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Where can I buy duck and duck fat in San Diego?

I am looking to cook duck confit, and would apprecate recommendations for sources of duck fat and duck in San Diego.


Feb 02, 2010
JKP in San Diego

Good News - Opera Cafe in Downtown SD reopened as Cafe at L'Opera!

Good news indeed. Where is the new location? Did they move to Sorrento Valley as you previously posted?

Jan 17, 2008
JKP in California

San Diego Restaurant Week - Recommendations, Suggestions, and Comments

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.

OK, I retract the statement that it's a "rip-off." I agree that if I were to go on a regular day, I'd spend upwards of $70-80/person, if not more, not including drinks, tax, tip, for the same meal. It's not the actual food/price ratio that bothers me.

I was surprised to learn that other city's restaurants charge less than SD's during restaurant week, and I feel it's a bit unfair/misleading to advertise the event as $30/person for a 3 course meal, when it seems like at least 1/2 of the restaurants are charing $40/person, and some even charge a surcharge for substitutions.

$40/person + wine + tax + tip + parking = more than I bargained for sometimes.

Jan 16, 2008
JKP in California

San Diego Restaurant Week - Recommendations, Suggestions, and Comments

Looking to make some final decisions on restaurant week--so far, thinking about Currant, 1500 Ocean, Jacks Grille, and Nine-Ten. Any recommendations/suggestions as far as the places under consideration and other places I should try? I'd prefer to stay in/near downtown.

Also, what do people think about the fact that most places charge $40/person? Even though I'm participating I personally think it's a bit of a rip-off. Restaurant in LA charge between $25-35 during restaurant week, and I think even NY restaurants charge less.


Jan 15, 2008
JKP in California

Outdoor Dining in San Diego

Jayne's patio is now open.

Aug 28, 2007
JKP in San Diego

Anyone Check out Restaurant at new Ivy Hotel--SD

Was wondering about the same thing re: Modus myself. I hope they're doing well. I think SD needs more of those type of restaurants--neighborhood joints with good ambiance, sophisticated food, and reasonably moderate prices.

As for the Ivy, don't go there. I had one of the worst food experiences in my life. Everything I ordered was bad--started with lobster ravioli (fishy, tough), then lamb shank--tender, but no flavor, even though it was drenched in sauce. I don't even remember what my SO had, but it was worse than mine. Service was terrible, had no food knowledge. Wine service was very condescending. The only attraction I could see is the hostesses who are very tall, very attractive, and wear some dramatic gowns. It's all wanna be Vegas hype and style, no substance.

Aug 15, 2007
JKP in California

What's new and exciting in San Diego?

Jayne's is one of my favorite restaurants. Excellent value, good food, cozy/friendly service and atmosphere. Had white bean crostini (something about perfectly grilled bread...), seared-ahi salad w/ strawberries (special one night), and a burger--all excellent, and great value. Also had flat iron steak, ceasar salad, french onion soup, tasted short ribs...all excellent.

Quarter Kitchen is the antithesis of Jayne's. Overpriced, bad food. Went there this past Saturday. Decor is over the top-Vegas, and there are stunningly beautiful women wearing stunning gowns serving as hostesses. The space is open, very urban, well done.

Our server was horrible. Very green, knows little about food/what the restaurant is serving. Knows even less about wine. Knows nothing about service, or being prompt. Dinner of two courses took 3 hours! Wine service was decent, but a bit pretentious--or maybe I didn't order the right kind of wine.

Dinner started w/ Kobe carpaccio, which was good, but how do you go wrong w/ kobe beef? Then we had the "kitchen sink" salad, which was fair. As a main I had the lamb, my wife the lobster ravioli, which is really an appetizer. Lamb was tender, but had no flavor. Lobster ravioli was ok, but a bit "fishy/funky". There is nothing interesting or adventurous on the menu, it's just your typical grilled meats and potatoes spot. All in all, for the prices, not worth it, and very disappointing.

I second the recommendations for the Guild and the Linkery. If you haven't been, Jacks in La Jolla is a good.

Jun 25, 2007
JKP in California

Pho, Ramen, Noodle Soup near Downtown SD

Anyone have any idea about the closest place I can get decent pho, ramen, or chinese noodle soup from downtown San Diego? And please, don't say SD Superior Court.

I occassionally need to satisfy an intense craving, and driving 10 miles to Convoy is getting a bit much.


May 14, 2007
JKP in San Diego

Starvin' in San Diego

I will have to agree with my fellow Chowhounds. Being from SF, you will be disappointed w/ the food here. However, there are a few gems. It's more than ten, the first ten being my fav. ten.

Jacks La Jolla
Donovans Steakhouse
China Max - good new Hong Kong cooking
Taka - I know, it's downtown, and pricy, but it's really good sushi
The Linkery
Buga Korean BBQ (I hear SF has some bad Korean food)
Emerald - good dim sum
Rocky's in PB for burgers
Laurel - good happy hour
Kensington Grill - ok food, good "neighborhood eatery" vibe
Sushi Ota - the other really good high end sushi spot in SD
Modus - ok food, good vibe, probably the best thing is that the kitchen is open late
Fresh Restaurant (haven't been in a while, but last visit was good)
Buon Appetito
Taste of Thai
Cafe Chloe - ok food, good vibe

Good luck.

Apr 24, 2007
JKP in San Diego

Suggestions Near Mirage...

I'm disappointed to hear that about Stack--was thinking about checking that out. Thanks for the recs.

Apr 18, 2007
JKP in Southwest

Suggestions Near Mirage...

Thanks. Yes, been to Bouchon - both LV and Napa - and love it, but wanted to venture out. I'd be interested in your experience at B&B Ristorante--our trip is in later in May, so LMK.

Apr 18, 2007
JKP in Southwest

Suggestions Near Mirage...

Staying two nights in Vegas. Going to DB Brasserie for pre-theater dinner on second night, would like recommendations for the first night, non-French, preferably steak, American, or Italian, in or walking distance from Mirage. From LA, so Spago, Chinois, Valentino, BOA, Sushi Roku - been there, done that.

Apr 18, 2007
JKP in Southwest

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas.........

High, but not out of control--typical high-end steakhouse prices. I'd say the food was worth every penny, IMHO.

Apr 17, 2007
JKP in Southwest

SD Hounding Looking For "Best" of SF

Looking for fine dining, not pretentious (no jackets required preferably, but willing to compromise), romantic, and unique dining expereince for two, with wife. Prefer French/Cal/Italian, near Financial District/Union Sq./SOMA, but will have car.

Was considering Foreign Cinema, but see a lot of negative posts. Can't get into Quince, Chez Panisse, not interested in Rubicon, Masa.

Mar 26, 2007
JKP in San Francisco Bay Area

Pre-Theater Dinner - San Diego

I'm looking for a spot to have dinner before going to the Civic Theater. Because the show starts at 7:00, we have to eat at 5:30 or so. Walking distance is preferable, to avoid parking problems. I was going to go to Cafe Cerise, but it is closed until further notice. Any suggestions?

Mar 23, 2007
JKP in California

San Antonio - Riverwalk

Will be in San Antonio for two evenings, for business. Any can't miss suggestions?

Dec 13, 2006
JKP in Texas

Laurel San Diego

I will second Captain Jack and Mimosa's comments. My first visit to Laurel, soon after the change in ownership, was quite disappointing. I learned of their 7 before 7 happy hour, and went w/o any expectations a few weeks ago, and was surprised and impressed. While we only ate at the bar, the appetizers we ordered were excellent, and the bartender was very friendly and knew his stuff as well as the patrons. High marks all around.

Nov 08, 2006
JKP in California

Looking for recommendations in Atlanta

San Diego Chowhound staying at the Marriott Marquis for business, Thursday to Sunday, looking for a wide range of recommendations, from traditional comfort/soul/southern cooking food to more "upscale" modern southern cooking, to anything else that is a must see/eat/visit/drink.

Sep 20, 2006
JKP in General South Archive

Romantic yet affordable?

Have you been to Cafe Bizou? Good food and value, $2 corkage, good ambiance (esp. Pasadena and Sherman Oaks locations). Used to be one of my go to "first date" locations.

Aug 28, 2006
JKP in Los Angeles Area

What Happened to Troquet?

Was in Costa Mesa this weekend, and learned that Troquet has closed. Anyone know what happened, and/or what the plans are?

Aug 28, 2006
JKP in Los Angeles Area

Yakitori K-1 San Diego

cgfan, you are making me hungry. Got to go...check this place out...

Aug 17, 2006
JKP in California

Las Vegas--40th birthday dinner coming up!

I was just at the MGM this weekend.

If you want to stay at the hotel, I'd recommend craftsteak. Excellent all around, one of the best steak experiences of my life. Wine list can use some work though, a bit too inaccessible for my standards--who orders the 82 Petrus for $8000? I'd also recommend Nob Hill.

If you are ok leaving the hotel, I'd recomment Bouchon at Venetian, Boa at Caesars, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, DB Brasserie at Wynn. All excellent all around.

Aug 16, 2006
JKP in Southwest

Lunch Spots in/near Downtown LA, weekends

SD hound coming up to LA for business. Any suggestions for lunch near downtown on the weekend, esp. saturday?

Aug 02, 2006
JKP in Los Angeles Area