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Where can you buy canned hominy in near north side Chicago?

Thanks all. I found hominy at the Target on Larrabee and Division, which was great since I needed to pick some other stuff up there anyway.

I'll save the trip to Tony's, which sounds awesome, for next week when I need more groceries.

Dec 29, 2014
instantphoebe in Chicago Area

Where can you buy canned hominy in near north side Chicago?

I'm in Streeterville/Gold Coast, so something walking/light driving distance would be great.

I've tried the JOsco on Ohio and State and the Trader Joe's near the Chicago Red line stop. I thought it would be easy to find (at least in the Mexican or canned vegetable aisle), but I'm probably taking my Southwestern roots for granted right about now.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Dec 28, 2014
instantphoebe in Chicago Area

Rice cooking wine without salt/sodium content

You should be able to get this at Ranch 99 or Jusgo.

Mindblowingly delicious cake in Dallas/Plano?

The cake doesn't have to be pretty — I care much more about the flavor and texture, and I sadly have yet to find one I love.

I like a cake that's super moist, isn't overly sweet, doesn't have too much icing, and doesn't have a very airy texture (too big of a crumb).

I'd love something I can just take away (and not special order).

Any suggestions?

Fresh mussels in Birmingham?

Does anyone know where I can get fresh mussels that aren't too expensive in Birmingham? Whole Foods and Snapper Grabbers are a little on the pricey side — esp. for mussels, which should be on the cheaper side for seafood.

Feb 08, 2010
instantphoebe in Central South

Cooking classes in/around Columbia, MO?

Yeah, I saw they did, but you have to have a group of at least 8 people. It's just going to be two of us.

Cooking classes in/around Columbia, MO?

Are there any restaurants or places that offer some good cooking classes for a relative beginner? Something reasonably priced for one or two people would be great.

I've only seen that the University Club at Mizzou offers cooking classes, but only to its members.

St. Louis/Kansas City is a bit of a drive for a class...