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Elderly Irish Couple - looking for downtown dining suggestions

C Oliver. I couldn't agree more! I have often been turning to the U.K for inspiration, a lot of great food is coming out of Ireland, Scotland and England right now! And I've learned that 65+ often love the "adventurous" food because that's what their parents cooked for them. Any of the nose-to-tail stuff used to be absolutely common. It's my parents generation and also mine that were raised on crap!

Looking for good blood sausage

black pudding and blood sausage are generally the same thing. In some cases black pudding is set in a terrine or a loaf pan and not in casings. The can also differ in texture and taste due to what fillers and spices are used. Traditional english black pudding is made with barley or bread crumbs or cornmeal and usually spiced with "four spice". Others can be spiced with such things as cayene, paprika, chili, etc.

Looking for good blood sausage

The blood used for "blood sausage" is pigs, not cows, so BSE is not a concern. Pigs blood is used due to its coagulation. It coagulates the best compared to all other beasties. Brain matter is tasty as well, and the fact that the kill and then the drain is done so quickly that there wouldn't be much time for "brain matter" to enter the blood stream, and brain isn't poisonous, I cook it all the time. Blood is readilly available to most restaurants/butcher shops, all you have to do is ask your supplier and presto, 15 litres of the stuff, fresh and ready to go. Frozen blood works just as well as fresh, leave it in the fridge overnight to thaw a little and it's good to go the next day! Blood puddings/sausages are catching on again, people are remembering just how good it tastes!

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

you've got it and it's really well priced, we're amazed out the prices sometimes. i think breakfast comes in under $6. give it a try!

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

I am a sunny side up kinda guy, and they're always done well. Typical sides ie. hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, toast. Very nice owners and staff as well. Comfortable place, but again, it's old school greasy spoon, nothing posh or trendy about it.

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

The Barn! North side of queen, just west of Bathurst! Freakin' great greasy spoon, the DEFINITION of cheap eats and the food is great!

Fresh pig's blood???

Hey all, searching for a butcher shop carrying a regular supply of pig's blood, want to make some blood pudding! Any idea's? Somewhere central-south would be best! But open to suggestions......

Offal at Rosebud

just a correction, the nose to tail pig is served with brioche crisps not pita. cheers!

Forte vs. Nota Benne for a special meal?

is there really any comparison?? nota bene wins hands down!

What to buy in Italy that we can't get in Toronto?

get some bottarga for me please!

Jun 27, 2009
locachef in General Topics

great sushi in Toronto does not exist

not QUITE in toronto, but have you tried Hashimoto in missisauga, it's outstanding.

Thuet to open 'Conviction' w/ ex-con kitchen staff

absolute publicity stunt. recession has driven thuet to exploit convicts? a little lame to me. what ever happened to getting people in with just good food? this definetely does not deserve "credit", using the fact they've done time to make face for yourself isn't cool. let them go quietly back into the workforce. it's sad to see toronto is in such a state of culinary depression that no ones opening anything new to really drive our cuisine forward.

May 07, 2009
locachef in Food Media & News

Plateau of Dining in Toronto?

Toronto's restaurant scene is in major pain right now. This recession hit during our typical slow season, so it's been a double blow for a lot of restaurants. There was a conversation I read somewhere and they interviewed about 8 restauranteurs throughout the city and the only restaurant not seeming to feel it was terroni's. It would take a brave soul to open in these times. The two most exciting openings however would be Union and there has been buzz of Gordon Ramsay opening a spot within the next year. I think that will force the Toronto restaurant scene to raise it's bar a few levels.

Starfish - mainly photos, a brief review

They don't poor the liquor off to save it for the stout. They collect some from shucking, the overspill and from "unperfect shucks". Pat and his shuckers wont serve an oyster unless the meat is in perfect shape and they haven't cut it so that goes to the "collection" as well. 4 litres isn't a lot of liqour too save. A week or so of being busy and you've got that much. They do freeze the liqour as they go to preserve the freshness for the stout. The lack of liqour was probably due to the size of the meat inside the shell. Have you ever shucked oysters? Look around your work area, there will be a lot of liqour on the table and still quite a bit in the shell.

Starfish - mainly photos, a brief review

Washed the liquor off your oysters? I know Pat and all of his shuckers there and that is something they definetely DO NOT DO. The liquor is a huge part of eating an oyster. Don't know if you have any experience as a shucker, but part of shucking is taking your thumb and running it around the edge to remove the grit, maybe a little liquor goes with the grit, but I know they do not purposely wash the liquor off.

IS Thirty Five Elm Street Restaurant Still in Business?

i've heard the same thing. staff came looking for a job.

If "No Reservations" came to Toronto, where would Anthony Bourdain go?

why would you want that show to come here and focus on asian? we live in a province that has fantastic agriculture and everyone wants Bourdain to try food that's imported?? look around you! we have great farmers doing great things with flora and fauna!! you've got top meadow's farms doing great beef, black bow farms doing great berkshire pork, grass roots doing poultry, flintshire farms does pheasant, soiled reputations growing incredible veg, vickies veggies, the kawartha ecological growers coming together to supply us with an incredible array of sustainable food stuffs and not to meantion all the great wineries we have to offer! yes, mind you they all lay outside of the city, but they all ship here and you can find their stuff through out toronto! you think when he visits other their produce grows IN the city? come on! toronto is the place ontario comes to when they want their goods turned into spectacular meals! be proud of this city, we're catching on to the local movement. there are a lot of great chefs, with good hearts, doing great things in toronto, being inspired by the countries that colonized our country aka france, england and italy. let's stand behind this city, we're becoming a force to recon with in the culinary world!


The show actually airs on November 24th!

Anyone been Harbour Sixty Steakhouse Lately?

if you're going for it, then go for it! get the bone on ribeye or the double porter house! the double porter is usually for two, but, it's his 18th! let him go for it! the seafood tower is ridiculous as well, or the shrimp cocktail, they're the size of a small lobster tail!