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Thai in CT?

I disagree that it doesn't exist in Lower FFC. YMMV re. quality, but many people really enjoy Kit's Thai Kitchen in Stamford and Little Thai Kitchen in Darien (my favorites), which are straight-ahead Thai. They aren't fusion places.

New Years Eve [Stamford CT]

I'm guessing that InderB is in the Greenwich, CT area, as there's a Polpo in Greenwich. However, that was a big assumption...there could be another Polpo in the S. New England area.

Chunky Pam's Sweet Shop in Darien?

This would be a great place for the kids, as long as it's not too large of a group. It's a very small place, but they have a nice selection of candy and the owner is wonderful and very friendly. Are you okay with purchasing candy for the kids, because they probably won't want to leave without something!

Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast [moved from General Topics]

A good gauge is if you enjoy iced Americanos at Starbucks. I would say it's in the same world of "bitter." For me, the Iced Dunkin Dark (taken black) is my new go-to iced drink, but I am partial to dark brews.

May 26, 2010
BrianCoralian in Chains

Chunky Pam's Sweet Shop in Darien?

Signage popped up recently - it's not yet open. I can't find any information about this business online.

The commercial space seems to be the former Fairbanks Photo, across the street from the Darien Sport Shop.

Turkish food in Ffld County

I don't know where you are located, but if you can make it to Myrna's, you could go to Turkish Mezze in Mamaroneck, NY. My family likes it -- I have to confess I haven't been there myself. I think some other CHers had some favorable comments.

KFC...Free 2 pc grilled chicken with 2 sides and a biscuit!

I respectfully disagree with Beach Chick. This "disaster" was the best thing to happen to KFC in a long time. Who was talking about this franchise a few months ago? I hadn't eaten at or even acknowledged the place in about 10 years. Now this "chicken run" has people thinking a good, but unspectacular fast food item is the Holy Grail, and news stories about KFC air all day! There truly is no such thing as bad publicity.

May 08, 2009
BrianCoralian in Chains

Trader Joe's meals more-or-less ready to go?

I like the tubs of bbq pulled chicken and pork. Heat in a microwave or stovetop for about 1.5 minutes and throw on some quality rolls (TJ's whole wheat burger rolls, for instance) w. a scoop of cole slaw made with FAGE (I don't do mayo). Easy, quick and tasty!

May 08, 2009
BrianCoralian in Chains

Best Brunch Spots (Fairfield County - CT)?

Does it have to be a buffet-style brunch? I would imagine Le Pain Quotidien in New Canaan would fit the bill.

Thanksgiving dinner close to Darien

You may want to try the Roger Sherman Inn in New Caanan.

Also, there's Silvermine Tavern in Norwalk:

...and Three Bears in Westport:

Don't know how more particular CH-ers would rate the three, but they are able to accomodate larger families at T-Giving and are likely to offer traditional fare with appropriately American/Rustic charm and ambiance.