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Beef on Weck in Queens or Brooklyn?

You can also get beef on weck at Bonnie's Grill in Park Slope. I don't know if it's good - but it's on the menu.

278 5th Ave, Brooklyn

Jan 03, 2011
Shield in Features

SAN FRANCISCO Transplant Looking for a BURRITO

Gotta go to Brooklyn - take the express D train to Sunset Park. It's so quick, it'll hardly pain you that you have to leave Manhattan. And in a year you'll move to Brooklyn anyway, so you might as well start getting to know it.

Aug 22, 2008
Shield in Manhattan

From Scarface to Key Lime Pie

Looks like it's time for a post-Ikea-opening Red Hook take 2 eats tour.

Aug 21, 2008
Shield in Features

good pizza outside Yankee Stadium?

Ditto. Sorry. I used to work in the neighborhood and sampled most of the pizza on 161st & thereabouts.

Skip the slices and instead check out El Molino Rojo (Puerto Rican cuchifritos) - 101 E 161st St @ Gerard, or Feeding Tree (Jamaican) E 162nd & Gerard. Or if it's a day-time game, walk down a few blocks and order from the Jamaican cart lady outside the Supreme and Criminal courts.

Aug 15, 2008
Shield in Outer Boroughs

Going for Pizza tonight- Lucali or Grimaldis and why??

I have to second NYJewboy: "Grimaldi's is a mill. They just don't care." Seriously.

I was there with a group on Wednesday night. After waiting in line for an hour (literally), we got seated with a scowl, which we tried to ignore.

When we finished our pies, which were fine but not knock-your-socks-off spectacular, we still had a little bit of wine left. At that point, the server dropped the bill on the table and came back 30 seconds later to try to collect it.

Then the owner came over and tried to get us to hurry up and get the f** out by saying "We accommodated you, and now we're trying to accommodate them" (gesturing at the line outside). Oh, thanks, buddy. As if he'd done something special for us and we hadn't waited in line for an hour. One of my friends responded, "we just want to finish our wine" (about a half inch in both carafes). He glowered and walked over to give a similar "move along" message to a neighboring table that had also finished their pies and were taking the last sips of their drinks.

We finished our wine and got up - total time from finishing the pie to walking out the door, approximately 4 minutes - but that's four minutes too long for Grimaldi's.

On our way out, the owner said to my cousin, about the friend who'd dared say she wanted to finish her wine, "If she was a man, I'd take her outside and punch her." Lovely. Very charming.

In summary - this was disgusting behavior that obviously doesn't make me want to give Grimaldi's my business again. The sad thing is that Grimaldi's probably doesn't care about building customer loyalty. It seems that Grimaldi's is so certain of a constantly replenishing tourist market that they have no incentive to treat customers with any civility. Their only focus is packing their cash-only business in and out as fast as humanly possible.

Aug 15, 2008
Shield in Outer Boroughs

Best Ramen in NYC?

I wasn't impressed with Setagaya at all. I had the shio, which I found overly salty (not too fishy, too salty). The pork was dry - a strange thing in a soup! I did like the half-cooked egg, though. The yolk added some nice color and also flavored the noodles around it.

All in all, though, Setagaya didn't hold a candle to Minca, or even to Rai Rai Ken. I don't understand why it's been so hyped in the last few weeks.

Sep 15, 2007
Shield in Manhattan

Apsara - Providence

There are two Apsara's, fyi - the one in South Prov is the original, and it's been there for probably 25 years. The one on the East Side is the interloper, imho. The last time my family was at the South Prov one we asked about it and evidently there is some kind of family feud - the East Side one was started by someone splitting off from the first one (in the grand tradition of family businesses).

But family feuds aside, they're both good, although the South Prov one is EXCELLENT. Get the nime chow, and the bee bong (sp?), and then more nime chow.

Any where to eat near new Fairway in Red Hook??

I'm not all that impressed with Pioneer's barbeque, but the bar itself is a lot of fun. It feels like the hippest smalltown / beach town bar you've ever been to.

Oct 24, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs

Where can I find the best Cannolis??

La Salle Bakery on East Tremont in the Bronx has hand-piped cannoli that they fill to order. They've been around for about the 50 years. The place smells delicious, and the cannoli taste just as good (probably all of their stuff, but I can only vouch for the cannoli).
3139 East Tremont Ave, Bronx.

Oct 22, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs


I took a trip up to Fordham Road yesterday but didn't find any Cambodian food. It does appear that there are some Vietnamese restaurants though.

First I stopped in at St. Rita's youth program, which does a lot of work in the Cambodian community. The staff there told me that there was a Cambodian grocery a few blocks away, above the park on University. Very excited, I walked there, but it turned out to be a Vietnamese grocery. The owner pointed me towards Jerome Ave just south of Kingsbridge, where he said there was a larger Asian grocery that was owned by someone who is Cambodian. Once at Phnom Penh Market (2639 Jerome), the owner confirmed that she was Cambodian but said that they didn't sell any Cambodian food, just Thai and Vietnamese. This is the point in my fantasy where I would get invited to their house for some home cooking, but alas, that didn't happen. I also went and peeked into Phung Hung across the street (2614 Jerome), but their food appeared to be just Vietnamese. They were closed, so I couldn't investigate further, but this place might deserve a return trip.

Sadly, it seems that there is no Cambodian food to be had in the five boroughs. It almost (almost) makes me sad that the place in Fort Greene has shut down.

full post here:

Oct 11, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs

Vietnamese in Bronx

There's a pretty low-rent Vietnamese restaurant on Jerome just south of Kingsbridge called Phung Hung (2614 Jerome). When I went by it was closed, so I didn't get to try anything, but they had a handwritten list of types of pho posted on the counter. Across the street was a Vietnamese and Thai grocery called Phnom Penh / Nha Trang Market (2639 Jerome). Happy hunting.

Oct 11, 2006
Shield in Manhattan

Just one taco, one at a time, in Williamsburg

Yum, Sunset Park. That's the place to go. Just get off the 5th Ave bus between about 40th & 55th Streets and pick the restaurant or street cart that looks best. You pretty much can't go wrong.

But if you're in Williamsburg, my pick is Matamoros.

Aug 31, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs

"Muy Rico"; Food in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (long)

This is so great - I'm about to go to Xela in two weeks, so this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for posting this. Now I'm even more excited to go! Would you recommend your Spanish school?
If you think of any more recommendations, please post 'em!

Where can I find yuba?

The NY Times had an article on yuba this weekend, which they describe as "soy's unexpectedly elegant cousin."

Anyone know where in NYC you can get it? The only mention on Chowhound that I've found is - which mentions a yuba appetizer at Geido on Flatbush & 7th.

This is what piqued my interest: " arrived in a handmade wooden box, simmering in water heated by a piece of charcoal. I fished the opaque sheets from the bubbling water and dipped them in a sauce made from soy, dashi, mirin and fresh wasabi. The flavor was mildly sweet and nutty, and the texture was a revelation: simultaneously tender and chewy, unlike anything I had ever experienced."


Aug 07, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs

Whole Foods update

RE: the Whole Foods going in at 3rd/3rd, yes they own the property, and yes it's a brownfield. They don't own the corner plot that was just landmarked, so I guess they'll have to build around it. As far as the brownfield goes, when the Department of Environmental Conservation approved Whole Food's plan to clean the site for building, their report said "Exposures via drinking water and soil are not expected because this mixed industrial/residential neighborhood is served by public water." I just hope Whole Foods isn't going to rinse their organic veggies with canal water.
Woodside Al - very interesting, I had no idea that Dodgers had a field there. Where on the site is the ballfield wall?

Aug 04, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs

Bohemian Beer Hall - What to Eat?

What I've heard is good (haven't been there yet myself) is Koliba at 31-11 23rd Ave. It's been described as a Czech-expat bar w/food here:

Also if you don't want to walk as far you could check out Elias Place, which is a Greek fish tavern on the same block as Bohemian at 24-02 31st St.

Aug 04, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs


Now that Cambodian Cuisine in Fort Greene is closed, it seems that the fabled Cambodian community in the Bronx is Chowhound's best bet for Cambodian food. I did some internet research to see where the epicenter of the Cambodian community is and determined that it seems to be on Fordham Road between Sedgwick and the Grand Concourse, perhaps centered around the 4 or D subway stops.

I'm going to try to get up there soon to check out my hypothesis. My location map and more info is here:

Aug 04, 2006
Shield in Outer Boroughs