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Eulalie's Corner Store, Gerrard and Coxwell

That was Narula around 2003.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

Vinnie your post is very funny. Did you like the food? I live around the corner and have dined in three times and enjoyed the experience every time, ensuring before I go that I have time and am not in a hurry. We get takeout often as this is very quick (10 minutes). It is really fresh and delicious food.

Favourites include the Pharoah's Shrimp Po Boy sandwich, the Chef's Appetizer Platter, Cairo Classic breakfast, lentil soup and Mind Blowing Chicken Sandwich. Actually those are the things I have tried so I guess as I try more of the menu the list of favourites will grow? Even the kids like the food and actually crave the Po Boy. Of note, they are now closed every Wednesday.

Globe Bistro??

Wow, those pictures are beautiful. Prima, we had their red fife bread and daily butter which was lovely, an amuse of smoked trout on a parmesan crisp which was fantastic, parsnip puree soup with hazelnut oil, a brussel sprout, blue cheese, walnut salad that was fantastic (I think I could easily have this salad for a main and be very happy) and a fish dish which I totally forget now and was not the highlight. The fish was light, moist and tender and had a nice crisp skin and there were tempura mushrooms with it. I am a big fish and seafood fan but, although well prepared, it was not the best part of the meal.

The main course was a sous vide steak with a black pepper sauce and it was phenomenal. The cheese plate consisted of a lovely Canadian brie, wonderful candied nuts, baguette crisps and their honey which completely stole the show. Dessert was an almond cake with sea buckthorn berry puree (tart and creamy) and creme anglaise.

Everything was really, really beautiful and delicious. There was nothing wrong with the fish dish, it was just not a standout as everything else was. There were a number of diners who were in an hurry to get to a show at the Music Hall, some from out of town and a large table in a big rush. Three different servers came over to apologize to us for the delays. However, as parents of school-age children we were delighted to have a decadent, unhurried dinner with really good vodka martinis to start, followed by fantastic wines that Stacey, our main server recommended.

There was a very boisterous pair (they said they were uncle and niece) at the table beside us, loudly criticizing the service and speed, recounting their past antics at various concerts and playing us a sample of the music they were going to hear across the street after dinner. When I was on the way to washroom the manager asked me if they were bothering us and apologized. We were not bothered at all but it was nice that they showed concern.

Globe Bistro??

I wanted to add a recent note about Globe and the tasting menu as I could not find very current information about people's experiences here when I was looking last week. We had a travelzoo for the tasting menu and went last Wednesday with no expectations and had a wonderful, delicious meal with fantastic service. It was truly memorable.

Leslieville pubs or other casual dinner options

Re Gary's comments about Aft. The food is really good and the place is casual. The salad with smoked chicken is a great deal at $13 and very substantial portion. The smoked wings are out of this world.

Night out

Thanks to everyone for the info. The out-of-town friend chose the Borough and he got a reservation for 8 people at 7:30. We had to wait at the bar a while as the table for two which we needed to add to the larger table was still occupied. The host and server checked in with us several times and told us that the couple had paid and had not ordered anything else but were lingering. They were really polite and ensured we got drinks at the bar. Unfortunately the bartender was kind of weak and seemed puzzled as to how to make a martini without olives (they only offer local ingredients). She asked if I wanted it on the rocks (?) I ordered a drink from the menu that really didn't hit the spot (when you want a martini you kind of feel like a martini) and when we got our table our server, who was probably the best server I've met in a long while said that she absolutely makes martinis, and she brought me a completely delicious vodka martini which she made herself with Dillon's vodka. She seemed to be doing all her own bartending that night. She recommended a fantastic red later in the evening. We wished she wasn't quite to busy as a number of us would have ordered wine and refills on beer during dinner but she really had her hands full tending to the tables and making her own drinks. The food was great. People in our party had the beets (everyone who had this dish raved), stuffed yorkshire pudding (delicious), chicken-pot-pie bites (tasty, a little heavy but what did we expect?), ribs (looked outrageous, in a good way, and were devoured), burgers (very large and looked great), bangers and mash and the pickerel. The pickerel was light and perfectly cooked; moist inside, crisp on top, with wonderful lentils and roasted cauliflower. The vegetable side that came with the ribs was a large portion of roasted seasonal veg and I would order that as a starter next time. They were perfectly roasted and very tasty, especially the whole brussel sprouts.Everyone really enjoyed their food. One person had desert; sticky toffee pudding and most at the table tasted and loved it. The place was packed all evening and we will be back for sure. A fantastic addition to the hood and a wonderful, helpful, charismatic server.

Night out


Night out

Thanks so much for the input JR and JB. JB, which do you prefer? ES or S and B? Has anyone been to the Borough yet?

Night out

A friend is coming into town from Montreal later this month and wants to go out on a Saturday night with a group (# to be determined, might be anywhere from 6-10). He is staying uptown but asked me for suggestions of restaurants with good food and drinks and a fun atmosphere to hang out in. He knows that I tend to go out near home (east) and is fine with that as some of the people he is inviting live nearby. He was interested in Brooklyn Tavern (I shared with him the comments about it from this board), Goods and Provisions and the Ceili Cottage. However he was not that keen on the menus he found for the last two online. I have liked everything I’ve had at G and P but only have a few things at Ceili. I also suggested Rock Lobster (haven’t been), the Wren and the Borough (also have not been but have heard good things and those locations will permit us go to Sauce afterwards for a drink). Any input would be appreciated. Am I missing any great places that are fun to hang out in, would suit a group of 6-10 (G and P might not) and have good food and drinks? I was really partial to Tomi Kro and the Playpen but those are obviously not around anymore…

The Roy

We were at an appointment a block away and we had to go somewhere south of Queen right after...They are old enough to go to civilized places and regularly went to the Playpen. They refuse to go to Real Jerk, as they are still mourning Playpen's closure and now John's passing. They are loyal to a fault. I know it was a mistake since the Roy sucked two years ago. I was really tired and stupid. And lazy. And I saw $7 wings. Convenience...

Goods and Provisions Welcome to the Hood!

Has anyone been recently? I haven't been in about a year and am wondering how things are tasting.

The Roy

We returned, regrettably, last night, after having lousy overpriced food and finding it way too noisy a year or two ago. We were in the area and I needed to feed the kids (older than stroller-age) when I spotted the $7 wing sign outside. Wish I kept walking. It was louder than last time, no music, just people noise and it smelled sour. After we told the server we weren't drinking she abandoned us and I had to ask the bartender for a food menu. As soon as we ordered wings we were advised that we each needed to order a drink. I wish I had gotten up and left but was too tired and embarrassed. The wine was horrid, the wings, although large, were fatty and not tasty. My son's honey garlic wings were all honey-no garlic. He ate half of his sister's $11.00 grilled cheese (!!!!) and a whole bagel when we got home as he was still hungry. The fries were weak and the gravy was from a mix (clumps at the bottom of the bowl). The kids shared a deep-fried Mars bar which was small and overpriced. All in all $70 including tip for a lousy meal and drinks. Even the blue cheese dip was disappointing for a pub. It tasted like ranch with a few crumbles of cheese. Wish we had eaten at home.

Sushi on Gerrard - pretty good!

The liquor licence has finally arrived. They have a really nice sake I have never had before and the standard beer choices most sushi places offer. Sorry I can't be more specific. It is so nice to be able to have a warm (or cold) sake with delicious and fresh sushi.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

They opened last weekend. I have only had a muffin thus far (it was toasted coconut and delicious). The menu sounds great and I intend to work my way through it. They are open 7-5. There is a facebook page at "Maha's Fine Egyptian Cuisine."

RIP Johnny K

What happened? This is very sad.

best pastas in Toronto, 2014

Vivetha pastas are heavenly and they are very generous with seafood.

Nam Sandwich Shop

Oh wouldn't that be NICE! I love it there, will go out of my way, pay for parking and even stand in line...everything there is so good....

Indian Food SOS

I am a fan of Haandi and our family has been eating there for 15 years. It is not fancy and not the best in town but the a la carte (and buffet if you are into that) are great, they can taylor to your tastes and can prepare extremely spicy food if that is your preference and mild options for children. They can always accommodate a large crowd and are friendly. They are licensed.

Gautama, in my opinion is very lovely and has a patio, which is great. I have only tried the buffet and found the food too mild for my liking but it is very nice and very popular. have fun wherever you go. Both Haandi and Gautama are very family friendly. Haandi has an ice cream bar, I forget whether Gautama does or not.

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

The Queen and Greenwood location, below Margherita is now closed-out of business.

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

bake not back

Kritamos Greek Fish House and Rotisserie - Who's been?

I delayed posting on this place after speaking with the owner about our experience because he kindly offered us the chance to return so that he could make up for it but I guess we won't be able to do that now. We were looking for a place to go to celebrate a number of significant events-birthday, anniversary and retirement. It was June 29th I believe, and Greece was playing in the world cup that day so Danforth was busy to say the least, and there was one of those crazy rainstorms. I had called that afternoon and spoke to the owner, Brian, who encouraged us to come and celebrate our milestones there, promising us a memorable night with some extras thrown in. We arrived to an empty restaurant with a brand new (but pleasant) server. Service was very slow. We were finally informed that they were down a chef due to Ramadan and eventually an experienced server arrived from her day job. There were no extras, desert was not offered and by the time we all got our food and finished eating it was late andwe needed to leave. We had been there almost three hours. The food was hit and miss. The sardines were described as very good, the dips were average, the lobster linguine too rich and the steak inedible- very fat (I know, who orders steak at a fish place-a 10 year old boy does). I tried the linguine the next day for lunch and it did not sit well at all due to oversalting and very heavy/rich. Total for four adults and two children was $233. I spoke to Brian the next day and he was very pleasant and apologetic (hey! these things happen and every place has the odd "off" night). He said he did not realize that I was the person who had called and that we were celebrating. However, given that I called first and we were the only diners for most of the night (another table came later) it is odd that he did not realize we were the people celebrating. We had told the server about the milestones we were celebrating. Brian advised that she did not know to tell him we were the party who were celebrating. I wish him luck with his next endeavor, he was very nice and the place was pretty and comfortable.

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

My kids loved it. We have back a second time, the four of us.
The mixed appetizer platter for $12.99 was more than enough for 4 of us as an appetizer (we also had one other app, a salad and a main but there was a good amount left over for lunch the next day). The kids loved the kunefe for desert but order it while you are having your main as it takes a while to back.

Leslieville Pumps

I have not seen posts about this place in some time and I have been just loving it so I wanted to share: I have been 4 times now and there are delightful, friendly and knowledgeable young women taking orders. The food is fantastic. The smoked butter chicken sandwich is delicious, moist, smokey goodness on a great, fresh bun and the sliced apple and arugula complete it. It is perfection. I recently tried the poutine and it was one of the best I've had in Toronto. The curds were larger than most and the gravy was smokey and incredibly rich.

I read all the comments about staff and service. On mother's day our vehicle died in their parking lot while we were getting sandwiches. We notified the staff that it would be some time before CAA could come and tow it and they were totally nice about our minivan taking up space in their lot indefinitely and our family of four camping out at the picnic tables.

Rediscovered Masellis Supermarket

We find the meat well-priced and alot of interesting condiments and canned/jarred items. The quality of their produce is really good and everyone working there is really nice. Excellent stop to prepare for a picnic.

Bes Frutti Di Mare Pasta in Toronto?

Not very fancy but chock full of seafood are the pastas at Vivetha:
I have only been to the one in the beach and have tried many dishes, all are fantastic and they are very, very generous with the seafood. Fruit de Mer, Seafruit fusilli, Seafood delight, seafood fettuccine and pesto seafood are good options.

The Pantry - the "new" one - on Gerrard East near Coxwell

Stopped in yesterday and bought some wonderful maple smoked cheddar and orange crush-rubbed mozzarella from Quebec (that is not a typo). The shop is lovely and the owner very nice and accommodating to my two cheese-loving kids. There was a good variety of Canadian organic cheeses and he packaged them in a nice plastic-lined paper and affixed printed labels naming and describing the cheeses and location. A nice touch and we will be back. Maybe later today...

What a terrific addition the the neighbourhood!

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

Thanks for posting Tatai, I read that recently revived thread and decided to go to Anatolian with my family and parents for Mother's Day and have been meaning to write about it. Wow. We are all eager to return. We had the mixed appetizer and standouts on that plate were the babaganush, caclik, spinach torator and eggplant with tomato sauce (had a nice kick). Actually we liked everything on that plate. My son had the fried kalamari and it was so good we ordered a second plate of it. We shared the gavurdaji salad and it was fantastic. There were bits of roasted ground walnuts and it was tangy and fresh. I could eat that every day. We also all shared the chef's mix and I thought the doner was the best part of that plate but I did not try the lamb chop. We had the lahmacun and I prefer it at Pide on Gerrard plus we had way too much food for six people at this point. We had Turkish coffee in gorgeous cups and shared the kunefe at the recommendation of our wonderful server. It was a sweet, warm, delicious indulgence. The room was lovely and spacious and we had two women serving us and they were helpful, accommodating, charming and made great recommendations. They truly seemed proud of the place and the food. We will be back.

Day-before Mother's Day recom


Day-before Mother's Day recom

Needed to move Mother's Day to the day before. We can do brunch or early dinner (lupper). Kid- friendly (ages 7 and 10, they eat). Need to ensure mom feels spoiled but not too $$ please.

Is this too vague?

South east or south central only please.

McGugan's - Scottish pub at Gerrard and Jones

We finally tried the food there. I had been turned off when I went in for a scotch the year they opened and the bartender/manager lectured me when I politely declined to add water to my scotch. (If I wanted a lecture I'd have audited a class somewhere).

Last night we settled on it as it was late, the kids were hungry and we could not eat at Aprile Bambina Cucina because my husband is allergic to scents and when we opened the door to Aprile it was clear that some of the diners had been quite liberal with their cologne and perfume.

Ambience: McGugan's back room, as already described was not particularly cozy but there were many choices of tables and sports on the big screen so son and husband were pleased. The music was irritatingly awful and the upholstery on many of the chairs was heavily stained.

Server: He was lovely. Efficient, polite, honest and patient.

Drinks: Husband enjoyed his beer, a sign on the wall indicated that specific pints are $5 from 2-7 on weekends and holidays. My McGugan's Old Fashioned ($11) was the smallest cocktail I have ever had. The tiny beverage tasted fine, and was garnished with three maraschino cherries but had I not added water it would have been gone in two sips. Poor value. I would not order a cocktail here again.

Food: son had the signature sandwich "McGugan's Beef Sannie" ($14.95) as described in Ms. Ladybug's post and he was in heaven. I tasted it and it was fantastic. It came with very good fries. This dish was a winner. Daughter was not very hungry and had fries.

Nachos ($10.95). I just didn't like these. I didn't like the taste of the tortillas they used, the toppings were mounded in the middle and thus not evenly distributed and leading to very soggy, mushy chips. Maybe we make nachos at home too often and have become nacho elitists? Or we simply favour our own?

Wings ($11.95). We ordered these hot and had a side of their hottest sauce (I forget the name they gave it). It was very hot and quite good. The wings were really, very good but I found it odd that only one was a drum. In my experience about half the order should be drums. I really enjoyed these but found that unusual.

Overall we found it $73.00 (including tip) to be very $$ for a local pub and while we live just a few blocks away I would not return unless one or more of us were craving that beef sandwich. I read the posts about the demographic and it is really very mixed in these parts. In my opinion the prices at Sum Kee next door are a good reflection of what a significant portion of the neighbourhood spends on restaurant/takeout food. For what we paid, Sushi on Gerrard would have been a better bet-healthier, tastier and better value. I expect to pay at least $60 for sushi for two adults and two kids.