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Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

Just to bump the thread, here's Eater SF's take:

Jan 15, 2014
slyc in San Francisco Bay Area

Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

Yeah, it seems like they don't have menus for most of the restaurants, but there are some linked from Some of them are also on OpenTable, if you click to the restaurant's individual menu page.

Jan 07, 2014
slyc in San Francisco Bay Area

Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

It seems that folks were not too excited about it last year. Thoughts about this year's lineup? In particular, I'd be interested to hear any advice or recommendations for vegetarian-friendly picks among this year's options.

More info here:

Jan 07, 2014
slyc in San Francisco Bay Area

Online sources for heirloom grains and legumes

Anyone know of good online shops for heirloom grains and legumes? I got really excited about cooking with them after reading the New Yorker article about Sean Brock: (subscription required).

I know about Anson Mills ( and Rancho Gordo ( Any others?

Nov 03, 2011
slyc in General Topics

Vegetarian in Nassau

My boyfriend and I are in Nassau for a friend's wedding. Like y'all, when we travel we like to eat what's good and local, which would normally here mean Fish Fry and other places to eat seafood. However, we're both vegetarian and don't eat seafood. We do eat eggs and dairy.

Anyone have any suggestions for good vegetarian eats while we're here?

When is custard done? (for ice cream)

My general test is whether the custard holds a line on the back of a wooden spoon. Of course, the texture desired is at least to some degree a matter of preference.

As others have alluded to, I would try to up your yolks:cream ratio if you're having trouble with this.

Jun 02, 2010
slyc in Home Cooking

Desserts using St. Germain

I recently got a bottle of St. Germain and have been enjoying using it to make various cocktails, but am interested in trying to make some desserts using it as a flavoring. Has anybody done this? I haven't had much luck Googling for recipes. I am guessing I could try to make some kind of cake?

I'd also like to try making some St. Germain-flavored ice cream. But last time I tried doing alcohol in an ice cream, it seemed like the recipe ( called for too much alcohol and it wouldn't set up and also tasted a little overwhelming. Anybody have any tips for figuring out how much to use? Or have another good ice cream recipe that uses a liqueur that could be easily adapted?

Mar 28, 2010
slyc in Home Cooking

Help me understand Italian food in New Hampshire (and northern New England)...please?

I grew up in Hartford County eating a lot of Sicilian food and went to college in Hanover. I don't know much about southern NH in particular, but if you make it up to the Upper Valley, I agree Three Tomatoes is pretty good. I also recommend Ramunto's in Hanover for pizza.

Dec 26, 2009
slyc in Northern New England

Blue Hill Tavern in Baltimore

Anybody been there yet and have an opinion? I've been trying to convince my partner to go try their brunch but haven't made it down yet.

When making ravioli or dumplings with wonton wrappers, should the meat filling be pre-cooked?


My mom always makes dumplings with a pork filling that doesn't get cooked before we wrap. And we use the sort of thicker wrappers -- not wonton. It gets plenty cooked in the water.

Oct 31, 2009
slyc in Home Cooking

Cake Love: Opinions?

Agree with everyone that CakeLove is terrible -- and also wanted to add that Georgetown Cupcakes is excellent!

When I've gone to the CakeLove in Silver Spring, they gave me a refrigerated cupcake out of the display case and told me it wasn't meant to be eaten until it had come up to room temperature. Is this standard? Isn't that ridiculous?

Good Veggie Burgers in Baltimore?

I'm a big fan of the veggie sliders at Rocket to Venus.

Rocket to Venus - Anyone been recently?

I haven't been in a few months, but as long as nothing has changed drastically, I'd say they make the best veggie sliders in Baltimore.

Georgetown cupcake recipe in Post?

Haven't tried it yet, but here's a link to the recipe itself:

oolong tea

I have not specifically looked for oolong at either TJs for Whole Foods, but I'd say they *ought* to have it -- it's not that much of a specialty item.

I do know that you can get oolong tea at HMart (in Catonsville), since that's where I got mine.

eggs florentine in baltimore

Anyone know where you can get a good eggs florentine (or similar, vegetarian version of eggs benedict) in baltimore or baltimore area?