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Salad bar with Carousel Horse - Colonie?

I think the name of the restaurant was Chef Italia on Western Avenue. Loved their salad bar.

Good Deli In Albany?

A great deli that we have discoved is Saati in Newton Plaza in Loudonville, NY. Great sandwiches and delicious soups. Also, I second Gershons they are great too.

Albany Graduation Celebration for 8

If you are looking for more upscale dinners the Barnsider in Colonie is a great location and they take reservations for 6 or more people. Also, as the other person indicated Carmine's on Central Avenue is good as is Carabbas in Latham. If you are looking for a burger type place Pump Station is great as you had suggested. Also, the Italian Community Center on upper Washington Ave. Extension is excellent for dinners.

We're on our way to Albany

I few good restaurants in the area are McGuires on Lark St. Although the Barnsider is known for steaks in Colonie their poultry dishes are good also; Lombardo's in Albany for Italian; D'Raymonds in Loudonville for Italian and a lot of chain restaurants are on Wolf Road in Colonie such as PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory; Friendly's etc., Also in Troy is the Plum Blossom Restaurant for great Chinese.
As far as apartments go Colonie is a nice place to look Shaker Run Apts.; and also Delmar is a nice location to live but I don't know how many apartments are available. You might try the Guilderland area and also East Greenbush.

Need lunch rec near Colonie or Crossgates/Albany

If you like Italian how about D'Raymonds in Loudonville on the Albany Shaker Rd. which has delicious lunches and reasonable (call ahead for a reservation and they are open on Mondays); Inferno Pizza also Albany Shaker Road has a nice dining room; TJ's Cafe or Ralph's Tavern on Central Avenue near Colonie Center; Real Seafood Co, on Wolf Road down from the Colonie Center for fresh seafood. Hope this has helped you out.

NYC style Italian Deli in Albany, NY

You might want to try Cardonna's Deli on Delaware Avenue in Albany. They have a butcher there too.

NYC style Italian Deli in Albany, NY

You might want to try Cardonna's Deli on Delaware Avenue in Albany. Great deli and they have a butcher there too.

Chinese/Japanese in Albany, NY Area

Where can one get good chinese or japanese food in the Albany area. Don't care for the places on Wolf Road such as Emperors, etc. Been to Koto but not that impressed. Can anyone help us out?

Do these places still exist in Albany?

Don't know about Mama Sorrana's. I do remember the name O'Heany's but doubt if that is still in business. The place you are calling Peter Pan's I believe was Chef Italia on Western Avenue and blocks from the Campus. It was a large buffet in a circle. Sorry to say it has been out of business for years.

Great Food in Kittery at Bob's Clam Hut

We stopped in Kittery this past weekend and ended up at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery. It is located just before the bridge in Kittery and right before the outlets. The lobster rolls at Bob's is not too be missed. Pure hunks of lobster in a grilled hot dog roll with choice of drawn butter or may to put on it. Yum Yum. Also, fresh seafood in all varieties. Loved it.

May 16, 2007
Diane in All New England Archive

Good Chinese or Japanese in Albany, NY Area

Anyone know where we can get good Chinese, Japanese or Korean food in Albany, NY area. We have been to Plum Blossom in Troy but was wondering if there is any where local that has good Chinese food.
We also have been to Koto but was not that impressed, although this was when they first opened.

Albany Thanksgiving

How about trying the Barnsider Restaurant. They are handicapped accesible and do serve turkey on Thanksgiving. They take reservations for six or more I beleive. Also you might want to think about Desmond's Thanksgiving buffet, Marriot Hotel on Wolf Road also has a buffet. If you don't want to get dressed up you can also try the Latham Circle as their food is fresh and well prepared for diner food.

Looking for a Good Diner or Family Restaurant Between Albany and Herkimer

Since you will be in the Albany area around 12:00 noon and want a family restaurant I would suggest Ralph's Tavern on Central Avenue in Albany. Family oriented with luncheon specials and they give a lot of food for the money. They serve everything from pizza to dinners. Also Grandma's is on Central Avenue in Albany and they are also a family restaurant which I believe caters to families. Both restaurants are in close proximity to shopping at Colonie Center in Albany. Also, on Wolf Road (in the same area) are the chains such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Hope this helps you out.