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Fun weird restaurants in LA?

I second the Prince. I use to go there on a weekly basis when my son was taking Tae Kown Do classes nearby. If they see you enough times, they'll skip the chip and salsa (which they have at the bar) and give you a very good Kimchi Pancake with your beer. I took my girlfriend to The Prince on our second date. She tells me that's when she really fell for me. It's been five years now!

Apr 24, 2010
pablosfather in Los Angeles Area

Heaven on S.Atlantic Blvd: Chalio Restaurant

Try Chalios on First Street in East L.A. I think it's near the corner of Ditman and 1st. Weekends are best. There sometimes is a line around late morning.

Oct 14, 2008
pablosfather in Los Angeles Area