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looking for a sheet cake that tastes good and can put a pdf picture on the top?

Sam's Club does a good job and they don't charge extra for the photo. Just bring in the pic.

New Formosa Cafe

Does anyone know the latest on the New Formosa Cafe?

Report On Chop Suey Cafe (old Far East Cafe Location)

Does anyone have the latest on the New Formosa Cafe?

Report On Chop Suey Cafe (old Far East Cafe Location)

Amen to everything you have said!!! Driving in from the SF Valley before there was a freeway (Riverside Drive most of the way) was a real chore and a long drive for my folks but well worth it.

Costco Consession Stand

There's a Costco and a Sam's Club practically next door to each other in Torrance on Skypark just north of the Torrance Airport. Try them both and compare.

Apr 09, 2007
OldieButGoodie in Chains

Hole in the wall near LAX

Three Flames

Helm's Truck Tea Cakes - Remember?

If you're ever back near North Hollywood, check out Martino's Bakery in Burbank.

Burrito Vs. The TSA: The showdown...

Hi Dommy,

Yes, this TSA worker is a chowhound. We're really not as bad a some people make us out to be. I try to be as helpful as I can to everyone. I really enyoy all your posts. Glad everything went well for you.

OBG :-)

Jan 28, 2007
OldieButGoodie in Not About Food

Fruits of mass destruction? travel question

I work for TSA and fresh fruit is not considered a prohibited item. The 3 oz or less, that's just for liquids and gels. As far as weight restrictions on your carry on bag, check with your airlines.

Jan 23, 2007
OldieButGoodie in Not About Food

Burrito vs. the TSA

Hi Dommy,
I work for TSA @ LAX. To play it safe, put your burrito in wax paper or in a ziploc bag. It should go through the xray with no problems. You don't want "them" handling your food stuff. ;)

Jan 22, 2007
OldieButGoodie in Not About Food

Any C'Hound Baby Boomers?

I remember they had the best cream puffs ever.

Jan 10, 2007
OldieButGoodie in Not About Food

The new Far East cafe? in J Town

Food is AWFUL. Didn't care for anything they had. For old school Chinese food, head for New Formosa Cafe near Cesar Chavez and Soto in Boyle Heights. Just like the old Far East.

Fresh Strawberries

You might try your local farmers market. A couple of weeks ago I saw some at the Torrance Farmers Market at Wilson Park.

Favourite tips you picked up while travelling ? [Moved from Home Cooking]

In New Zealand, for breakfast was served rolled up pancakes (thicker than crepes)with lemon juice and syrup.

Nov 06, 2006
OldieButGoodie in General Topics

Pressed Almond Duck

Sadly, Tin Sing Closed down a while ago.

Pressed Almond Duck

The name of the restaurant is Hong Kong Garden Restaurant. It's actually on Vermont right behind the gas station.

Favorite Americanized-Chinese dishes??

They have it at the New Formosa Cafe in Boyle Heights on Cesar Chavez near Soto. Great tasting nostalgic food from the 50's and 60's.

Nov 03, 2006
OldieButGoodie in General Topics

Report On Chop Suey Cafe (old Far East Cafe Location)

Thomas Wolfe was only partially right. You CAN go home again, it's just to a differnet neighborhood, that's all. The New Formosa Cafe in Boyle Heights is home. The moment I walked in the front door, the smell of the food told me that I have come home. We ordered all the old favorites that Far East doesn't do right anymore; almond duck (to die for), pakkai, chow mein, seaweed soup, pea chow yuk and cha shu. When we had questions of a certain item on the menu, Betty would just point to the couple in the next booth and to what they were eating. They were apparently fans of the old Far East and had been pre-warned and luckily for them, had not gone back. They had ordered most of what we were about to order plus shrimp cantonese, too. Gee, that looked awfully good...maybe next time. That was a lot of food for only three of us, and I figured there would be a lot of leftovers to take home, but we nearly finished all of it. Sadly there was not much to take home, but at least, I was in "China Meshi" heaven. Didn't order the ham yu, might have been a little overkill. But as we were leaving, Betty, who waits on tables and is the wife of the cook said that they have some frozen ham yu so I ordered some of that to take home. My 17 year old son, who had never been to the old Far East and had wondered what all the hype was about, had three large servings of everything. Now he knows, and he is a convert. Ah, home sweet home.

Donut Holes?

Krispy Kreme has some pretty decent ones.

Report On Chop Suey Cafe (old Far East Cafe Location)

Thomas Wolfe said it best, "You can't go home again". I went there last weekend with some friends, hoping to relive some old flavors and memories. To say the least, I was very disappointed. Nostalgia is very overrated. Should have known when on a Saturday at noon there were only two tables occupied. I was hoping some of the old dishes they have on the menu would be at least close. Wrong!! Seaweed soup was wakame with tofu. Cha shu was a few slices of pork spread out on a plate served with little dishes of mustard. They could have at least had mustard containers on the table. Pakkai (like I remember and was hoping for) should have been dark orange colored. Chow mein wasn't even recognizable. Hamyu was a total disaster. Almond duck was the only thing that was even close... maybe 50% there. The waitress seemed surprised when she asked if we wanted a container for the leftovers and we said no. Oh well, at least I can say that I went back, just for old times sakes, but never again. One and done.