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Serrano Ham in Toronto

Cumbrae's carries it now and then as well.

looking for nyc-like pizza

In a word, fat chance. Moved here from NYC in July and have determined there is nothing quite the same or close, for that matter. I'm not a pizza snob or anything but I've eaten my weight in NYC pizza for many years so I have a little bit of a background to draw on. That being said, I have found pizza I liked in Hogtown, my favourite being Terroni. It's not Grimaldi's or John's or Patsy's but it's great in its own way.


It's sometimes sold as white or asian seabass. So it may be hiding under a pseudonym.

Any possibility of Peruvian sushi in Toronto

Curious to know if there are any Peruvian sushi places in Toronto - the combination of sushi with Peruvian ingredients. LA has several now and it's been awhile since I've partaken of this delightful twist on sushi.

Sunset Grill @ Yonge & Wellesley

I agree. Could use a little polishing. I hate having to walk out-of-town guests around an entire chunk of my 'hood. Where's the Sobey's Express going? And what is a Sobey's Express? A small Sobey's? Only ask as I'm new to Canada so forgive all the questions.

Current Best Greek on the Danforth?

Thanks for all of the recommendations and some amazing foodie writing to boot. Will let you know where we end up and how it was.



Current Best Greek on the Danforth?

Yes, yes. I know this question has been asked many times over the past few years but a search reveals outdated info, links to websites that no longer work, etc. So I'm asking again. Here's the situation. I moved to Toronto last month and the 'rents are coming for a visit this weekend. To make it more complicated, step-father is Greek and a bit of a pain in the ass at times. So I need a place on The Danforth that is unpretentious, doesn't cost a mint, but has Greek food good enough to please, well, a Greek. Suggestions?