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Hungarian Wine

Just returned from several months living in Hungary and was blown away by the quality and value of wine -- particularly their Cabernet Franc, red blends, Furmint and Chardonnay.

Anyone know of any importers who offer a Hungarian selection? Preliminary browsing yields very little online...

Bar Isabel - Must Tries?

Thanks again for all the suggestions. We were a party of five. Reservations are clearly a must. It was packed at 6:30 on a Monday.

It's rare I look at a menu and want to try everything. Overwhelmed by choice, we mentioned some of our must-haves, based on your recommendations, and then asked the kitchen to fill in the gaps.

Octopus was the obvious dish to have and we were not disappointed. Such perfect char. So tender.

The whole sea bream ceviche also lives up to its rating. Perfect, large-chunked fish, washed in flavour and beautifully presented. We scraped this pescatarian bowl clean and performed further ignominy by digging out the crisp cheeks and eating them.

The other must-try was their frequent special -- Rabbit Porchetta. Very intelligently presented with probably the best cauliflower you'll have. Don't make the mistake of asking how this usually healthy vegetable is prepared before you've finished eating every bite. Indulge.

More delight found in the charred leeks and the airy charcuterie. Ditto the humble strips of anchovy and red pepper on crunchy house-made chips. Spicy, crisp potatoes. A tasty blur of delight.

My table compatriots sullied this otherwise hipster-ish spot with a birthday request. Mustachioed server obliged by sticking a candle in something we all shared. Something delicious. Something flat. Drizzled with something else. We asked him what it was but he was clearly embarrassed by this suburban display and wanted out of there. He pronounced it "cake" before he scarpered, leaving the table to sing Happy BIrthday and the rest of the restaurant to pretend this wasn't happening.

Splendid times. Thanks again, Chowhound hive-mind.

Bar Isabel - Must Tries?

Thanks all for the thoughtful suggestions. Heading there in about 10 days. I'll post a report!

Bar Isabel - Must Tries?

Heading there in March for a birthday celebration. What are your faves?

Oakville Favourites

I will second Suvai. Good food, cooked with health in mind. They deliver too.

Wine pairings at George?

Go for it! We had the pairing, and were given two constrasting wines with several dishes -- smaller pours obviously, but a great opportunity to explore some new food/wine matches.

Faugeres in GTA

Thanks sloweater... I'll give them a ring.

@syoung -- I was actually referring to the appellation but thanks for replying and the useful list of agents.

Faugeres in GTA

I've been looking for some Faugeres wine and am having dismal luck looking through the LCBO and the consignment guys I use.

Does anyone happen to have a consignment source for this wine in the GTA?

Enoch Turner - wedding caterers (Daniel et Danile et all are duds)

We were married at the Enoch Turner and were catered by La Bodega. Are they still on he list? We thought they were fine, fairly good value. We were able to bring in our own alcohol which is a huge savings.

Guests will remember your wedding at the beautiful schoolhouse, not the food. Great choice and -- much future happiness to you.

Home Delivery - what do you tip$? (moved from Ontario board)

It's nice to see there are generous people out there that take time to think of other people's lives and the impact of small kindnesses.

It's even better to see others that hadn't thought of a delivery guy in that way, decide to change their tune.

Blessings and kudos to both the preachers and the converted. It's decent, thoughtful folks like you that keep me coming back to this board. :)

Jan 18, 2008
Markaroni in Not About Food

Home Delivery - what do you tip$? (moved from Ontario board)

Wow... Two Dollars.

Sure you're not getting the white linen service of being in the actual Chinese restaurant or the Swiss Chalet. But some guy has brought food *to your house*. With his gas. In his own car. Maybe on a cold/rainy/snowy night. He's getting minimum wage. If that.

15 percent seems pretty fair to me.

Jan 17, 2008
Markaroni in Not About Food

Passitti Cheese

Picked this up at the market today. It's a round cheese, Barbapapa-shaped, that looks pretty fresh for a cheese that has a best-before date of a year. Has anyone had any experience with it -- or any tips on how to best enjoy it?

Jan 17, 2008
Markaroni in Cheese

Cilantro Cuisines restaurant in Oakville

We went as a foursome a few weeks ago, bringing another couple from the states that were visiting. We moved to Oakville a year or so ago and it was always on my list of places to try. The Star review added a little spark to the fire.

The setting is lovely -- two candelit rooms with the tables spaced just right. Wine chilled nicely. The owner -- I've forgotten her name -- is truly lovely. It's likely her background in PR that gives her a real gift of interacting with people.

The food is good. It's a mixed menu -- East meets West is their slogan. I know they're accomodating less adventurous suburban types but I think diners in Oakville are pretty sophisticated and I'd love to see dishes introduced that are more 'East' than 'West'

The chef is one of those that know how to batter a fish or fry a dumpling without grease. The sauces are all homemade, fresh and light. Their satay and pad thai rises above humdrum. We tried the pork butt -- which is marinated for twelve hours. It had been recommended and I believe it is more of a western dish than eastern. While the pork was lovely and tender, it was a little bland.

I would put it about on a par with the Malaysian restaurant downtown on Baldwin. I'll return to Cilantro again and may become a regular visitor when they expand the menu more confidently into Malaysia.

Let us know what you think.

Wink in Cans!!!

Sobey's, here I come.

Chocolate Bars by the box

I thought Costco might... unfortunately I'm not a member. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Chocolate Bars by the box

Does anyone know where to buy a box of chocolate bars? We're having a shower for my sister on the weekend and I want to buy her a box of Coffee Crisps (she can't get them in the states). Hey, who says it has to all be about the baby?

Any help appreciated. My sister will hate you for it.

penguins and tim tams help..

Nutty Choc. is a good source.

They're also available for $3.99 a pack at:


Lucy's Seafood

Anyone been to this place? Looks like they have three locations in Mississauga and one in Waterloo.

I'm not one for chains but I'm thinking I might bring my daughter, (coincidentally), called Lucy.

ISO Sparkling Shiraz

By the way, if you're looking for a great food pairing for this wine, try bringing it on a picnic with rare roast beef sandwiches...

Aug 02, 2006
Markaroni in Wine

Julia's out in Oakville

Just curious. Did Julia ever respond?

Frisco's -- Don't go here for wine. Anywhere else?

I'm giving up on this place.

What used to be a wonderful place to go for a glass of wine has become Just Another Bar. New owners?

The wine list is gone -- replaced by a sheet of paper. Three out of four red requested were unavailable. Had to settle for a $35 dollar bottle of Chilean that goes for ten bucks at the LCBO. Over-friendly and inattentive server sloshed practically a whole bottle into two glasses.

Why is it so hard to find a place downtown to share an interesting, reasonably priced bottle of wine?

Suggestions Welcome!

Caterer in Oakville?

Also try Mise En Place at the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre. I've used them and had good results. Small and friendly. Their lobster ravioli is very well priced at catering rates and quite good.

Organic Garage - Kerr St. Oakville - great prices and selection

So OG is cheaper than Whole Foods (who isn't). How much more expensive than, say, Loblaws?