's a good substitute for the pan, please?

Dec 30, 2008
sigari in Recipes

Farm-to-Table Trend Hits Campbell's

I tried a variety of the Campbell's Select Harvest Soups--they were on sale so I picked up six different cans. I agree with Mellicita and others; no taste improvement. I recall one having meaty bits that had the same fake, processed, space-food texture found in other Campbell's offerings.
I also want to smack everyone involved in the marketing--"hogwash" and annoying.

Nov 24, 2008
sigari in Features

What brand of pan is this?

Could also be this:

(Although I don't know why Kmart calls the piece an omelet pan, when it is clearly not.


As someone previously mentioned, contact Pastor Ryan--he seems like a good fellow who would be happy to help you.

Nov 03, 2008
sigari in Cookware

Mulled Apple Cider

Requesting suggestions to make this mulled cider a wee more, erhm, tipsy. Specifics are appreciated. Thanks, and merriment to all.

Oct 23, 2008
sigari in Recipes