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MNF around Chandler

Thanks for the suggestions. Hungry Monk doesn't really have any food deals, but they do have a good beer selection. Same for 4 Peaks. The only problem with Zipps is they stop the deals between 6 & 7. I guess the most important part is the game and a good beer selection. Thanks for the tips.

Sep 14, 2011
randomdude in Phoenix

MNF around Chandler

Does anyone have a suggestion for Monday Night Football around Chandler / Tempe. Looking for a place with a decent beer selection and specials on food. Thanks is advance.

P.S. Also looking for a good place to watch the NY Giants on Sundays.

Sep 13, 2011
randomdude in Phoenix

Cheap eats in the area?

Actually went here the other day. Very interesting.

May 06, 2011
randomdude in Phoenix

Cheap eats in the area?

Head to Lee's today. Sounds good. Might also try Elmer's, thanks.

May 05, 2011
randomdude in Phoenix

Cheap eats in the area?

If it helps, my friend lives in Chandler, so I guess not too far from there, thanks.

May 02, 2011
randomdude in Phoenix

Cheap eats in the area?

I am coming in from NY for a little over a week, and am visiting my friend in Phoenix. I was hoping for recommendations for great places to eat for less than $15. All cuisines welcomed. Thanks ahead of time.

May 01, 2011
randomdude in Phoenix

Cheap Eats Danbury?

Looking for some cheap eats in Danbury. I haven't tried much yet, being new to the area, and would like some suggestions. Cheap eats to me is dinner or lunch under $10, not including beverages. I really like food of all types and don't mind dingy decor. Thanks ahead of time.

The Little Kabab Station Mt. Kisco

I went to here yesterday for lunch. I was really looking forward to an Indian place with a $6 - $8 lunch menu, as I find myself in Mt. Kisco a lot around lunch time. The place is quaint, also known as small, with about enough seating for 10 people, I think. It was about 2:30 and there was nobody there. Seeing how they only opened six days prior and didn't really advertise, this seemed expected. I order the paneer saag to go. While I waited they offered me complimentary tea. The two people in the serving rooms were very friendly and really wanted to please. My dish was ready before I finished my tea but they told me to take my time and pay when I was ready. The lunch special came with the paneer saag, a salad of mostly red onion in the Indian way, rice and naan. The rice was pretty plain, which was fine for me because I use the rice to soak up the sauce anyways. The naan was really good. It was soft and tasty. The paneer saag was also good. The paneer was light, yet firm and I really enjoyed the cheese.. The spinach, while good, lacked a little kick. Next time I order the saag I am going to ask for it spicy. I am really looking forward to trying their other dishes and their kebab rolls sound excellent. I will be going back soon, possibly tomorrow. Lets hope this place does a good business. While I was there one other costumer entered and took away four lunches. After talking with the nice man behind the counter, he explained that they were relying on word of mouth rather than advertising, so lets get the word out and make this place a success.

Lttle Kebab Station
31 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

Pon Di Riva Jamaican in Ossining

I dropped by Pon Di Riva today. It is a small place by the Ossining train station, in what is called Station Plaza. The inside is not much to look at and only conatins a counter and three small tables. Most of the places I like are small hole-in-the-walls, so this did not bother me much. I got a large oxtail to go. First let me say that the large should be called huge. It was probably over two pounds of food. It came with beans and rice, as well as vegetables. The portion of meat was a good size, but there were enough rice and beans for two meals, at least, but only enough oxtail for one. Next time I will get a small. The large was under ten dollars, great for ox tail. Other choices included jerk pork, stewed chicken and something else I can't remember. The ox tail was delicious in its rich, meaty, thick goodness. The only complaint I can come up with is a little less salt. The rice and beans were, well, rice and beans, good for an side. With portions and prices like this I will be going back. I am really interested in trying the jerk chicken, which is how I usually rate Jamaican places, I just can't resist oxtail.

Here is a link to the NY Times article.

BYOB around White Plain

Thank you for all of the replies. We went to D Thai in Thornwood, which was pretty good. Thanks for making amends moron66. Can anyone confirm that Taste of Jamaica in Mt. Kisco is BYOB. I know they don't serve liquor but I didn't think that you could bring either. Maybe I will just call. Now I have a couple new places to try.

BYOB around White Plain

I know that BYOB is usually for new places and Vega is pretty new. I heard that they obtained their liquor license. There are some places, like Shiraz, that are not new that are BYOB but, hey, thanks for not being helpful.

BYOB around White Plain

Thanks for the suggestions. I heard Vega Mexican in Hartsdale is BYOB. Anyone know?

BYOB around White Plain

Can anyone suggest a good BYOB for dinner. Me and my friends are trying to cut down a little on price and bring some good beers. The people I am going with are not adventurous eaters and we'd like to keep the price around $25 a head. Like the title mentions, a place around White Plains. We have people coming from Dobb's Ferry and people from Somers. Thanks in advance.

Snacks in Mt. Kisco

Thanks for the tips.

Snacks in Mt. Kisco

I usually have an hour break between my two jobs in Mt. Kisco at 3:00. By then I'm pretty hungry so I try to grab a snack. I usually look to spend $5 or less. I love the pupusas from Rincon Santaneco or the patties at Touch of Jamaica. Sometimes I get a slice from Mercella's or fresh fruit from Mt. Kisco Farm Market. Let me know if you have any good ideas.

New Thai in Mt. Kisco -- Mana Thai

Hope it will be good. New Thai places are springing up everywhere and most are so so. I work near kisco so I'll try it soon.

Banh Mi or not Banh Mi? That is the question.

The common consensus seems to be, stay away from the Cheesecake Factory. I tend to agree. Why anyone goes there is beyond me. The lack of Banh mis and Vietnamese food is lamentable but I would rather avoid CF than to give in.

Ricon Latino - Mahopac

I went there there the other day looking for a snack. I got a chicharrone pupusa and a tamale de pollo. Both were very good and incredibly cheap. This place is one of those tiny places that has a deli counter with premade dishes and about five tables. I plan on going back and trying out their main courses. They also sell chorizo and cheese, as well as some other latin goods there.

Rincon Latino
880 S Lake Blvd, Mahopac, NY 10541

ISO excellent non-chain ice cream, anywhere in Westchester

Go to Abbot's in Shrub Oak. It is kind of a chain, but you wouldn't know it from the place. They serve delicious frozen custard. It is near the Library.

Holy Smoke!

Holy Smoke is really good. I agree with most of the comments already posted. I don't eat there that often but I do drop by for the beer quite a bit.

Rosita's Chicken Supreme: Pollo bueno in Mahopac

Being new to the Somers area I was hungry for lunch and fed up with pizza, pasta, burgers and fried foods. After a diligent search on the web I found Rosita's Chicken Supreme. Here's their facebook page I walked into a small store at the corner of a tiny strip, immediately I was awashed with the smell of rotisserie chicken. I was greeted promptly by the owner, a friendly native of Ecuador named Humberto, who after many years of working in fast food chains wanted to open a restaurant of his own. I decided to order a half chicken with mac & cheese and "homefries"; a pile of food that amounted to $8.50. The chicken was good, even though the breast was slightly dry, maybe next time I'll order the two dark pieces. The homefries were a nice surprise. It was red bliss potatoes dress with sauce and dill. If they were fried they were not greasy. Its nice to see a healthy alternative to other places... and cheap too. If you don't want healthy get the fried chicken, or a meatloaf sandwich. If you do try the fried chicken leave a post and let me know how it is... it is so hard to find good fried chicken around here.

Rosita's Chicken Supreme
961 U.S. 6, Mahopac, NY 10541

Beer bar near Somers/Northern Westchester?

Forgot to say thanks. I have been going to Holy Smoke and they have a nice beer selection. Pretty much the only thing around but its definitely enough to keep me happy.

Good Thai or Indian in Northern Westchester

For Indian - Westchester Groceries (Kahn's Indian Ktichen) or whatever it is called is great. The food is greasy spoonish but cheap and better than most places serve on a good night. More expensive and North-North Westchester is Jaipore (spelling?). Okay so its technically in Brewster but its a hop skip and jump away from Somers.

Thai - For Northern Westchester Bangkok Spice (Shrub Oak). Not thbe, but still good, and also the game in the neighbor hood.

Bangkok Spice
1161 E Main St, Shrub Oak, NY 10588

Best of Westchester Magazine 2010

There are so many categories is just BS. About the only thing its good for is to hear of new places, but even then you can't trust the reviews.

Beer bar near Somers/Northern Westchester?

I love Lazy Boys, but can no longer travel there on the regular now that I am at northern Westchester. I know about the bar/brewery at the Peekskill R.R. Station but it a little far. I think my best bet is Blazer's because at least they serve Captain Lawrence. Any suggestions?

Ethiopian in Mount Kisco?

I think Lalbela is open. Their webstie is up and when I walked by today the construction seemed to be done. Maybe I'll stop in after work to see if it is true.

Best hot dogs in Westchester

In Pleasantville, Pony Express were written up in the NY Times for their grass-fed, all beef hot dogs. The brand name is Dines, Dynes? They are a "local" NY company. I believe they put their dogs on the griddle. In Valhalla, at So Damn Hot, they do a split dog, which is pretty good, not sure on the brand. Charcael's in Thornwood also does dogs. They are an extension of the Charcael's Hotdog Truck. Not sure about what brand. Out of the three, I go with So Damn Hot.

5 Gallon Water Jug (where to fill?)

I think there is a natural spring south of Ossining off of Rt. 9

Ace Asian, Thornwood

The owner said he wanted to move because the area was small and he felt he wasn't doing a good enough business. I've looked at the menu for Neo and it was interesting, not your normal sushi. I am a little disappointed that they dropped the asian fusion things, but I guess the sushi still counts as fusion.

If you like Krispy Kreme Donuts then you have to try Mr.DOnut in Pleasantville

I live across the street, well... not directly, but I've only gotten donuts there twice. I will say they are like Krispy Kreme and I will also say that we do not need more tiny, over frosted donuts. Personally, like old-fashion donuts, with a little more cake-like body to them. That being said I think I'll try them one more time before final analysis. Also, anyone have suggestions for cake-like donuts?