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I don't recommend New England Fish Market for oysters anymore. Last time I went they weren't clean at all - stuff growing all over the shells, and lots of bits of shell in the oyster itself. Gross, and expensive.

Instead, check out Riverwalk Cafe and Oyster bar in downtown Stuart (get the Romanoff - and if you want, they can give you two of each type of oyster they carry, it's great). Or if you really feel like driving - Spotos Oyster Bar in Palm Beach is awesome.

Flagler Grill is definitely worth the visit.

Jan 06, 2012
southflfoodie in Florida


This post is still majorly lacking restaurants that are ACTUALLY IN Port St. Lucie - there has to be something!

I am submitting Cornerstone Bistro and Tutto Fresco as good examples. West End Grill and Red Ginger are pretty good too.

Anybody want to update for the end of 2011? :D

Nov 30, 2011
southflfoodie in Florida

Great Foodie Activities in South Florida?

thanks, munchkin. i hadn't heard of those.

Great Foodie Activities in South Florida?

My 30th birthday is around the corner, and I've had to cancel an epic trip to Italy at the last minute. Instead of partying in Florence, and learning how to make lemon cake in Ravello, I will be staying in Florida.

I'm super bummed, but a nice consolation prize would be to find something local like an awesome cooking class, the Epcot food and wine events, or something else fun and food-related.

Anybody have any suggestions? I live in Stuart, and am close to Palm Beach and Jupiter.




That taco truck set up shop at the Palm City gas station for a while. Now they have actually moved into the building that used to be the gas station and have tables to eat at, and a little grocery store. I think the place is called Wachanang.

So the truck itself is probably back to roaming the county, but their food is available on Martin Downs Blvd. It's awesome!

Oct 22, 2008
southflfoodie in Florida