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Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pear Cider Gravy

First, I would make an adjustment to the bacon, presentation in the picture is scary. I recently did a turkey with Benton's bacon, and i only used 6 slices, the thickness of his bacon kept the slices from drying out and adding that bitter burntness. Then, the drippings were the best part. I really like the pear accent. I also roasted a couple butternut squash in the pan, and then pureed them into a sauce all by themselves, instant bacon butternut gravy - insert a little butter, good old sea salt, cream, it was heavenly. The Bentons bacon is key. Who ever invented "turkey bacon" is proud to know now, we HAVE created BACON TURKEY!!!

Wash it down with Alsatian whites and some chinon.
Happy Holidays.

Nov 18, 2008
piglust in Recipes