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Restaurant Supply Store?

I'm sorry to say, but once you've worked at a restaurant, catered or worked in an institutional kitchen, you really can't see the value in places like Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma. The stores are nice, but too expensive for my tastes. Call me spoiled, but I like the cheap stuff.

I am aware that places like Costco and Sam's Club have some stuff, but is there a store that caters especially to restaurants and that is open to the public? I realized after tonight, I could use a two inch full sheet pan (those who have worked in restaurants will know exactly the pan I need), among a few other things.

Thanks in advance. I do read the threads from time to time, but I need to watch the waistline.

Feb 22, 2009
conito in Greater Boston Area

Looking for a Mexican grocery store

First of all, I'm new to Massachusetts and so far I LOVE IT HERE!!! Sorry. It's the fall leaves.

Anyways, I am looking for a mexican grocery store where I can buy some dried chiles, some mole poblano, some canned corn for pozloe, cheap spices, good produce, you know, that sort of thing. Thanks!

I am in Amesbury, but I am not afraid to drive out of the area. Hey, I have to get to know where I live somehow.

Oct 21, 2008
conito in Greater Boston Area