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Short Trip - 3 Questions (MSP)

Black Sheep is quite a hike from the dome, FWIW...

Chowing with the Choo-Choo's (MSP)

This may be a little more than what you were looking for, but if you're looking for a great idea for a weekend trip, you might want to consider the Whistle Stop Inn B&B in New York Mills. They apparently have lots of rail traffic there and you can stay in a real train car.


MSP - Galaxy Drive In - Anyone Been?

So, I have heard some buzz about a new Drive-In restaurant taking the place of Wagner's called Galaxy Drive-in.

A quick google search pulls up some not-so-hot reviews of the place, citing undercooked food, poor/slow service, etc....

Now, new restaurants sometimes have growing pains and teething problems, but wouldn't Schussler's experience with previous restaurant ventures preclude this somewhat? I understand a drive-in may be new territory.

I would like to try it but I am curious if anyone has been there and had a good experience, or if this place is a bust.

Jul 16, 2009
autobahn in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - Culinary Butane Torches?

I'm no chef or do I really cook myself all that often, but I pay attention enough to know that any time I've ever heard people talking about making creme brulee I always hear the suggestion of going with a hardware store propane torch rather than one of those wimpy deals they sell at the kitchenwares stores.

Bonus is that if you just use it for creme brulee one tank is going to last you a long time.

Real Philly Cheesesteak in MSP - Help Please

I think if someone wanted to make some $ they would open an Authentic Philly shop somewhere close to the core metro area.

Good french fries in MSP?

They were excellent. I was blown away at the quality of these fries even though they are technically fast food fries.

I love the fact that Five Guys throws in a bunch of "refugee fries" on purpose on top of everything in the bag. Makes it fun to dig out your burger amongst a mountain of fries.

I would recommend this place to anyone BUT it's currently going through its "new in Minnesota" phase with typical lines all the way out the door and nowhere to sit. (at least the 2 times I've been there - it's that good!) My suggestion would be an off-hour or something like that...

Good french fries in MSP?

I'm going to try this for lunch today :)

More help for jfood from MSP Hounds

If you're looking for a good traditional American diner, check out the Convention Grill in Edina. Their burgers are top notch (but not fancy by any means) and their malts are to DIE FOR. Also excellent hand cut fries. May I suggest the Oreo Malt as you previously stated that you enjoyed Oreo ice cream?

Convention Grill & Fountain
3912 Sunnyside Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55424

Jun 04, 2009
autobahn in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Good french fries in MSP?

I know fries are a subjective topic.

But I am on the lookout for some good french fries.

Now, my personal favorite fries are from the "Fresh French Fries" booth at the MN State Fair. However these are only available for 2 weeks a year! :( I think I recall some time back someone had mentioned that the guy who was running this booth had a place locally where you could get these things all year, but IIRC this was long ago and I never was able to figure out where that place was.

What I'm NOT looking for is fries that are masked with seasoning and toppings. Just a little salt. I've been particularly annoyed that a lot of the fast food places (I don't think people think much of fast food on here!) have switched to fries with that coating/seasoning on them.

I personally prefer a hand cut "skin on" style fry. I've had good luck with Annie's Parlour in Dinkytown (and similarly its sister restaurant the Convention Grill).

Of course I don't want to discriminate against any good fries, so any cuts or styles are cool. I just don't think that adding on garlic seasoning or seasoned salt or whatever is really necessary if a fry is good in the first place.

Anyone got some tips?

MSP Best French Toast

It's a bit of a drive, but if you're ever driving up north, Tobies in Hinckley makes some wicked french toast out of... get this... glazed donuts.

Basically it's a heart attack in a meal, but really, really good.

Their cinnamon rolls are great, too.

Visiting St. Paul 9/14-9/16

Also, Cossetta's is great for an informal quick pasta/pizza dining experience. Cafeteria-style. Might be a little walk from the St. Paul Hotel but worth it.

Somewhat close to the southwest side of the Xcel Energy Center if you navigate by landmarks.

Cossetta Italian Market-Pizzeria
211 7th St, W St Paul, MN

Philly Cheesesteak in Minnesota

Old thread, but I have to say - TOPS Pizza & Hoagies in Rosemount is a great place for a cheesesteak.

It's run by a Greek family, so their Greek food is good as well. However, it would be tough for me to order anything other than their Cheesesteak. Their pizza is great as well if you're into the thinner crust.

Anyways, TOPS makes their cheesesteaks out of white cheese (maybe provolone? I'm bad at identifying cheese by taste...) and they put them on crusty, delicious rolls that actually have substance and don't fall apart when you try to eat them.

I've tried other places around the metro, and TOPS comes closest so far to a "real" philly.

For a challenge, try putting down the 18" "Whole" size cheesesteak.

(FYI, TOPS stands for "The Original Philadelphia Style". Markos, the owner/cook, is a philly expat apparently so there you go... Most days Markos himself will be making your sandwich.)

Oct 17, 2008
autobahn in Minneapolis-St. Paul

dinkytown dining with kids [MSP]

You can't go wrong with Annie's. It's a burger joint, so don't expect anything fancy, but their burgers are top notch. The fries are of the skin-on fresh cut variety, and the malts.... Let's just say it's almost a sin to go there and NOT have a malt.

Definitely a place your kids will love. Service can be spotty sometimes, but I've never had bad food.

TIP: a half order of fries will serve two. I'm not kidding here, I eat a lot of fries and I sometimes have trouble finishing off a half order with my girlfriend. Burgers don't come with fries by default, you can order a "side" of fries for everyone but I'd suggest ordering a full or couple half orders instead.

Annie's Parlour
313 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414