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This Weekend in Philadelphia...

I don't know if this is too short notice, but I'd recommend not going to Kuzina by Sofia. It was OK when if first opened and I really wanted to like it, but lately it's just not worth it. Orders come out cold, wrong, the gyro plate I got last time had maybe about 10 french fries on the plate. The owner was more interested in sitting at a table outside and chatting with her friends than coming in and checking on the trouble her customers were having. South Street Souvlaki in Philadelphia is better and much more consistent.

Nov 08, 2008
profesoracocina in Pennsylvania

Cooking club for high school- limited resources!

This is a good idea for me to keep in mind for next year, especially since our students are required to do community service...but I guess I forgot to mention that I'm almost 7 months pregnant right now and really need to keep this to 1-3 hrs per week after school.

Oct 30, 2008
profesoracocina in Home Cooking

Cooking club for high school- limited resources!


I wanted to know if there were any suggestions on projects that can be done with high school students as part of an extracurricular club. My students have expressed an interest in a cooking club. We began meeting for 1-1.5 hrs after school once a week. Knowing that we would need money, we began by making chocolate lollipops, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered shortbread for a fundraiser. These were sold and the materials were paid for. We had some money left over to make the recipe for no-knead bread from Zoe Francois, which students took home to bake off. They were very excited to be able to make bread so easily and affordably. At this point, I find myself with NO money and NO ideas and 25 excited students!

As far as money, this is an urban school, so getting it from the administration is not happening. The kids can't pay to join either. As far as materials, we have a microwave and toaster oven (teacher's lounge). I can bring some things from home when needed (hand mixer, crock pot, etc). We can't use the school kitchen because of a clause in the kitchen worker's contract that states that one of them needs to be there (and be paid) if we use the kitchen. I asked teachers to donate, but I've only gotten an electric sandwich maker (the kind that makes 4 triangles out of sliced bread).

Please help!

Any ideas?

Oct 30, 2008
profesoracocina in Home Cooking