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PDX Chinese Moon Cakes

Skip the Freshman, I want to hear about the Aiea Grill. Ono?

Sep 02, 2006
pakegirl in Pacific Northwest

Servers' comments?

The feature was called "The Stained Apron" at this same web address, but with a different homepage appearance.

Aug 02, 2006
pakegirl in Site Talk

what the heck are those cold elasticky noodles called that you get with Korean/Japanese food?

Take it from an Asian: they are bean thread noodles sold dry. They are reconstituted by soaking them in water before cooking.

Servers' comments?

What happened to the regular feature from the servers and cooking staff?

Aug 02, 2006
pakegirl in Site Talk

Meat cake!

You are a GENIUS! And a guy, too! Sexist, maybe, but only in total admiration of your achievement. So what were the eaters' initial responses after their first bites?

Aug 02, 2006
pakegirl in Home Cooking

Santa Clara area poor student chow spots

Here are the requirements:
1. Great food
2. Large portions
3. Cheap