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Best Kept Secrets in the I.E. !!

I live in Redlands, and there are 2 great restaurants that we've found. One is a long-time favorite: Joe Greensleeves, located on Orange St. It whips Citrone's butt time and time again. Also, we just went to The Farm on State Street. Great food, all organic, only downside is they don't serve cocktails (beer and wine) and the ambience inside is a little cold. It's needs some cozying up. However, the food is fabulous.

Feb 04, 2009
chasesmama in California

Upscale Dining in Back Bay?

Thank you all for the comments...I'm thinking we'll do No. 9 Park...and maybe some of the others thrown in there. Thank you for the suggestions!!

Upscale Dining in Back Bay?

I am surprising my husband with an anniversary trip to Boston this weekend (we're from Southern California), and am trying to find a nice dining experience for us on Friday night. I've heard sooooooooo many mixed reviews about places. We are staying at the Eliot Hotel and I've heard good things about Clio? I've also heard about Aujourd 'hui and some others. I don't want to make a mistake and spend one of our precious evenings at a place with poor service or average food when I'm willing to spend good money. My husband isn't a very adventurous eater, so more traditional meals with a twist would be our style. Any suggestions? Also, what is the deal with the Morton's in Back Bay? I've heard sooooooo many negatives about it, but was really wanting to go there another evening. Thanks!