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small wedding cake

Black Hound.

Mar 06, 2014
mahler5 in Manhattan

Chicken Biscuits NYC?

Jacob's Pickles' chicken and biscuits are phenomenal. You can either get them with sausage gravy or mushroom gravy. And unlike chick-fil-a, you won't be supporting anti-gay causes by eating there.

Jan 22, 2014
mahler5 in Manhattan

Hungarian food


Dec 03, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Looking for Panforte in NYC or surrounding area

imported, not important. So sorry.

Dec 01, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Looking for Panforte in NYC or surrounding area

You can buy the important kind from Dean and Deluca.

Nov 29, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Dinner choices on a budget

Gazala Palace. I don't think that they serve liquor.

Nov 16, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Murray's Rotisserie Chickens

Garden of Eden's roast chickens are excellent.

Nov 13, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Best Donuts in NYC

Dough is FAR superior to Doughnut Plant. The latter's creme brûlée is very good however, as is their coconut cream.

Nov 12, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Downtown Friday Brunch after City Hall marriage

We went for Chinese food and never regretted it.

Sep 26, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Best lemon meringue pie?

Most patisseurs have great lemon tarts sans meringue.

Sep 22, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Uncomfortable Comfort Food

Desserts are good.

Sep 19, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Best Bread in NYC?

Silver Moon on the UWS. Especially their rustic baguette. And for a treat, their chocolate-orange bread on weekends.

Sep 07, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Elderflower syrup

Where can I buy elderflower syrup in Manhattan? I became obsessed with it in Copenhagen last week.

Jul 13, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Quiet dining

Any very expensive and most very cheap restaurants. Nothing in between.

May 21, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Fruit and Fibre Cereal--Sourcing

I don't know the cereal to which you refer, but after years of buying various mueslis, I recently started mixing my own. Far less expensive and much more delicious.

Apr 05, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

I need to order a half sheet cake in Manhattan - need suggestions!

We chose coconut, btw.

Apr 05, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

I need to order a half sheet cake in Manhattan - need suggestions!

I bought a few sheet cakes from Good Enough to Eat on the UWS for my wedding reception last spring. It was the second best decision of the event (my choice of spouse being the first.)

Apr 05, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

The Modern - Bar Room

I find the bar room much too noisy. The restaurant behind it is heaven however.

If you mean the tarte flambée, it is very good indeed. (A Alsatian friend pointed out that it is neither a tarte nor is it flambéed.)

Mar 13, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Horse meat in Manhattan

I think it's illegal in the U.S.

Feb 11, 2013
mahler5 in Manhattan

Marea Dress code

You will feel most comfortable in suit and tie. Jacket and tie would be okay too. You'll feel uncomfortable more casual than that.

Dec 21, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Best dessert place in Manhattan.

I'm not a fan of Junior's. Their desserts taste factory-made to me. If you want comfort-food desserts, go to Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam Ave. at 84th St.

Dec 18, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Momofuku Milk Bar whole cakes

This is only tangentially related, but Good Enough To Eat's coconut cake is so delicious (as are all their cakes) that I served one for my wedding, despite the fact that they do not decorate.

Dec 16, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Best risotto NYC?


Dec 07, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Need nice restaurant near Carnegie Hall

Seasonal and Marea are much better.

Dec 06, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Restaurant Suggestions – UWS

I'd opt for Lincoln. The food is Italian and delicious, and while it's not particularly romantic, it's über New York. Tell them the occasion when you make your reservation.

Dec 01, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Great Italian

Bar Pitti is super-casual and has some of the things for mention, though I've never seen chicken piccata. It's authentic Florentine cuisine, not Italo-Americano. Order from their extensive daily specials (they pass around a blackboard with them listed in Italian only), not from their printed menu.

Nov 24, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Recs for low-key, romantic in Village/ west village / soho?

Le Gigot, on Cornelia. I'm going there myself tonight.

Nov 09, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Is there a French restaurant that straddles the great middle?

Le gigot?

Oct 29, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Indian Restaurant - Upper West Side

If you are willing to venture a few blocks farther, Indus Valley on Broadway at ~100 st. is quite good. And there's a vegetarian Indian place on Amsterdam ~88th that's very good. They have another branch in the E 20s.

Oct 04, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan

Odeon - Still Great After All These Years...

No to mention their generous portion of chocolate mousse!

Sep 23, 2012
mahler5 in Manhattan