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Maine with Food Allergies!

i think most places might be willing to accommodate those particular allergies, if they know in advance. a few spots you might try are federal spice, pepperclub (both in portland) and earth at hidden pond in kennebunkport. they are known for being sensitive to those with allergies. hope this helps and good luck! let us know what you try and how you like it.

Recommendations for fabulous food in Kennebunkport

bandaloop and pier 77 are both great choices, the latter having some amazing views of cape porpoise.

Local 50 in Kennebunk

I'm interested in trying their $2 Tapas Tuesday and was wondering if anyone had tried it before?

Camden, ME

true, market basket isn't within walking distance of downtown camden, but since you have a car, you should check it out. almost any decent restaurant specializing in general far will have good lobster; you just need to call ahead and see. i second the votes for primo, if you feel like going into rockland for a bit you will not be sorry. also there are plenty of places to get smaller fare in rockland. i'm blanking on the name right now but there is a pizza slice/ice cream parlor that is owned by the father of price kushner (part owner of primo). it's got good slices and the service is friendly.

Camden, ME

hello, i think you will find many good places to eat in camden. my favorites for a nice semi-upscale meal are waterfront and francine restaurants. both have seafood and eclectic fair, with francine's being the more upscale of the two. the waterfront is, well, on the water so if you can get out on the deck the view is lovely. the market basket (on the corner of routes 1 and 90) in rockport, just a mile south of downtown camden, has exceptional breads and desserts and other luxury food items, wine, etc. definitely worth looking at if for nothing other than browsing. hint: the peanut butter balls are divine. for a great mix of hole in the wall with great eats i would try zaddik's. all of these places i've mentioned are within walking distance of downtown camden. i hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.