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Maine - Bath, Brunswick, Boothbay area recommendation?

It's not "high end", but I had a fabulous wiener schnitzel, spatzle and sauerkraut at Richard's in Brunswick last week on Maine Street. Oh, and a super tasty, fresh Wurzburger draft beer. If you are looking for an alternative to seafood, German specialties are a decidedly unexpected choice, and I recommend it highly.

Sirloin Saloon in Rutland closed again

Nope, it suddenly closed last December. I had dinner there two days before it shut down, and the dinner was very poor quality, I was shocked how bad it was.

Seek recommendations on Paris “mom and pop” type restaurants

We love Le P'tit Troquet in the 7th, at 28 rue de L'Exposition

Madame Vessiere is lovely, handles the tiny dining room with her daughter, her husband is the chef. Very romantic place, too, reasonable prices, very good food.

May 22, 2010
signothetimes53 in France

Keene, NH vs. Brattleboro, VT: How would food scene factor in to moving decision?

And I'd urge the OP to think very hard about why they want to live in either community. Using the foodie scenes as a major criteria to choose between the two strikes me as insane.

Honestly, I live in Burlington, which has an infinitely larger food scene than Keene and Brattleboro combined, and Burlington's food scene bores me to tears because I consider it too small, too limited. And while I haven't lived in Bratt/Keene for a couple decades, I still own housing rental property there, and I'm in both towns monthly.

Favorite Vermont Cheese

The Cabot Clothbound Cheddar is incredible.

Breakfast in Burlington


Thanks for catching my brain freeze!

Yes, I meant Libby's Blue Line Diner....."Lindy's Diner" is from my childhood in Keene, NH....I guess I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

Breakfast in Burlington

Is the Oasis still in business? I thought they sold the property and were converted to a Jewish deli called Sadie Katz...

And Leunig's stopped serving breakfast several years ago, they now open at weekdays 11AM for lunch. You can get a breakfast brunch starting at 9AM on Saturday/Sunday

Breakfast in Burlington

I think Penny Cluse is grossly overrated. Rubber pancakes, overcooked bacon, indifferent service....I'm stumped why people rave about them.

I highly recommend Lindy's Diner on the hill in Colchester (on the Winooski town line) overlooking Exit 16 of the interstate.

visiting son in college in burlington

I like sitting in a window table at Leunig's on the Church Street side. It's great ambiance.

But I hate the food. It's awful, just the worst sort of mundane, forgettable (in)edibles.

Burlington this weekend - bfast/lunch?

I like all the suggestions here except Penny Cluse, which I believe is very overrated.

need rec's for Meredith NH

Your "no Italian" requirement rules out my favorite, Lago's.

Park Row - Waterbury, VT

I've had breakfast there a couple of times this year, "business" breakfasts, and it's pretty good, the omelettes are very good, but I love the blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon. Yum.

And it is 100 times better than the junk they serve at the highly overrated Penny Cluse in Burlington.

Burlington/Lake Champlain vacation advice and suggestions

Vermont's best restaurant right now is Hen of the Wood in Waterbury, absolutely worth the 35 minute drive south on I-89 from Colchester. Superb fresh and local ingredients, wonderfully thoughtful menu. Your biggest issue will be trying to get reservations, esp. on a Friday or Saturday.

Trattoria Delia in Burlington is also superb, and very romantic. However, if you struggle to see in low lighting, be forewarned, it can be very dark in there.

In Plattsburgh, I love Anthony's, which has very good food and an exquisite wine list. They have a moderate price bistro section, and a more expensive restaurant section. Both are tasty.


I like Leunig's atmosphere, it is great for people-watching and has a somewhat Parisian feel and look, but the food is rather ordinary and forgettable.

I'm definitely not a fan of Penny Cluse for breakfast. Overrated, serving up rubber pancakes and generic 3rd-rate bacon, along with a healthy dose of server indifference. Beware.

Brattleboro: Best Business Lunch?

<<The "hippie vibe" is long gone from Brtalleboro.>>

That may the fondest wish of the local Chamber of Commerce types, but Brattleboro looks distinctly different from almost any place most folks have ever visited. When was the last time anyone here traveled to, let's say, the midwest, and encountered a community that looked like Brattleboro?

Type "Brattleboro hippies" at google, and more than 6,000 such references immediately pop up. Perhaps "hippie vibe" means something different to you than it does to me. And sure, "Common Ground" restaurant is gone, but its spirit lives on in any number of pubs bars and restaurants in and around Brattleboro.

My original post said very clearly that Brattleboro is a "most interesting and unusual place". Rather than fight the vibe, why not embrace it?

Brattleboro: Best Business Lunch?

My comments about Brattleboro are "denigration" only if you perceive them as such. I firmly believe that Brattleboro is a destination of choice for many tourists precisely *because of* (not in spite of) its "hippie" vibes.

That Brattleboro's dining choices have routinely avoided "upscale" trappings in favor of the affordable, folksy dining ambiance that predominates in most places in town is again part of its charm. That charm, however, is most assuredly NOT every person's cup of tea. The better informed a visitor who has never been to Brattleboro is, the more likely they will enjoy their visit. "Common Ground" restaurant was established long ago for a reason.

Brattleboro: Best Business Lunch?

Yeah, you're right, living in Brattleboro for 25 years as I did, and I just don't know Brattleboro very well at all. LOL!

I do know this: there are some interesting restaurants in Brattleboro from a culinary standpoint, but applying the word "fancy" to them as the O.P. asks will likely result in disappointment.

Brattleboro: Best Business Lunch?

Brattleboro is a most interesting and unusual place, but there isn't much fancy about it. It's gritty, and stuck in a timewarp where a lot of the residents still think it's 1967, and hippie-chic abounds.

If you're looking for something very nice and close by, the Chesterfield Inn just a couple miles across the river from Exit 3, on Route 9 in NH is the ticket.

Vegetarian choices at La Castafiore?

Apparently, La Castafiore has left its long-time location on Ile St. Louis, it has either closed or moved to a different location....

Feb 17, 2009
signothetimes53 in France

Vegetarian choices at La Castafiore?


Sure, I could call them, but I'm being frugal (aka as "cheap") and trying to procure the info I need free, without having to spend a couple dollars for a phone call...


Feb 15, 2009
signothetimes53 in France

Vegetarian choices at La Castafiore?

I still don't really have the info I'm looking for. I'm certain that I can find many vegetarian places in Paris, but that's not my question.

I have one member of my party of 4 who doesn't eat meat or fish, and we're going to be on the Ile St. Louis at noontime on our first day in Paris in a couple weeks. My wife and I love La Castafiore, we've eaten there before, we just can't remember if there's a meatless dish available there....and I can't find a menu on-line.

Feb 15, 2009
signothetimes53 in France

Vegetarian choices at La Castafiore?

No, she's not a Vegan. Cheese and eggs are okay with her. She just doesn't eat meat or fish...

Feb 14, 2009
signothetimes53 in France

Vegetarian choices at La Castafiore?

We'll be in Paris in two weeks, and one of our party of 4 is vegetarian. I'm treating the group to lunch on our first day, since two of them are Paris "rookies"...and I was hoping to have lunch at La Castafiore on Ile St. Louis.

However, I can't find a menu on line, and so I'm not certain that they offer vegetarian choices in addition to their regular Italian fare.

Does anyone know the answer to my question?


Feb 14, 2009
signothetimes53 in France

Help? Very well-lit restaurants/bistros in Paris

My wife and I will be in Paris the first week in March, our 12th trip in the last 20 years. We know our way around pretty well, but I have a special request for help from folks here.

My wife's eyesight is badly compromised from 47 years as a Type 1 diabetic, and there's been a noticeable decline in the last 12 months. The doctors can't do much, we've seen the best specialists, so it's really a question of coping with it as best she can. As a result, she really struggles in restaurants that have low lighting. What most of us perceive as reduced but adequate lighting, she perceives as darkness. Twilight before sunset, for instance, seems like midnight to her, to give you some frame of reference.

I fear that some of our old favorite haunts, such as Le P'tit Troquet, are just too dark for her now. OTOH, a place like La Coupole has the kind of brightness she needs...but we've already eaten there, and would like to find other options.

I'd be grateful for suggestions for restaurants that are very well-lit, very bright lights, please...and if possible, no poorly lit access to rest rooms down a narrow/treacherous flight of stairs. I know that's asking a lot, but I'm grateful for any suggestions we get.

Our price range: lunch for 2 (sans wine) priced around 50 to 75 Euros, and dinner for 2 without wine priced from 75 to 125 Euros.


Jan 17, 2009
signothetimes53 in France

Vermont Cheese Makers

The commercials were produced by WBZ Radio in Boston, though I can't find a link to the audio on their website.

You might e-mail them at and ask if they might e-mail you an mp3 of the ad in question.

Vermont Cheese Makers

It is very good cheese, but Sugarbush Farms doesn't make it themselves. They smoke it on-site, and package it on-site, but a certain well-known cheese company produces the cheese itself for Sugarbush, elsewhere.

Healthy Living Burlington Vermont

I read interviews with the woman and her son who own Healthy Living bragging about their "unique" design/floor plan.

My wife likes to buy bulk spices and nuts from there, but the new floor plan is a really confusing undulating figure eight design of some sort, it's just the strangest thing, and no matter how many times we go in there to buy spices and nuts, we can never find what we are looking for easily.

I, too, think Shaws is mind-numbingly ordinary, but sometimes ordinary is preferable to the kind of bizarre, non-customer friendly layout at Healthy Living. What on earth were they thinking?

Ice Storm report--Manchvegas

Great report, and the comment about the Radisson food falling off the back of a Sysco truck made me laugh like crazy, esp. since it is true.


B&J's factory tour?

I share the fascination with food manufacturing tours, I've also seen the Agri-Mark butter assembly line in West Springfield MA (not open to the public), and it's pretty interesting to some of us. B&J's production line is equally fascinating.

That said, B&J's is extemely commercial, and at times a bit over-the-top offensive in the gift shop and the attitude conveyed. Your Mileage May Vary.

French Meat Pies

Do you mean actual meat pies imported from France?

Or do you mean Quebec-style meat pies?

And where are you, how far are you willing to travel to purchase them? I can tell you that Quebec-style meat pies are sold, frozen, at Sam Mazza's in Colchester VT, and also at Dick Mazza's General Store in Colchester VT.

Vermont Cheese Makers

Read about it here, from the NY Times:

Fortunately, this guy cleaned up his act since that time.