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What is truffle honey good for or on?

It's mascarpone "foodie" Phil

Jul 31, 2013
e8ghtmileshigh in General Topics

PF Changs

Why Hollywood when you could have Il Geltiere?

Middle Eastern Pickled Turnips

Where can I buy these red little beauties you get in any Middle-Eastern restaurant?

Pizza e Pazzi - St. Clair/Dufferin - New Neapolitan place

Decided to go for dinner because of the positive Toronto Life review. Boy did they get it wrong. I had the antipasto and Pizza 'nduja. My companion had the seafood scialatielli. We waited for almost 20 minutes for the antipasto to arrive which is unacceptable for a dish that needs no cooking. It finally came, and was just a pile of meat and cheese, with no accompanying olives or marinated vegetable to cut the oiliness of the meats. Then, before we finished the antipasto, the server brought my companions scialatielli. Two of the clams were closed, and when my companion asked for more mussels instead, the server merely said it was supposed to be that way, and brought it to the kitchen to pry them open. The pasta was also undercooked (not just al dente) and the server said that's how they do it. He didn't offer any consolations. Then my pizza arrived. It was mostly a mound of doughy crust, too-acidic sauce, and gloupy cheese. There was hardly any 'nduja (which the sever even pronounced wrong) and it was soggy. The only redeeming factor was a different server who offered us desert and coffee on him, which we politely declined. Toronto Life stated that the pizza was on par with Libretto or Queen Margherita, but it was even close. The menu was typical Italian fare, nothing special. Too bad, it would have been nice to have a place like Libretto or QM so close to my home.

Jamie Kennedy's Gilead Café?

service has improved..and is usually very friendly, helpful and engaging. most of them aren't too snobby cause they hire a lot of G.B. students. they also remember regulars names and that makes me feel really welcome. i have a huge crush on one of the servers there and thats always a plus. hehe.

Jamie Kennedy's Gilead Café?

had the pork and blueberry puff pastry. fucking delicious. and those walnut brownies kill me to death every time. with that devilish hint of cinnamon and chocolate butter cream. mmm

looking for lunch for a group near Kensington

Never eat at Woodfire Grill. I ordered a grilled sandwich and it was put directly on the rack. Toppings dripped to the bottom of the oven several times and the 'sandwich maker' placed the toppings back in the thing each time. Gross. If you are going to operate an open kitchen don't mess around.

Pata Negra Ham in Toronto (?Portuguese)

good luck. make friends with some chefs bud.

Le Pain Quotidien: my first encounter with the boulangerie

(1) unlike the baking in Europe;
(2) mediocre at best:
(3) ripoff. And, as pinprimp noted, it's also a multinational chain, and apparently doesn't even enforce a uniform high standard.

Le Pain Quotidien: my first encounter with the boulangerie

i found it way too sweet

Le Pain Quotidien: my first encounter with the boulangerie

stay far away, very over-priced and the menus is so unfocused and very little french content to speak of. avoid.

I just had the worst shawarma

i take back ghazale

Korean restaurants in Toronto?

"The service was friendly enough. A word of caution: Do not use their washroom unless you REALLY have to. You've been warned."

thats my number 1 reason to not eat somewhere. dirty washroom=dirty kitchen

I just had the worst shawarma

you cant mess with Sarah's at bloor and brunswick or ghazale next to the bloor cinema

Toronto's top 50 restaurants

susur is closed, tuets name is changed. north 44 is just a name

Toronto's top 50 restaurants

you can't put rosebud and north 44 on the same list

Where Can I Find Fruits Confit in Toronto?

Small ones like cherries and berries.

Jamie Kennedy's Gilead Café?

I'm a poor George Brown student in debt and I still eat at & take home products from the Gilead 3 times a week. God bless JK.

The place is settling in nicely, the consistency of the quality has improved since opening.
Delicious brownies, rich but not cloying dark chocolate walnuts and hint of cinnamon yum
beef sandwich, blue cheese, onion marmalade rocket - simple and delicious
poutine topped with confit duck or braised beef/pork and smoked sheeps milk cheddar - almost too rich but delicious when you pace yourself

all the rillettes are delicious - look out for the confit duck pate, the merguez & saucisson a l'ai are great and very reasonable confit duck legs