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NE Ohio - Amish country - need lunch suggestions, please

I second this recommendation. And Shreve is such a pretty little town!

Oct 09, 2012
iamtheeiceworm in Great Lakes

Goya products in/near Cleveland?!?!

Dave's Supermarkets! Giant Eagle is a hit or miss, but any Dave's in Cleveland should have a load of Goya things. I'm familiar with two locations in particular: Ridge Road and West 25th. Neither disappoint me, but I like the layout of the Ridge Road location better. Plus, they carry a larger variety of dry and canned Goya products, and a nice selection of Badia spices and seasonings.

Honestly, I miss having access to all of that in Cleveland. Moved out to Kent last summer and I can't find gandules, yuca, or a decent platano to save my life.

Oct 09, 2012
iamtheeiceworm in Great Lakes

Poll -- do you have an electric, ceramic, gas or induction cooktop?

Oh man, sounds like my dream stove/oven. We're in an apartment now with a crappy electric coil stove and an oven that reads at 400 on the thermometer if I set it to 325. I hate it, but I can suck it up until we're in a house. Then I'm going all out!

Oct 19, 2011
iamtheeiceworm in Cookware

Basic Garlicky Spaghetti

I love this recipe. I like to make this dish when it's really hot in my house, with a large salad alongside. My daughter prefers for me to finely mince some mushrooms and add them to the sauteed garlic before the addition of the pasta, but I never thought to add anchovies or tomato. Dinner tonight, haha.

Jul 29, 2011
iamtheeiceworm in Recipes

Foods that unreasonably gross you out...

I read through the entire thread hoping I would see my food, but no luck. What I really, really can't stand is melon, especially watermelon. This aversion is due to a "fruit punch" with melon made by my dad when I was younger. He sent it in my thermos to school where it sat in a warm locker. I tried to drink some, and it tasted terrible. Then, the puking started.

What is more unfortunate is that my daughter LOVES watermelon. She looks forward to summer just for the fruit, but I can't stand the smell one bit. I make my husband cut it for her, and wash the plate she eats from.

Just thinking about this is making me queasy!

Jul 13, 2011
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

Take No Prisoners Hot Sauce

It would be appropriate, I think, to mention that the recipe for this sauce appears to be incredibly similar to the hot sauces from Belize. But I think they use habaneros there?

Nov 18, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in Recipes

When Restaurants and Diapers Mix

I agree with EWSflash: this article is full of sense. Right now I have one extremely well-behaved 6 year old girl who I can pretty much take anywhere, but in about 5 years I'll probably have a few toddlers and a website like this that focuses on my area would be a huge help. I didn't give up Pad Thai for chicken nuggets with my girl, I don't plan on doing it in the future either.

Aug 12, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in Features

Food bits and parts you fight for?


Puerto Ricans like myself call that bit of rice stuck to the pot "pega'o", which is the same as "pegado", or stuck. And that pegao has a polarizing effect on Ricans-- either you love it or you hate it. In my family, we're pegao haters! But at church potluck you can see folks battling over those leftovers during cleanup.

Aug 10, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

Controversial Lunchables Strike Again

@snix You said exactly what I had intended to say. My daughter is also six, and she loves getting a Lunchable about once every two weeks. Other days I make her a sandwich, salad, etc., and she is always good about eating healthy. But sometimes she wants something "cool" and thinks Lunchables are pretty awesome. As long as she prefers a green apple to a piece of cake, I won't complain.

I'm bothered by all these commenters who are so eager to attack parents like me. Why do you assume that purchasing one of these lunches automatically equals laziness? And why the tutorials on how to make a kid's chicken sandwich? You're on Chow, guys-- you are essentially preaching to the choir. Every day of the week I'm working on homemade meals from scratch and packing healthy lunches for the three of us, in addition to a 3rd-shift job and school and an internship. I'm a strict parent, but I'm not trying to be militant-- if the girl wants a Lunchable (or the beef ravioli with garden salad in the cafeteria) every once in a while, that doesn't make me a bad parent. Or an irresponsible one.

Jul 11, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in Features

What should be on a kids menu?

@ Sandwich_Sister: I think I remember a similar story about a class garden. Who knows, it might have been the same story. And while my siblings and I --and my daughter-- seemed to be unaffected by food bullying, I've heard from friends about children giving in to the peer pressure over "yucky" foods. In that case, I think it's up to parents to make sure their picky kid isn't turning into a food bully and putting other kids off their delicious mushrooms.

@Masha: Dino-shaped ravioli? I think that's my next project. I wish more restaurants did fun things like that with their kid's food.

Jun 12, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

What should be on a kids menu?

You are so right. I work at a grocery store and have mothers tell me how much they love Kid's Cuisine/Chef Boyardee/Totitos Pizza Rolls because "my kids are really picky-- they won't eat anything else!" Ugh. That, and the koolaid as "juice".

Some of the items you listed reminded me of Panera. Kids of various ages from my dad's two churches ALL love going there because of nice sandwiches, soup, and lemonade. They're doing it right, in my opinion.

Jun 12, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

What should be on a kids menu?

I have to agree with shaogo and MandalayVA-- I don't think that a kid's menu is necessary, simply because you usually see only the lamest options, i.e. chicken finger/hotdogs/etc. If adults are having Mexican or Thai or Indian, why can't there be kid-friendly options too? A milder and smaller-portioned version of an adult's menu option can't be that hard to produce.

I have a six year old, though, and she likes those lame menu options sometimes. If we're at an Applebee's/TGIFriday's, I let her run with that. But she really likes Italian food, so if I take her to Olive Garden or someplace similar (usually for grandma's birthday), she wants to eat regular food too. I normally get a dish we'll both like and ask for a separate plate for her (since I rarely finish my entrees, having her around saves me from having need of a take-home container). I think the key is to ASK what they want from a selection of options, and to not allow any sort of tantrum. If they aren't hungry, and are old enough to wait out their pouty funk, they can sit and sip some juice while I finish/pack up my meal.

I really get upset, though, when I get a waiter/server who decides that being a child means she doesn't merit a salad plate/bread plate, and look at me like I'm insane when I request one. Kids love carbs and crunchy vegetables, folks.

Jun 11, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

What Do You Do With Your Food When No One Is Looking?

Not red sauce fro me, but a large simmering pot of Puertorrican-style pinto beans with sofrito/tomato sauce/pumpkin squash (habichuelas guisadas con calabaza). I do this at church when I'm heating up the food for potluck during the service... SO good.

May 22, 2010
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

Spiced Apple Cupcakes

I made these earlier today for Christmas. They are super delicious/tender/moist/etc.-- but they did not rise enough. The centers are mushy, though cooked since there is no doughy taste. I wonder, however, whether three cups of shredded apple might be too much.

Of course, it may all be my fault for doing something wrong. Cooking meals is my thing; I generally leave the baking to my mother.

Dec 24, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Recipes

Walmart Presents: Feasting on the Cheap

As the previous posters said, your entitlement is showing. I'm the first to bash Walmart, but not everyone can afford an elaborate feast the likes of which are shown on this site. Twenty dollars for one meal is a blessing for some families, especially those who fall below the poverty line and yet are still unable to qualify for food stamps. Here in Cleveland, some need the help of a cheap meal or a food bank. My father and his senior pastor run one from a church on the West side, and due to a mistake in ordering they were forced to cancel their pre-Thanksgiving distribution. Unless they manage to work things out by Tuesday, the hundreds of people who rely on this food bank will be left without the groceries they count on to feed their children. Think about that the next time you want to get uppity about cheap food.

Nov 21, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Features

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

Hm, while reading all the replies to this topic I kept thinking "man, I don't eat anything this weird..." But, do I? Some odd combinations I like that relate to other posts:

-Kosher salt on my peeled grapefruit, loads of it.

-Apple chunks in my potato salad (this is how my mom has always made it)

-Salt, lots of pepper, milk, butter, and honey on my grits.

-Black pepper freshly ground over grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese (can you tell I love pepper? haha)

Just tried some soft italian bread with nutella and salt as suggested by someone else, and it was fantastic.

May 22, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in General Topics

Bread-and-Butter Radishes

Oh man. I just made these a few hours ago, though with some variation in sugar and spice-- I used a mix of brown and white sugars, with an addition of celery and caraway seeds. And they are already looking fabulous.

I made them for my 5-year old daughter, who likes pickles and radishes-- and she keeps eying the jar in the refrigerator, too. This was a pretty easy recipe for my first foray into quick pickles.

May 20, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Recipes

Your Single Favorite Thing In Your Kitchen

Awesome topic. Right now I'm completely enamored with my 6qt. Crock Pot, a gift from my boyfriend this last Christmas. I've always wanted one, and this one has the removable stoneware that can be used to saute food on the stove. I wish I could find interesting savory recipes online that don't call for canned soup but I've had fun experimenting.

Apr 10, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Not About Food

Your Single Favorite Thing In Your Kitchen

Oh, what a lovely gift. He sounds like a great brother, and pretty thoughtful when compared to the teenagers I've known.

Apr 10, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Not About Food

Inexpensive suggestions for two writing students visiting Chicago-- in the winter?

Yes, it would be the Hilton Chicago. And thank you, I will certainly check that thread.

Jan 25, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Chicago Area

Inexpensive suggestions for two writing students visiting Chicago-- in the winter?

Hello Chowhounds!

I'm seeking advice: the old man and I are traveling to Chicago for the AWP conference that takes place at the Hilton downtown the second week of February. We, however, are staying at a hotel outside of the city and are taking the Blue Line in.

We're looking for some good, inexpensive eats (we're still undergrads, and therefore aren't bringing in the big bucks quite yet), close to the hotel since we'll be at the conference all day from Wednesday through Saturday (which happens to be Valentine's Day). We'll need destinations for lunch and dinner, and perhaps brunch on Sunday? We love ethnic food, but a lifetime of Spanish cuisine makes me eager for other sorts of foods, such as Greek (which was mentioned in a few other Chicago threads-- very helpful, those) or Asian.

I'd really appreciate any help at all, since I've never been to Chicago, and the last time my SO was there, he and his friends stuck to pizza. There isn't anything wrong with pizza (we already planned to stop for some authentic stuff), but we budding foodies would like to expand our options.


Jan 24, 2009
iamtheeiceworm in Chicago Area

Impulse buy- salt cod- now what?! Help!

it's a shame that so many recipes involving salt cod are fried.

my family is puertorrican, and one of our favorite dishes is bacalao con berenjena (salt cod with eggplant). this is how i make it: in a large skillet saute one whole onion, diced, with two minced garlic cloves in olive oil. cut eggplant into one-inch cubes (i also like to use sliced japanese eggplant) and add to the skillet, cooking until almost done. break the prepared cod into chunks and add, along with a diced tomato and diced pepper of any kind. once everything is cooked through and the tomatoes have broken down, season with coriander and black pepper, and top with chopped fresh cilantro or culantro.

my mother and i like it over steamed potatoes, yucca, and fried plantains. my dad likes it over rice (either white rice, or rice and pigeon peas), and my boyfriend likes to eat it cold in a pita with lettuce or sprouts.

Oct 23, 2008
iamtheeiceworm in Home Cooking

Green Bean Casserole Redux

it's nice to see someone else is sick of the canned versions. i had a particularly horrid version at the home of a woman from my church last year-- it tasted like carnation milk and soy sauce. ick.

for christmas i made a batch similar to this, but without thyme and with canned onions. also, i'd added peas and sliced green onions. i'm proud to say it turned out quite well; even my picky daughter ate it.

Oct 21, 2008
iamtheeiceworm in Recipes