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ISO 24-hr or late night Korean BBQ in NoVA

How's the soondoobu? Haemul paejun? Galbi?

ISO 24-hr or late night Korean BBQ in NoVA

I did some research - is it called Magpie's Nest Korean Restaurant, at 9590 Lee Highway? If this one is the one you're talking about, then they're not 24-hrs (at least anymore, if they ever were). I called them. Drat!

ISO 24-hr or late night Korean BBQ in NoVA

But not YeChon. Want to try another place, one that's open till at least 2am on a Friday night.

CPK - OK I tried it; Not Bad

California Pizza Kitchen

Fun, Casual Spot for Dinner (with a group of four or more)?

Montmartre is one of my favorite restaurants in DC, but it's very much a French bistro, meaning the tables are tightly packed, and seating a group of four or more might be uncomfortable in that small a dining room. And for a two-course meal and tip (without wine), it'll run you about $35-40pp; depending on your wallets, that may or may not still qualify as casual.

Dukem (Ethiopian food) up on U St. might be a better bet. Around $20-25pp, you eat with your hands, it's family style, and there are a bunch of vegetarian dishes. The dining room is not as small, and the tables aren't as close to each other.

The Old Siam (Thai) or Aatish on the Hill (Pakistani/Indian) nr Eastern Market are good too. Aatish even has a coupon on their website for 2 for 1 dinner, a pretty good deal. The Shahi Korma there is yummy.

Fado is a fun little place in Chinatown for solid pub food, if you want some comfort. The soccer games are on the weekend during the day, usually, so weekend dinner shouldn't be too crowded. The veggie in your group can load up on stuff like no-chicken quesadillas and the salads, the tomato mozzarella baguette sandwich, or a mushroom bleu cheese burger.

Ultimate OC Restaurants 2006

*gasp* I checked their website, and you're right. Shame too -- y'know how every wine lover remembers that first bottle of wine where they had their epiphany, like wow, THIS is what wine can be. I think foodies have that too, but with food. My first meal at Troquet back in 1998 at the tender age of 19 was my food epiphany.

Amended list:
1) Mastro's
2) Kaya
3) Honda-ya
4) Las Cotijas
5) Pinot Provence

Ultimate OC Restaurants 2006

1) Mastro's - Costa Mesa
2) Kaya - Irvine
3) Honda-ya - Tustin
4) Troquet - Costa Mesa
5) Las Cotijas - Tustin

Any good Sunday breakfast options in San Juan Capistrano or close by (N along 5 frwy).

For some down home diner food with a wide range of options, Mollie's Cafe.

New York Egg Rolls [split from LA]

My family's Shanghai-nese, and we use a thin (well, thinner than won ton wrapping anyway) mostly rice flour-based wrapping. There might be a touch of egg in the dough, just to give it a little bit of chewiness and body, but definitely not to the extent that the original poster wrote of regarding the "egg rolls". It's thin, so after deep frying they're still pretty light. The filling is usually a combination of pork, napa cabbage, and carrots, where all ingredients are chopped into slivers. The filling gets a little soupy, so you gotta wrap it tightly it and the soup will be encased by the fried wrapper. Thus when you bite through the crispy crust of the wrapper, you are greeted with the hot soup and the filling. MMMM! Kinda like Shanghai soup dumplings...see a trend here? Every family will of course tweak a traditional recipe to make it their own, but this is generally what I've seen done by others from/in Shanghai.

I was being facetious about calling it language "bastardization". But truth be told, like Mr. Ubergeek said, that isn't pinyin at all, but the inconsistent phonetic spelling by Chinese people who probably left China before the 1950s, a lot from HK. That's why you'd be hard-pressed to ever find a Mr. Kwok, or a Mrs. Ng from Beijing or Xian. BTW, it's actually "chun juan" (first tone, third tone).

New York Egg Rolls [split from LA]

And MY point was, perhaps clamscasino actually made spring rolls instead of egg rolls. That might actually help determine which permutation he/she prefers when going to a Chinese restaurant.

New York Egg Rolls [split from LA]

"Chwin guen" (in your cookbook's bastardized Mandarin pin-yin) actually means spring roll, as opposed to egg roll. This could mean that you actually made spring rolls, or that you made the Americanoid egg roll, but the cookbook just chose to call it spring roll in Chinese. (And yes, I am Chinese, born and bred, not a drop of Taiwanese or Hong Kong blood in me, woohoo! Even got the 1980s smallpox scar from my baby days to prove it). Anyways, I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to food though. Yummy? Eat it. But if you want to argue that egg rolls are traditionally Chinese...uhh, good luck. I think Mr. Taster's description of "thick brown chewy skin" is a good indication that my Chinese folks' spring rolls morphed into something else.

best korean bbq in DC area

This is a good directory of pretty much all the places in the area.

From my own experience, Yechon had great panchan, awesome bulgogi, galbi was nothing to complain about, but not the best I've had. But the fact that it's a 24hr place happily reminds of the late-night (sometimes drunken) korean cravings I and my friends would satiate en masse in K-town while having lived and, yes, partied, in and around Los Angeles for 20 years of my life (but have recently moved East to DC). Way too many restaurants close too early around here. Yes, we did the greasy spoon now and then, but Korean food or Pho is what the LA kids do to soak up the liquor!

Woomi in Wheaton, MD is also another rec I'd give. Their galbi is, seriously, the best I've had in a while, and can go head to head with the best of them in LA (or on NYC's 32nd St. too). Marinade is just the right mix of sweet and savory, without overpowering the taste of the beef, which is tender and is sliced thick enough so the juiciness doesn't get cooked out minutes after you put it on the grill. Panchan is excellent, as is the haemul paejun. Soondubu is yummy too, but their galbi is the standout.

btw, you have the grill at the dinner table at both of these places. They both use gas grills instead of charcoal, which I don't mind.

good restaurants around UTC area

I haven't been in a couple years, and it's a chain, but Fleming's had some good steaks if you're a carnivore.

Nov 12, 2006
yumyuminmytumtum in California

Fried Turkey for pick-up in Atlanta

Thanks for the input everyone. Keep them coming if you have any more. And thanks Ted. I'd LOOOOVE to cook our own "Alton Brown Thanksgiving" meal this year, but unfortunately, both he and I have work to do over the weekend so we'll be pressed for time. We're just going to take it easy this Thanksgiving, so a pick-up turkey might just have to suffice for us overworked twenty-somethings.

Fried Turkey for pick-up in Atlanta

I'm a DC-er who's gonna be spending Thanksgiving down in Atlanta with her long-distance boyfriend. We're not going to have time to cook, and neither of us are from the South, but we keep hearing about this fabled FRIED TURKEY. Is there an Atlanta-area restaurant/market that takes pre-orders for good fried turkey to be picked up on Thankgiving?

I've checked out this website, and apparently Popeye's also takes orders. But do any of the chowhounders have better suggestions? Or (more importantly) any personal thoughts on whether fried turkey even measures up to all the chatter?

Trader Joe's ...

TJ carries different types of gourmet block chocolate (e.g. Ghiradelli) but for their bags of chocolate chips, it's usually just their own Trader Joe's label.

Oct 08, 2006
yumyuminmytumtum in Chains

Battle Churrascaria: Agora (Irvine) v. Picanha (Burbank)

For those that have done both, which is better? (I know, I know, there might be those out there who have other faves, like Greenfields or Fogo, but what if it was just between these two?)

Korean BBQ

How do those places rank up with a place called Moo Deung San (on Western a block south of Olympic, near the K-town galleria)? It's also an Korean all-you-can-eat (AYCE) BBQ.

I'm an OC gal that moved to DC recently and am visiting home at the end of August with my Korean BBQ/AYCE-loving East Coast boyfriend. When I suggested having Manna during my visit to my friends, I was summarily shot down ("meat's nasty, as well as the place", "quantity, but no quality", "if your new bf knows anything about Korean BBQ meats, you're gonna lose maaaaad points with him, girl" etc.)

I was suggested MDS by a friend in LA, but can't get any reviews on it. Help!

We Did Pretzels! Whats your Favorite Potato Chip?

Terra Red Bliss Chips (Garlic & Parmesan flavor). These are more substantial chips, a thicker slice of potato, with a hefty crunch and delicious savory multi-flavored garlicky-cheese, so much more tasy than just 'salty'. Not as thin/flimsy/flaky as Utz.

Chocolate chip pancakes in DC?

Where could I find good chocolate chip pancakes in the district if I am rolling into brunch at 2:00pm on a Sunday? (i.e., not NoVA, not Silver Spring, MD--we're talking the 202 area code, and reachable by Metro).

What's the best Korean BBQ place in Atlanta?

I need my kalbi/bulgogi fix. I tried Hae Woo Dae off of Buford Highway and it was 'eh'. I'm from Los Angeles and then Manhattan (please don't hold that against me!) so I've been a little spoiled by the K-Towns of those cities, but if anybody can point me in the right direction of a good Korean BBQ place, you will earn my respect as a dedicated foodie.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes in OC -- NO IHOPs!

Know of any good places in Orange County that serve good chocolate chip pancakes? I don't like IHOP, and the only thing I can think of is The Original Pancake House, but is there anywhere else? I just came back from NYC and it seems like every greasy spoon/diner on the corner served them, but not so much here, and I'm really craving them.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Afternoon Tea in Beverly Hills or OC

You could also try the tea service at the Rose Garden Tea Room on the grounds of the Huntington Library, located in the city of San Marino. While this may not be in BH or the OC, it is in between the two, and you could make this a stop on the drive down. The Huntington Library is also a beautiful place to take out-of-town guests anyway. Here's their menu:

The location is very elegant in a beautiful room next to the rose gardens. And the service is buffet style so you can fill up if you want to.