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hold out for possibility at Alinea or book TRU?

On saturday your odds aren't great on scaling the waiting list, but hey thrown yourself on it and book Tru and if Achatz and co. don't get back to you within 24 hours then enjoy your exceptional meal at Tru.

Jul 13, 2009
acer109 in Chicago Area

One Day, One Business Dinner

Mercat is, without a doubt, the spot you're looking for. Universally praised by both the local and national media (with the cherry on top being named to Esquire's list of one of the best new restaurants in the country). Great food, great service, plus the fact that Tapas lends itself so perfectly to a group setting.

Apr 06, 2009
acer109 in Chicago Area

Sweet 16 Trip w/Mom & Dad

Salipicon is three blocks south on Wells and does upscale Mexican well. Four blocks south on Wells and Division is the Old Town Brasserie which does traditional french food very well.

The Adobo Grill is fine and is in the same building as Second City. Across the street is an Italian place called Dinotto which is fine but nothing special.

For your steakhouse you should give heavy consideration to David Burke's Primehouse which is in the James Hotel. It is slighly closer and, while not a Chicago institution like Gibson's, makes a far better steak in my opinion.

Apr 06, 2009
acer109 in Chicago Area

Looking For the Best of the Best in St. Lou

Paying a visit to a friend who recently moved to the 'Lou in a month, but she has yet to penetrate the food scene so we're looking for suggestions. Price is not an issue, but I'd rather not have to pack my jacket. We're well traveled foodies just looking for the highest quality of food we can get our hands on, and prefer if it was on the inventive/exotic side. Any suggestions?

Wrigleyville dinner

HB Home Bistro is a good bet. The forgotten outfit on Broadway always seems to be Sura. It is innovative Thai in a 2001-esque setting that is, to be blunt, cheap as hell. Also, Deleece on Southport and Irving Park does a classy meal at a reasonable price.

Oct 22, 2008
acer109 in Chicago Area

coming to chicago in november

As far as your Friday plan is concerned, lately my friends and I have found Trotters to be a little lacking. It still remains excellent but it certainly has not been hitting the marks it did so effortlessly a few years back. I liked Moto but found it to be very hit or miss.

If I may offer two separate options, each of which I find to be superior and more consistent than Charlie T's and Moto would be Rick Tramonto's Tru or Tony Mantuano's Spiaggia. Those two combined with Alinea are the Holy Trinity of Chicago dining. Never a wasted moment at either.

On Saturday there is no disputing the supreme talent that is Christophe David, however the quality of the meal at NoMI is not commensurate with the price. Besides, the best overpriced hotel food in Chicago is just a couple of blocks down in Avenues at the Peninsula. Doing the Foodie thing then drinks at the Violet Hour is probably best, though Lula Cafe in Logan Square or Mado in Bucktown are closer to the bar and every bit as good as Avec if not better.

As for Brunch, I've always felt that people's expectations for that meal vary wildly. For the only valuable service Metromix has ever delivered check out this link ( and see if you find something that you might enjoy more than Sepia (though that was by no means a inferior choice).

Enjoy our fair city.

Oct 22, 2008
acer109 in Chicago Area