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Rehearsal Dinner, Any Suggestions?

Gosh, I dunno. I think $30-$40/head, exclusive of alcohol/tip would be ideal... BYOB would be a dream come true, but feels like asking for the moon.

Rehearsal Dinner, Any Suggestions?

I've read through the entire archives of the rehearsal dinner location suggestions and, while I got a few ideas, I was hoping to ask the greater chowhound knowledgebase whether you could help with this specific set of conditions:

We're hoping to have the dinner walkable from either Back Bay or Harvard Sq (where our guests will be staying - we're letting the dinner location drive the horse, the hotel). I expect we're talking about 50ish people, and a *very* low key location, preferably with decent food, but also a private space (not necessarily a sealed room, but a real "corner")

Honestly, by way of comparison, if I could have the food at the level of a "La Verdad" (though not necessarily any ethnicity" and a happy ambiance, all at a reasonable price, I'd be thrilled.

Thoughts? Thanks so much!

Breakfast For Dinner

I'm looking for a place in the greater Boston area (Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, etc.) that serves breakfast at dinnertime... which is much more popular elsewhere in the country, but I can only cite Zaftigs here.

Ideally, it would be a reasonably nice place (not entirely greasy spoon - Zaftigs-level) but can accommodate a group of 10-15...