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Ideas for Most Awesomest Food Day Ever?

Humphrey Slocombe! Awesome idea... had forgotten about that place. Might as well stop by Philz while I'm down there, too.

Ideas for Most Awesomest Food Day Ever?


Ideas for Most Awesomest Food Day Ever?

Hello hello,

So, I live in SF and have been here for the past five or so years. I have a friend coming in next week and I'm trying to up my game for food ideas -- would LOVE your help!

I've previously taken him on full-day engorgement fests before. Think Bob's donuts, Kung Fu tacos, La Mar, Giordanno's, Buster's, Beard Papa -- all in one day.

Anyone have some great recommendations for where I can take him this time around? I'm thinking some place for breakfast, then a string of trucks/pops/snackstands/etc. before dinner and drinks somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

Best sites for LUXURY gourmet gifts?

Le Roux Chocalatier

they sell the best caramels on earth. no exageration.

Oct 03, 2006
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In DC for 3 me a FOOD itinerary!!

thank you for all these ideas! Im gonna print this out and we're gonna try to hit...all of them! ;)

In DC for 3 me a FOOD itinerary!!

Heading to DC this weekend and will be on the hunt for good food Saturday afternoon, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning.

Yeah, DC has museums and government stuff and memorials...but what FOOD should we not miss? Where should we go for a cheap breakfast, a fun lunch, a nice dinner, a unique meal, etc.?

All suggestions are very much appreciated. Anything reachable by public tranportation is fair game.

Thank you!!

Healdsburg recommendations

I've heard plenty of good things about Cyrus. (One person I know prefers it hands down to French Laundry and she's eaten at both more than a couple times.)

The mint ice cream at Bovolo is divine. Real mint leaves steeped in the milk! Their house cured meats are fantastic, too.

Philly Cheese near Union Square?

Hello hounds,

I just started working near Sutter & Kearny and i am DYING for a philly cheese. Any decent places within walking distance? (I'm a couple blocks east of Union Square)

Thank you!